Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

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    This is going to be a primarily Star Trek fanfic series known as A Singular Destiny (named after the TNG relaunch novel) and is filled with elements of many tv, movies, books, and games all thrown in for fun and interesting settings and interactions, so please forgive me if it seems as though Star Trek is not in the immediate chapters - it won't be (I mean, c'mon they are in the Mid 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th centuries and we are starting from 2008/2010, for gosh sakes :lol::brickwall:)

    Kudos for anyone who can pick out the Easter Eggs (there will be egg salad in this series, so have fun and the blue ones will be really tasty)

    So here comes the Prologue of Stargate: New Frontiers, Part 1 in the Star Trek: A Singular Destiny Series.

    Stargate: New Frontiers

    Prologue: And So It Begins

    Jack Harkness had just finished up with Alonso, and was on his way back to drowning his sorrows, when a call came in. This number was restricted to a very select few. The person on the other end of the line was one of only a handful of people even aware of his existence. Jack picked it up immediately.

    “Why Miss Shaw, I do declare, it is nice to hear from you again.”

    “Why Thank You, Captain Harkness. I take it from GPS, that you are not in the neighborhood?”

    “You are correct, madam. However, I am presently unengaged for the moment. What can I do for you?”

    “Meet with me in one hour, and we will talk. Use my present GPS address.”

    “My dear, you must have an amazing faith in my capability of getting from the planet Zog to Earth in that time.”

    “Jack, you and I both know that you now have a functioning Vortex Manipulator. I’ll see you in one hour.”

    And so it was that Captain Jack Harkness made his way back to planet Earth, albeit in a sorry state. His efforts to drown himself would have to wait for another time.

    In Manhattan, at the Petrelli Residence, Miss Shaw, aka, Mrs. Angela Petrelli was busy waiting for Jack. She knew he could do something. The idea that Claire could be so impetuous and be such a reckless individual was nothing new to Angela. She herself was that way at times. However, she had no intention of letting this dream come to pass. She needed Jack to listen and to act accordingly. She had at most four hours before Claire did the unthinkable. Since the others would be occupied, she was going to have to work from outside the family.

    Jack teleported to the Petrelli Residence and looked at the Brownstone with awe. He had not been to New York since his incident in the 1920’s. He had expected never to return, but today was a special day. Angela, his beloved, was calling on him. He owed her big time, and in a way, he had hoped that this was a way to make up for Ianto. Even though nothing could ever make up for Ianto, in his opinion, this could help him sort it out a bit.

    He rang the doorbell and she came. She looked more mature, but in her eyes he could see the young woman she had been before that man had taken it from her. The woman she was destined to be, the one in whom he knew could see the future and would work for change in the present.

    “Captain Jack Harkness, it is good to see you.”

    “Miss Shaw. Or should I say Mrs. Petrelli?”

    “Don’t you dare, you know what kind of a man he was.”

    “I do now. I didn’t then. But he was always secretive.”

    “Indeed. Please come in, sit down. Rest yourself. You have had a hard month I take it?”

    “Yes, Ianto was my love. I wish that I could have saved him, both times. But he was a trooper. He went into Hell and back to save all of us, and to seal the rift. I know he knows how much he meant to me, and I know how much I meant to him. I just came back from Zog, having met a nice young man named Alonso Frame. The Doctor introduced us. Do you have any word about him?”

    “Once Torchwood One was destroyed, you know that Torchwood Four went underground. We renamed ourselves the Company. To our employees, we have always been the Company. We have some interesting findings about Specials, like you Captain. If you want to, we can work together on that. However, there is something you need to know about. You know about my granddaughter Claire Bennet?”

    “Advanced Healing and Regeneration. She was brought up by Noah and Sandra Bennet. Her adoptive brother is Lyle Bennet. She was raised in Odessa Texas. Attended Union Wells High School, where on Homecoming Night 2006 she had the misfortune to meet and survive an encounter with Gabriel Gray, aka, Sylar.”

    “Well done, Captain. You know about Noah and Peter, my son?”

    “I know their backgrounds.”

    “Well Claire is about to jump from a Ferris wheel in Central Park in about two hours and expose Specials to the world. My dream was explicit in that detail. I need you to make it look like a fake. Make her look like a stunt artist. She could use the pay. I will set up interviewers to be there, but you need to make it look convincing. Can you do that for me, Jack?”

    “With a functioning Vortex Manipulator and two hours, of course I can.”

    Within a few minutes, Jack was in Central Park near the Ferris wheel. He jumped back to yesterday, dug around the base of the wheel and placed cushions underneath the exact location that Claire would land. Then he replaced the topsoil and sod to make it look convincingly that she had jumped crash landed and then got up doing her thing of replacing dislocated joints and broken bones.

    In his statement to the press, he would claim that Claire was a contortionist extraordinaire who could displace her entire extremities – legs, feet, arms, hands, fingers and toes, jump from high distances with cushions beneath and not feel a thing, since she knew how to jump and land safely without pain, and then in her finale would pop her joints back into place engrossing the populace, as her stunt required.

    He knew she would hate him for a long time, so he had to head that off as well. So, he decided to look up her friends she cared about – Zachary Edwards, West Rosen, Alexander Woolsey, and Gretchen Berg – and invite them to play along.

    Finding Zach​
    Odessa Texas, March 2008

    Zach Edwards was finally out of school. Hooray for small miracles. He was just getting ready to mail his application in for the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television, when someone knocked on his door.

    A handsome man in his late thirties was standing on the other side of the screen door. He was dressed in a vintage World War 2 overcoat, and from what Zach could see he wore a blue shirt with suspenders and military blue pants.

    “Can I help you?”

    “Hi, I’m Captain Jack Harkness. I am trying to help Claire Bennet. I know you two were friends back in junior year, so could you help me?”

    “You’re trying to help Claire?”

    “Yes, at the behest of her Grandmother, Angela Petrelli. You see, Claire is about to rat out Specials. I know you know what I’m talking about. You were there when she jumped from a Gravel Rig. I know about that from her dad – Noah Bennett. Now I am trying to stop her from doing the same thing, only this time off a Ferris wheel in Central Park in front of reporters and millions of viewers. I have the footage of that if you like. I am trying to make it so that she becomes the most interesting stunt woman in history, instead of the woman who puts Specials on the Governments of the World’s Most Watched and Wanted Lists. Would you help me?”

    “Who are you?”

    “I am a Special, just like Claire. In fact, her grandmother and I were together in 1971, but that’s neither here nor there. Just so you know, I can do what she can do – want me to prove it?”

    “No, just tell me what to do.”

    Going West for Rosen

    Sun Valley California, April 2008

    Jack Harkness appeared at West Rosen’s new apartment, in Las Vegas. He knew the young man was paranoid, but this was ridiculous. He scanned the door, and found trip wires, a homemade stunner attached to the doorknob, and even an alarm on the windows. He needed to be careful. This man could fly, like Nathan Petrelli used to. West was a good kid, but easily spooked.

    West was listening to his latest CD of Avril Lavigne, when someone knocked at his door. He looked through the peephole, and there was a man in a trench-coat, flashing a badge. To be blunt, West panicked. He remembered being taken when he was five; he remembered his uncle helped him escape the Man with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses. He knew his uncle had helped the doctors at first, but he needed to know if this man worked for Uncle Lee or not, so he dialed him up.

    “West, I am Captain Jack Harkness, I work for Claire’s Grandmother, Angela Petrelli. We are trying to stop her from exposing Specials; your uncle, Doctor Lee Rosen calls them Alphas.”

    West opens the door. “My Uncle is on the line.”

    He takes out his cell phone and presses it on. “Doctor Rosen. Captain Jack Harkness, do you remember me?”

    “Yes, yes of course I do. It’s been a long time. What seems to be the problem?”

    “A girl named Claire Bennet is about to expose Alphas to the world.”

    “How did you do that,” West demanded.

    Jack ignored him.

    “What, that could lead to horrible things happening, like in Nazi Germany. We both know about that, Jack. West may be too young to remember the experiments done on him by Torchwood, or the Company, but he does remember Noah Bennet. ”

    “Then you know that exposing Alphas is a BAD thing in this time and place, correct?”

    “I agree with you completely. Is West still on?”

    “I’m here, Uncle Lee.”

    “West, this man is a good man. I helped him locate a Doctor friend of his in the late nineties. Listen to me, please. If he can help you stop this Claire girl from exposing you, than by all means, help him. I will do what I can to assist him.”

    “Claire wants to expose us,” he asks Jack with a questioning look.

    “Yes, tonight. In Central Park in front of millions. Now I have a friend of Claire’s in a van – Zachary Edwards – but it’s sort of a long story. You see, the van’s in a parking garage in New York, in 2010.
    On the day Claire exposes us.”

    “Us, you mean…”

    “Yes, I’m Special too.”

    “Uncle Lee, can you be there, we may need some help.”

    “Tell me the date and time, and I will be there to help.”

    Alex’s Quest

    February 2010

    San Francisco, California was nice this time of year, thought Richard Woolsey. It was much nicer than stuffy old Washington. He remembered how Atlantis crashed just beyond the Bay Bridge, and standing on the Observation Deck with the Atlantis Command Crew when all was safe again a year ago. Now, he was at his sister’s home with her son, Alex. He was playing a computer game made by the SGC to filter out potential candidates to travel through the Stargate to the destination of the ninth chevron. He was quite good in fact. Alex had always had a talent for electronic games.

    Since the Destiny had already been located, the game was simply figuring out who could help out at Atlantis, the Antarctic Outpost, Stargate Command, or even the newly rebuilt Midway Station. Not one to toot his own horn, but it was gratifying that one of his own relatives could be as smart as was needed to become a member of Stargate Command. He was just about to call General O’Neill and Colonel Carter about Alex, when a knock came at the door.

    “Uncle Rick, could you get it?”

    No one, normally, except Alex, ever called Richard Woolsey Rick, not even the other members of his family. Richard thought it was cool to be called that by someone who looked up to him, so he said yes.

    He opened the door to see who it was, and there stood a spectre from his past. It was 1975 and he was in Grad School, when this man who was very noticeable to the other students, as they were trying to get his attention (males and females), and he just looked at Richard. For a full ten minutes before walking over and introducing himself.

    “Jack Harkness and you are?”

    “Uhmm. Richard Woolsey.”

    “Well Rick, may I call you Rick?” He nods.

    “Rick, can we go to your place? I just feel connected to you. I can’t explain it. I just do.”

    It was one time, and never again. The man was gone and never seen again before today.
    “Hello, Rick, mind if I come in?”

    “You! You never changed. How do you look like that, after nearly 35 years?”

    “Thanks. I get that a lot. But I’m here to see Alex.”

    “Oh, no! No you don’t! You’re not going to do to him what you did to me. No way in Hell!”

    “Richard, this is between me and Alex…”

    At this, Alex came to the door and saw the man in the trench-coat. Remembering what Claire said long ago about the Company, and the Government, naturally he ran.

    “Great, just great!”

    As they run, Jack gets an idea to use the Vortex Manipulator as a teleport and beams directly in front of Alex as he was looking behind him. Alex runs full force into Jack, and falls down.

    “How did you do that?”

    “Not important, what is important is that a friend of yours is about to expose us. Claire Bennet? She’s about to make us public.”

    “Why would she do that? She tried to save me and my family. We only just got our lives back, thanks to my Uncle Rick.”

    “Yeah, well she must have a reason; maybe she’s tired of all the running, hiding and the danger. But you and I both know that if she exposes us, she will bring it all down on us even worse.”

    “When you say us, you mean?”

    “Us. Now I do have a plan. It’s in motion, but it will work. I need for you and a couple of her friends to wait until the right moment. This will provide some amazing job opportunities in the future for all of you, but you must be ready to confront her or she’ll bail and expose us even worse.”
    “Okay what do I do?”

    “We go back to your place and let’s fill in your Uncle, at least about helping Claire, no need to expose us to him.”


    Gettin’ Gretchen

    February 2010

    Gretchen Berg was in a pickle. She was now a junior in college and decided that she wanted to work in fashion design. She didn’t have the resources that many did. In fact, she was quite poor. But she did have talent. The fact was that Claire Bennet was out there wearing her fashions was cool enough. She knew all about Union Wells and her death drop from the second story about three months prior. Her friend was Special and she wanted to be in her life. She loved her very much, but wasn’t sure that Claire truly felt the same way. They did kiss once, but she did tell her that while she cared about Gretchen, she did not love Gretchen like that.

    A knock on the door brought her out of her reverie. The man was handsome in an underwear model sort of way. Hmm. Maybe…nahh. Oh well, she thought, and opened the door.

    Jack Harkness stood looking into the face of Gretchen Berg. His gaydar went bonkers at this one. She had all the telltale signs. Broody, cute but not pretentious about it, very subtle and even a bit bossy. He liked her immediately.

    “Gretchen Berg? Tonight you get to make history or break it. Your friend is going to make a plunge which could be the death of all those who are Special. I know that you understand me.”

    She knew exactly what he was talking about. But if Claire was going to jump and expose them all, she would be killing everyone close to her. She needed to help stop her.

    “What do I do?”


    “So Zach, you’re like from 2008? I’m from 2008, and Alex is from 2010. This Gretchen is from 2010 as well. This is so surreal,” states West.”

    “Tell me about it,” says Zach. “When I first met Claire, back in Kindergarten we got along great, up until freshmen year at Union Wells. Then she joined the Cheer leading Squad. She started hanging out with Jackie Wilcox, until she stood up to the bitch and got elected for Class President.”

    “Wait a sec, you mean to tell me that she was a cheerleader? Aww, man. She was a great comic’s salesperson. She knew all of them. Weird,” says Alex.

    “Comics? She sold comics? Get out of town. Really? She was an amazing cheerleader at our school. Put this bitch Debbie Marshall in her place – with me of course. Caused a bit of a scandal really,” says West.

    Just then, Jack returned with Gretchen Berg in tow.

    “All right, here’s the game-plan, okay? In about 45 minutes, Claire is going to make her jump. When she does, Zach, got the extra footage?”


    “Good. Gretchen, got those fashion designs?”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Alex? Got the media covered?”


    “Okay West, I need you to be there to grab her hand and bow, when she restores her joints that is.”

    “Will do, Captain.”

    “All right then Alex, call your Uncle. We need him on Central Park West and 66th Street Transverse Road. You got that?”

    “Yes, I do.”

    “Okay then, let’s roll.”


    Claire was at the top of the Ferris wheel looking down at all the unsuspecting people. For an instant she thought about not jumping, but then the feeling went away. She took the plunge with everyone watching her. She hit the ground and – weird, it was cushiony, soft even. As she got to her feet, she relocated her joints and said “My name is Claire Bennet, and this is attempt number…I guess I kinda lost count,” then someone grabbed her hand making her bow. She looked up and saw West. ‘What the hell was going on here?’

    “Ladies and Gentlemen can I have your attention, please. That was stunt-woman Claire Bennet, everybody. Isn’t she amazing, folks? She’s a contortionist extraordinaire, who can dislocate her joints, jump from any height up to ten stories land on a cushion and not feel a thing. Give her a round of applause, everyone!”

    ‘Who is that man? And why is West here seeming to go along with him?’

    “Sorry, Claire, we just couldn’t let you expose us yet. Too many of us are just getting their lives back in order – I’m one of them. You must understand that, right?”

    “I hate you, all of you!”

    “You’ll understand, later. Anyways, your Grandmother says hi. She needs you now more than ever, if we are to rescue your father.”

    “Dad,” thinking immediately about Noah Bennet.

    “Yes, Nathan Petrelli.”

    Then it dawns on her. West was there. Nathan died to save her, Peter almost died the same day, facing Sylar. Peter forced Sylar to become Nathan, and then Nathan’s essence disappeared from Sylar. Peter told her about that just the other day, the entire truth. Now, she had a chance to help restore Nathan to life. She decided she would, but who was the man that was in the overcoat talking to the press? He must have been working with Angela to make all this come to pass.

    Wait a minute, what is Zach doing here. He’s showing the footage of her trying to die! This is not happening. Oh! This isn’t good. Wait again. But the people are loving it. Over there’s Gretchen and… Alex? Oh this is low, even for Angela.

    Choosing the only people in the last four years, that she ever got acquainted with and close to, and using them in this lie about her to hide the truth. While Gretchen was speaking about the fashions Claire was wearing and showing many more to the reporters, Alex was showing them some pyrotechnics and blue-screen and green-screen technologies that he developed, and the interviewers were eating it up. Her friends all wanted to cover this up so badly that they would protect her and help her without a thought. Now that man was talking again.

    “So please understand that this young lady and her business associates were brought here tonight by the Sullivan Brother’s Carnival to show the world what wonders can be achieved through cooperation and the amazing talents of these people. But Samuel Sullivan had been cheating these wonderful people out of their time, talents and their money. Grifting locals the world over and taking advantage of everyone here for years. In cold blood, so that he could continue, he murdered his own brother, Joseph, who was going to help them be free. But with your help, these awesomely talented people can start anew in the mainstream and bring in the people who love to see them. Thank you for your support.”

    Peter had seen the whole display with Noah, and Hiro, and Gabriel Gray. What he saw made him think that something was up. As the crowd dispersed, he went up to the man.

    “Hi, Peter. It’s been a long time. And before you ask, yes, I work for your mother. She called me in to make sure that people walked away from this in freedom, not in chains.”

    “Who are you?”

    “I’m Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood Three, Cardiff, UK.”

    Noah had walked up on the two, and nodded at Jack.

    “Hello Jack, it’s been a long time. How is Wales?”

    “Not good, I just got myself blown up a few times over there, and am on a break. Torchwood Three is underground since they gave us the Blank Page.”

    “Oh dear. I heard about that, and I heard about Tosh, Owen and Ianto. I’m sorry, but while you’re here, welcome to America.”

    “I’ve been here before, Noah. I came here as a favor to Angela. You know that in the ‘70’s before she met Arthur Petrelli, Angela and I were very close. On the verge of getting married, but then Arthur came in and swept her off her feet.”

    “I take it you’ll be around for a while?”

    “Just for a bit, but I am not officially alive at the moment.”

    “Well, Claire has no clue who you are, and what just happened. I’m sure that she’s working it out that Angela was at the heart of it.”

    “She is smart, I learned that much from her taste in friends, but we have to get everyone out of here safely. Remember West Rosen?”

    “Of course, the boy who could fly.”

    “Remember Lee Rosen?”

    “The doctor? Yes I do. What of him?”

    “He’s got my van out on 66 Transverse. Not too far from here. I had him paint it to advertise the stunt crew’s contact info. Let’s get the main performers out of the park and to that point. Then let’s meet at that diner in Coyote Sands in two days. I’ll explain it all there.”

    “How long have you planned all of this,” asks Peter?

    “My time or yours?”

    Peter knew immediately what he meant. “Both.”

    “Well from my temporal perspective, 2 hours. From yours, two years.”

    Coyote Sands, Arizona

    The Coyote Sands Diner rarely had this many people at any time of year. The Petrelli Family (excluding Nathan, Heidi, and the kids), the Nakamura-Masahashi Family (including Kimiko), the Bennet Family (reunited – including Zach, and Gretchen), the Rosen Family, the Woolsey Family, and Jack Harkness, Gabriel Gray and Tracy Strauss all sat in the diner ordering enough food to feed an army.
    Jack had rented out the entire establishment the day of Claire’s jump and had been here enough times in the past to know that these people never told anyone anything. So he began talking to everyone.

    “My name is Captain Jack Harkness. I was born another name, on planet 2 galaxies over from here in the year 5067. I lost my brother and the entire colony in 5078 to an invasion of alien creatures. They tortured my brother for years until he escaped them. When I was 17, I was inducted into the Time Agency – the Face of Boe they called me, due to my living in the community on the Boeshane Peninsula on Arraticus III. I served in the Time Agency for many years until I was face down in London 1941, having lost two years of my life. There I enlisted as an American Volunteer in the War Effort as a Pilot, assuming the name of Captain Jack Harkness. That has been my name for over two thousand years.

    I decided to become a con artist in revenge against the Time Agency, and on my first con I ran into a young woman from 2005. She was the companion of a man titled The Doctor. He was a Time-Lord. His race is legendary among the star-faring races and he himself was a rogue one at times. Time-Lords and Time-Ladies have the unique ability to deny death. They regenerate completely into a new person with the same memories and experiences, but a new life. They generally get 13 lives in which to do this.

    I met The Doctor in his Ninth Incarnation. We saved humanity that day from a capsule which unleashed medical nanobots called nanogenes. They were from a race called the Chula and would rebuild dead or injured Chula warriors on the battlefield into fighting condition. Unfortunately, I and my revenge nearly broke time by allowing the medical capsule to fall on London in the Blitz. The nanogenes found a boy who had been killed by a bomb and reconstructed him according to their programming never having met a human before. Anyone touched by the child would turn into a gas-masked face zombie.

    The Doctor solved the issue, and a German bomb got rid of my Chula Warship. I traveled with the Doctor for some time and we ended up in the year 200,100. There on The Game Station, I died for the first time. Rose, The Doctor’s companion brought me back to life. But they had left me in the future, so I chose a time to meet the Doctor in the past. That time period was the early 21st Century. Unfortunately my Time Vortex Manipulator, or just Vortex Manipulator for short, was on the fritz and left me stranded in 1869.

    I died my second death in 1892 when a man on Ellis Island New York shot me and I awoke later. Apparently I had drawn the attention of a group of Victorian Secret Agents known as Torchwood. In 1899 I was captured and when I was deemed to be non-threatening, they offered me a job. So I worked for Torchwood in Cardiff Wales since then trying to work from the inside to change it. On New Year’s Eve, 1999 I came back to the Hub to find my team shot to death by our leader. He told me he saw the future and he had no place in it, so he took his own life in front of me leaving me in charge.
    Through the years I recruited a team to help me save the world. We went through Hell together. Now, only a few of them survive. Gwen Cooper, she’s safe with her husband Rhys. And there’s myself. I have been off world for a while now, since my friend died not too long ago.

    So now you all know the story of Jack Harkness. Now what are we going to do about bringing your dad back, Claire?”

    To Be Continued…​

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    Here is the teaser for the next installment:

    Coyote Sands, Arizona

    “So now you know the story of Jack Harkness. Now what are we going to do about bringing your dad back, Claire?”

    Claire Bennet was in a fix, now that all eyes were on her. She knew that her dad’s death was perpetrated by the man sitting over at Jack’s table. Everyone knew that, most of all Gabriel Gray, AKA, Sylar.

    She had thought of her idea of a plan for three days now, so she decided to speak about it.

    “First we have to figure out the timeline. How long has it been since the world had seen my father out and about? What conditions existed since he died. Can we go back to say a few weeks afterwards to make it look like he’s active, but resting. After the attack, can we make it so that he was in an accident to make the world think he’s dead? After that we could pretend to have found him, and brought him back to Washington, so that he could work again.”

    “Sounds good to me, Peter, Hiro, what can we do to make this happen?”

    Peter speaks up about it. “Well, my brother has a pilot’s license. He has a small prop plane in a hanger in Georgetown. We could revive him, but keep him unconscious. Crash the plane in a rural area, maybe southern Virginia. Then do some fine tuning for a supposed rescue.”

    Hiro tells them all about his Time Travel Powers and some of his experiences recently. "I am able to help Peter, if he wants me to. I have learned to control my powers that much at this point. However, in my travels, I have learned that fate is impossible to deny. No matter what happens, it will prevail. I am sure that Captain Jack agrees with me in this."

    "Yes. That much is true. Time is resilient. Only one person I knew of could truly change it, even when there was a fixed point."


    "Exactly!" A new voice chimes in from a tall man dressed in a tweed jacket, suspenders, with a red bow tie. The others look at him in confusion at his wide smile.

    Jack Harkness looked on in shock at the man who came out of the bathroom with a straw in his mouth. He knew it was the Doctor immediately.

    “Doctor? New face again?”

    “Jack, when I saw you last, on Zog, I was regenerating, I was tying up my loose ends, so to speak.”

    “What brings you here now, then?”

    “A few things, but first, this is a huge group of people here, hello everyone, I am The Doctor!”
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    Time of Judgment​
    February 13, 2010

    Sam and Dean Winchester were driving along I-40 in Texas when a flap of wings announced that Castiel was in the back seat.

    “Hey, Cas, what brings you here,” asks Dean.

    “I came to warn you. Some strange things are happening that I cannot stop. I need you to be safe. God wants you to be safe. How soon can you get to Coyote Sands Arizona?”

    “Oh I’d say in a few hours, why?”

    “An important meeting has already taken place there, but there is a woman who needs your help. She has powers, she can change the weather.”

    “Is she cute,” asks Dean.

    “The desert has done things to her. She is dangerous, but still human.”

    “So we need to protect her,” it was not a question, states Sam.

    “You need her for leverage. Something is coming and she needs to be a part of it.”
    The flap of wings and he’s gone.

    “Always cryptic, I hate that,” says Dean.

    Coyote Sands Reservation (What’s left of it)

    Alice Shaw was afraid. She knew someone would come, looking for her. Just last year, her sister Banana, or Angela as she was known to others, had found her. She knew that the only way to defend herself was to use the weather. She practiced for an entire year. She was good now at protecting herself.

    She heard a flap of wings and a man was in her room. She tried to stay calm. This, she knew, was no ordinary man.

    “Can I help you,” she asks.

    “Alice Shaw. You have the potential to do great good. God wants you to help him if you can. I am his messenger, Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord.”

    When Sam and Dean Winchester got to Coyote Sands Diner, they were famished. They heard the flap and voila, there was Castiel in front of them.

    “She is waiting for you. She lives in the remains of the Reservation, in a bunker. She is expecting you soon. I told her I would bring back some fresh food for her.”

    “All right, this place is pretty good. What does she like?”

    “Hamburgers and French fries are her favorite, she also wants a Cola.”

    “Come to the counter and we will order and I can get it to you – stay until I pay, okay?”

    In Boston, at Harvard University in the basement of the Kreske Building, a young FBI agent, Olivia Dunham was with her team, the Fringe Division, consisting of the intelligent and beautiful Agent Astrid Farnsworth, the roguish supra-genius Peter Bishop and his father, the enigmatic, eccentric, (and crazy) Doctor Walter Bishop.

    They were working a case involving many crimes across state lines and going back as far as September 2005, and possibly much further. A team at the FBI was being called in to work with her team – the Behavioral Analysis Unit or BAU. The idea was that they could identify the un-subs in their various cover identities and work to eliminate their threat.
    The witnesses in the cases were reluctant to share any information. They all revolved around a series of supposed Ghost Sightings, Vampire, Werewolf or Demon attacks. Walter was in 7th heaven as this was very much what he liked. Peter on the other hand was very cynical about it.

    “Peter, can you believe we are actually going to hunt people who supposedly hunt the things that go bump in the night?”

    “I’ll believe it when I see it, Walter. I mean come on these guys are basically credit card frauds and property destroyers. I mean I used to do my share of things like that (and not wanting to incriminate himself any further, he shut up after that.).”

    “Well, son, I am excited and hoping to see a real ghost or vampire. But I am not interested in seeing a demon. That would be most distressing, indeed.”

    “We have a lead,” she said as she got off the phone, “A man working at the Coyote Sands Diner in Arizona, says he saw what he describes as a handsome man in a Colombo trench coat just appear out of thin air and started talking to two men who match the description of a Sam and Dean Winchester. We need to get these guys. Murder and kidnapping are serious charges. The credit card fraud and digging up graveyards is just icing on the cake. We leave now.”

    “What about the team from the BAU,” asks Astrid?

    “Tell them to meet us at Coyote Sands, we'll be there in 4 hours. The boys drive a 1968 Chevy Impala, black.”

    Coyote Sands, Arizona

    Bobby had gotten word, via his feelers that the boys were in Coyote Sands, so he went there to help them out. They had signed in to a local motel and settled down and even after a week, Sam was still having trouble adjusting to life after Demon-Blood, but it slow but sure. Ruby was dead and now Sam needed Bobby and Dean more than ever. Bobby told them a bit about Coyote Sands.

    “It was an experimental military base. Run by the US Army and was one of three locations. This was the first of the trials since World War II. The second trial was on the Wooster Campus of Ohio State University, in the early 1980’s, the last one, and this is where things get hairy, was in Jacksonville Florida on a military base of an undisclosed nature. Numerous children were brought here from many places across the country. In 1961, it shut down unexpectedly due to a major sandstorm in the region. They never reopened it.”

    As Dean was about to make a remark, the air was suddenly filled with the sounds of sirens. Castiel was getting up when an announcement was made over a bullhorn.

    “Sam and Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singer, come out with your hands up. This is the FBI. We have the place surrounded and have all the roads blocked. We know you are in there, come out peacefully and we will work with you, otherwise, the choice is yours. We’ve confiscated your cars, so it’s best if you just come on out.” The woman on the horn sounded nice for an FBI agent. They all looked at each other and Castiel told them he would be back with reinforcements. Then he disappeared.

    They all walked out with their hands up and visible, the agents surrounded them and placed them in a black SUV. Then they drove away.

    The Fringe Division was on call, when the BAU got caught up to them in Phoenix. The Phoenix Police Department was there with a consultant who said she wanted to talk with the boys and Bobby in private. They read her credentials and let her proceed.

    As she walked into the room, Allison DuBois looked at them and sat down. She addressed them as a consultant to the Police Department and as a legal aid to the Phoenix District Attorney’s Office. However, what she said next floored them.

    “I bring a message – from Castiel. He says that I am his reinforcement and that another will be joining us very shortly.”

    Grandview, New York

    It’s not every day that you get to meet an Angel of the Lord, but life was full of the unexpected, and today was no exception. For Melinda Gordon, it was a rare opportunity and she decided to make the most of it.

    Ever since her husband’s cousin Larry was taken in 2004, by the Jigsaw Serial Killer, and reunited with his family, she had been very happy to live life to its fullest, even with her frequent spectral visitors. Larry described a sort of sick and twisted game involving him and another man, trapped in a disused bathroom. He had to hack through his foot to get the chain off. He cauterized his wound and ended up in a hospital emergency room. He was fitted with a prosthetic foot and was able to move around pretty good, with his cane. She listened to his plight and from then on never took life for granted, especially since she could see what happened first hand to those who did – her visitors were definitely ones whose regrets showed the side of those who did. Within a year of his recovery, she had learned that others had survived the Jigsaw games and that Larry started a group. He never let on who he was nor did he let on that he was the one who started the group.

    “Melinda Gordon, I am Castiel, an Angel of the Lord. I need you to go to Phoenix Arizona and connect with an Allison DuBois. There she will assist you in working with some chosen men.”

    “All right, but before I leave to Arizona what do I need to know about the situation at hand?”

    “A group of men – Sam and Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singer, are chosen of God to make sure that some important things come to pass. They are being held in custody by the Phoenix Police Department and the FBI, under the direction of Agent Olivia Dunham on charges which have to do with their mission for the Lord. What is needed of you is to call Sheriff Jody Mills of Sioux Falls South Dakota and have her meet you at Phoenix and to make arrangements for them to meet with the both of you. I feel it necessary to point out that the boys can be a bit visceral.”

    “As in wondering who in the hell I am?”

    “Among other things, please help them. They are vital to the Lord’s Plan. I will be in Phoenix in a few hours. There are some people I need to speak to – including Agent Dunham.”
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    Nov 14, 2012
    Book I of Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

    Stargate: New Frontiers

    Chapter One: Break In, Break Out

    The Doctor looked around at the people looking at him with a mix of confusion and awe. There was Angela Petrelli and her son Peter. He had decided to start with her.

    “Angela Petrelli and Peter, I haven’t seen you since the 80’s. How are you?”

    “We are fine, Doctor, we are attempting to…”

    “Restore your son, Nathan back to life, yes I am aware of what is happening here. I am not pleased that it got this far,” he says giving Gabriel Gray a look that made him uncomfortable.

    “Doctor, what should we do,” asks Claire.

    “Ahh, Claire Bennet the Regenerating Cheerleader, I liked you better when you sold comics, actually. Now before I get distracted once more, I want you to know that what you are attempting is very dangerous. That said, here is what I can do for you. Peter, Jack, Hiro, and I will work on the issue. Claire, go back to school and learn as much as you can. Take Gretchen with you. I will drop off Zach, Alex, and West at their proper places – oh and please also learn everything you can in school, because something terrible is about to happen and we will need you all to stick together. Now, as for everything else, all will be set proper, just watch the news and make sure it’s Fox News, since the other news sources are too liberal to pick up on it.”

    He looked around at the gathered people and then started walking around the room.

    “From my perspective, I just lost a pair of companions, so I know that a lot is at stake here. Jack from your perspective, what is the date?”

    “It’s February 12th, 2010.”

    “My, my. I was so young and yet so old. I am going to give you a spoiler Jack. I am 1,280 years old. I spent a lot of the last 75 or so years just traveling, and then I get a heads up from a very important lady who says be here on this date. We need to concentrate on the here and now, Jack. One thing is certain, many bad things will happen in the next year, and you will take part in them, to be sure. I want you to know that I cannot interfere with any of it, but that I understand your situation. I will have my hands full in another part of the galaxy at that time, so forgive me now for not being able to help; I want to, but I am not able to – fixed point and all of that. Next on the list, Peter, Hiro and Jack, Alex, West and Zachary, please follow me.”

    They all go outside and see the big blue box. They go inside and the usual result occurs. Then, the box disappears with a grinding sound and a whoosh of air.

    Noah picks up the slack along with Angela.

    “All right everyone, Doctor Rosen, and Mr. Woolsey, I take it you know what Jack wants of you?”

    Lee Rosen speaks up. “Yes, I have discovered a number of Alphas in my city and will do my best to help them out. The government wants to set up a deal, but I think that Nathan Petrelli should be the actual interaction with me. The FBI wants me to work with them, as well as Homeland Security.”

    “Well, I am working for DHS as well and am looking forward to a prosperous relationship, Lee. Alex is an amazing young man. He will – wait. Did he take Alex as well? My god, he did it to me again. Not the Doctor, but Harkness.”

    Suddenly, the Doctor comes through the door and sees Richard Woolsey. “Uhm, yes, well I am afraid I forgot someone, this happens from time to time, Mr. Woolsey, your nephew told me he needs you with him, I apologize. Would you come with me, please?”

    “He’s just finishing up, Doctor, he will be with you in a moment,” says Noah Bennet.

    “Of course, take your time.” He walks out embarrassed, and goes into the TARDIS.

    Inside, he starts talking to Jack. “You know, during this time, on my personal timeline, I am in my 10th regeneration and am still trying to tie up loose ends. I wonder, should we try to look me up?”

    “Doctor, you know that crossing your own timeline is dangerous,” says Jack.

    “Only in the current regeneration, but, I am able to interact with myself in a former regeneration. I’ve done it loads of times. And frankly, I have dealt with myself in this regeneration more than once, and it did not end the universe – well…not exactly.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Spoilers”, a new voice says – a very female one at that. As she walks out from a room on the TARDIS, both the Doctor and Jack look on with recognition, but Jack beat the Doctor to the punch in introductions.

    “Well as I live and breathe, River Song, how are you?”

    “Well, as far as can be, Jack. I’m a Professor of Archaeology at the mo. I’m on my way to The Library, on expedition. However, I am here with a mission for the Doctor.”

    “River, this is not a good time.”

    “Dearest, there is never a good time. You know that. Oh, and by the way, I have been paroled and am no longer under the graces of Stormcage or the justice system. Thanks my love. I will see you again, but this time may be our last.”

    “You are most welcome. Don’t bet on it, River. I will see you again and it won’t cross our timelines any longer. That is if you want it.”

    “You know me well, but not at the expense of the Universe.”

    “No risk of that, my dear. Well I have people to drop off, so what is this mission you spoke of?”

    “It involves the Iconnu, my love.”

    “Well, no rest for the weary. Everyone, we need to get going. All right, Zach and West, first. I will take you back to your homes immediately.” With a bunch of madness at the controls of the TARDIS, they found themselves back at Zach’s apartment.

    “Thank you, Jack, for letting me see Claire again, I am glad I could help.”

    “You’re welcome, and thank you. Keep making those movies, and you will be famous, I guarantee it.”


    “Just take my word for it.”

    With a wave and a goodbye, Jack went back into the TARDIS and it disappeared.
    Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor was moving about with his usual madness and hyperactivity.

    “Now, West, I am going to take you to your dorm, the TARDIS can fit in the room, no problem.”

    The TARDIS materializes in his room. It was untouched except for the wind.

    “Thanks, for taking me home, I guess.”

    Jack walks up to him and pats him on the shoulder. “West, you did a wonderful thing. And keep working on the comics and monster makeup stuff. Get a hold of Alex and Zach and you could make millions in fine quality movies.”

    “I need to complete school first, Captain. But I will do my best. Who knows maybe I could be the new James Wan. I watched his documentary about the Jigsaw Killer.”

    Jack looks a bit sick at that proposal, “Well maybe you can. I hope for the best for you. Have a good life, and listen to the Doctor, ok? Your uncle will also be a very useful asset for you when you need him.”

    “Thanks Doctor, for the ride, thank you, Captain Harkness.”

    “Just call me Jack.”

    “Ok, Jack. Goodbye everyone thanks for letting me help out with Claire.”

    The situation with Alex and Richard Woolsey was a bit more involved.

    “Richard, I am sorry about our past. I was a younger man than I am now.”

    “Just how old are you?”

    “I am in your reckoning about 2012 years old. At that time, I was only about 100 or so.”

    “You look the same.”

    “I can’t die. Not yet.”

    “Well I do not understand what I was to you.”

    “A ship passing in the night, but I am sorry if I hurt you. You have a great nephew. Alex. I want you to know that the work you are doing, the Green Screen and Blue Screen tech will really pay off for you. You keep at it, and you will work wonders.”

    “Sorry to cut the goodbyes short, but I have some important business to attend to. Jack, back to Zog I take it?”

    “River, is it okay if I stay and help out with the Doctor?”

    “Just be back by next July and you will be okay. Doctor, I am able to accompany you on this if I am invited.”

    “I wouldn’t dream of you not being involved with this one, River Song.”

    “Well then allow me – Geronimo!!” She yells, as the TARDIS speeds to its next destination.
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  5. Sandoval

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    Jul 21, 2010
    You know how certain foods taste good on their own?

    Perhaps take two of them and mix them together and they'll still taste good?

    But as you keep adding more and more, these foods that taste good on their own will nonetheless leave you with an unpalatable mush that is virtually inedible?

    Just a thought...
  6. keggy975

    keggy975 Lieutenant Junior Grade Red Shirt

    Nov 14, 2012
    Perhaps, we will just have to wait and see. I understand that its not yet where we want to be, but we will get there. Just some interesting tidbits here and there - think of this as a world where some things have to happen in their own time.
  7. Angry Fanboy

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    Feb 15, 2012
    Angry Fanboy

    Although put across in his usual brusque manner, I can see where Sandoval is coming from - crossovers between two compatible series can work, and work well, but there are a lot of different series and genres getting mixed together here, perhaps too many.

    But as you say, time will tell. :)
  8. keggy975

    keggy975 Lieutenant Junior Grade Red Shirt

    Nov 14, 2012
    For me, there is never too many series to include - I am a TRUE FANBOY of many many shows - CSI, NCIS, The Mentalist, Crossing Jordan, Quincey ME, The A-Team, Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Dallas, Gargoyles, I mean the list goes on. And while many of these will NOT be included, some may make a cameo - most of these will be cameos and not completely pertinent to the story.

    Spoiler Alert - next posting will include a certain legal team from Las Vegas which will make an interesting tidbit - but Sam, Dean, and Bobby are here to stay I am afraid.:techman:
  9. keggy975

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    Nov 14, 2012
    Also, if you do not like, do not read, I aim to write this since it fits in with MY vision of a Trans-temporal Multiversal Universe - The Wold Newton Universe to be exact. At least my vision of it.
  10. Sandoval

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Yes, I think we're all aware of how this works.

    However when you post your work on a public fan fiction forum then you must accept that people can leave feedback, and that feedback may also include any misgivings they have.

    Thanks for letting me know I don't have to read it if I don't like it though, that's a massive weight off my mind...
  11. keggy975

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    Nov 14, 2012
    I apologize for any misgivings and hope that people do enjoy the story. I learned that many crossovers exist for star trek and while not many of them may be great, they can be fun. I am looking to give homage, and cameos, fill in the blanks and even some really good storyline material.

    I can link many things together and I definitely intend to do so.

    So sit right back and you'll hear a tale.....:guffaw:
  12. keggy975

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    Nov 14, 2012
    Time of Judgment Part 2​
    Phoenix Arizona

    February 14th, 2010


    Bobby, Sam and Dean were all very concerned. The FBI and a division known as the BAU were keeping them in custody and for the last 8 hours and had questioned them and were not taking them seriously. Then all of a sudden, this chick came in and told them that she worked for Castiel. Well things went swimmingly after that since she called some lawyer office in Las Vegas. She came back with some news.

    “Well gentlemen, I have something for you. I just got off the phone with a Zoey Waters from the firm of Morelli & Kaczmarek. These guys play rough at court but go all out for their clients. The partners should be here in the afternoon. I am sorry, but that is the best I can do for now.

    “Well thanks, and tell Castiel that we appreciate it,” says Sam.

    She leaves and the guys go back to their holding cell.

    Las Vegas Nevada

    The morning was going quite well for Pete Kaczmarek and Nick Morelli. They were chatting away when Zoey Waters announced their new schedule.

    “What do you mean we have to go down to Phoenix,” says Nick.

    “These guys are famous – Sam and Dean Winchester? Bobby Singer?”

    “Wait, is this the Chess guy? Bobby Singer,” asks Nick. He was hoping to get a big check, since he knew that guy was rich and famous.

    “No, these are the inspiration for the guys from the Supernatural Book Series. Horror Novels,” says Pete. He followed the novels very closely.

    “Oh well, ok then. Remind me again why should we go there? What are the charges again?”

    “Murder, Kidnapping, Grave Desecration, Credit Card Fraud, Destruction of Property, Impersonating Law Enforcement Officers, Impersonating CDC Officers, Impersonating Federal Agents, and parking tickets galore,” says Zoey – she reads the books as well.

    Nick’s eyes bugged out of his head in amazement.

    “Why the hell would I sign on for something like this, no way, no how!”

    “Nick,” says Pete, “Remember the incident at the Club?”

    Nick’s eyes got even more bugged.

    “Aww man, why do you have to bring that up, every frickin’ time. Man, this sucks. Okay, so what do we know about them?”

    Later that day, the team travels to Phoenix and interview the guys.

    “So let me get this straight, you are the ones who the Books are based,” asks Nick.

    “Yeah, but don’t tell anybody, okay,” says Dean.

    “All right, so these things you do, are to fight monsters?”

    “Yes, but no one believes us, they must think we’re fanboys or something. But we’re not. We really are Sam and Dean Winchester, says Sam.

    “Hey you two, don’t leave me out, ya idjits,” shouts Bobby.

    ‘Right,’ thought Nick, ‘Moving along.’ “Well, the murders are going to be tried where they occurred, but there seems to be a problem with evidence.”

    “What? No blood, bodies, weapons, DNA, or footprints, except ours,” Dean asks snarkily.

    “Yeah, how’d you know that?”

    “Because we fight Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and Ghosts.”

    “Don’t forget the fairies,” mentions Bobby, seeing how this was going. Dean shot him a withering look.

    “But the other stuff is just minor. We could get you out on your own recog if I play it right with the DA. This is federal though, I mean sheesh. Even if I did believe you – which I don’t, let’s be clear on that, you guys are in some hot water. I mean they think you kidnapped your victims and got rid of the bodies, that there is no blood is just evidence – circumstantial of course – that you didn’t kill them like that.”

    “Who do we have on our team to prove it otherwise?”

    “Well I have a few friends in the FBI in Boston and in Washington. My cousin, on my mother’s side works in Boston – Woody Hoyt. My friend in Washington is Seeley Booth, together, they might be able to help us in this – if we commit to it, that is,” he throws Nick a look, and Nick finally gives in.

    “All right guys, but I am not going to stick my neck out for someone who will chop off my head, you got me? So what I want is proof. You provide that, you get my full cooperation.”

    “All right, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh lord, please help me, send Castiel amen. Cas get your raggedy ass down here!”

    All of a sudden, Castiel is there, with a wide-eyed Nick and a smirking Dean.

    “Dean, I have asked you repeatedly, not to call on me at your whim. What do you need?”

    “Well, is this proof enough for you, Counselor,” asks Pete. Nick looks horrified and very nervous, sweating profusely.

    “I’m in. Okay, well, we need to get you out on your own recog and stat. Pete, take care of the paperwork, talk to the judge, and arrange everything.” He rushes for the door.

    “What are you going to do,” he asks in frustration.

    “Reexamine my life!” He runs down the hall.

    Castiel figures that he should leave, gives Dean a withering look and disappears. Everyone looks at him.

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  13. Sandoval

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Also why "name it after" a Star Trek novel from only a few years ago? Why not just give it it's own name?

    Seems a bit silly to me given how many words there are in the English language.
  14. Angry Fanboy

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    Feb 15, 2012
    Angry Fanboy

    It's a little bit too 'all over the place' for my tastes if I'm completely honest - an experienced author would struggle to bring all these different television series together into a cohesive tale and I think it falls beyond the abilities of a casual fanfic writer to make this sort of multiple-genre spanning tale work in any real sense.

    My apologies if this offends you, that isn't my intention. :)
  15. keggy975

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    Nov 14, 2012
    Well rest assured, it will eventually become a singular destiny - I picked the title since it works with my conglomerate - but I am sorry, Nick and Pete may face the horrors of the regime (being that the coup will certainly occur within the next years or so), and it will be the end of the world as we know it.:sigh:
  16. Sandoval

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Still, it does appear to be a classic example of bad fanfiction, lumping a dozen different television series together to save the world or whatever.
  17. keggy975

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    Nov 14, 2012
    Rest assured that some will make it and most will not - the blurbs with Sam, Dean, and Bobby are another story - they will soon meet up with the main cast. But others will live their lives until the end.

    Some will be able to join up but most will not.
  18. keggy975

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    Nov 14, 2012
    Saving the world never crossed my mind in this fic. Mainly its about them being saved to help out in a new time period. Sorry if I made it seem that way - we are in the very very beginnings of the story.
  19. Angry Fanboy

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    Feb 15, 2012
    Angry Fanboy

    I don't think Sandoval meant "save the world" in a literal sense, but rather all these people coming together to solve a problem of some sort.

    But when all is said and done readership is only a part of what fan fiction is all about - the most important part is that you get pleasure from crafting the story and putting words in characters' mouths.

    Even if it isn't quite to my tastes, I wish you the best of luck with your writing! :)
  20. keggy975

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    Nov 14, 2012
    Thank you. I do enjoy pulling the strings together. The warning at the beginning will hold true. And I do promise to have Star Trek come in - but not yet.