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    What I saw was merely a retrospective about early televised science fiction in general. The program showed that clip to illustrate the "frugal" budget. I have not found the clip itself, but here is a publicity photo from the show (circa 1949) and I think centered in the shot is the prop in question. I somewhat resembles early mics that used springs to suspend the "pickup" element in the center of an open "ring". But looking closely, one can see the components are merely drawn and/or painted.

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    This is some awesome stuff!!!
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    While I'm not too great at doing interior work, I have wanted to do a retro conn with toggle switches, gauges and dials for sometime now. This is my current progress, and I can already see tweaks that will have to be made. Because I tend to think of these alternate worlds as tv shows as well, I've kept the crew to six, because that's what I think, for the most part, could reliably be squeezed in each week on a thirty minute show. Though not always. Because the crew is so small, and keeping with my primary influence (Rocky Jones), there is no captain's chair. The captain sits on the right side. Now, I will probably still make a retro captains chair because I think it would look cool, but I don't see one being on the 1955 Enterprise.

    For fun I applied the usual grain and blur to get a feel for how it might've looked back then.
    The set is constructed of plywood, and I think i may have to play with the textures as even though it's subtle, you can still see the grain a little more than I like.


    A little further back without blur and grain fx.
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    Triangular interociter next?
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    I'm gonna dig up this thread because it's really inspired me recently for a similar project! I also wanted to poke Lensman for any updates on these deliciously retro vessels.

    Also, Lensman, what kind of effects are you using to make your pictures retro?
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