ST NV/P2 "Balok's Control Light"

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    In our efforts to get every detail just right, I spare no expense in researching our various props and set dressings.

    I did a little write-up on the "Balok's Control Light" set decoration we saw in "The Corbomite Maneuver."


    As we at Star Trek New Voyages Phase II work on upgrading our full Sick Bay complex set (Ward Room, Examination Room, Dr. McCoy's Office, and Sick Bay Lab with Decompression Chamber/Anti-Gravity Test Chamber), we may get a chance to use my "Balok's Control Light" reproduction that I was able to snag from that old Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner.

    Details here (and feedback is welcome):
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    Sickbay, dammit.
    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    I just watched "Corbomite" last night and was noticing the device then. Interesting about the Martian connection, I'd always thought it was a Jefferies design. At least grown up Balok's teeth look a little better.
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    Thanks, Greg for that bit of "trivia"