(Spoilers) What do you want to see in DISCO's series finale?


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What do you want to see in Star Trek: Discovery's series finale? I'm not asking necessarily what you expect to see, though you can talk about that as well, but personally would you like to see, or maybe even need to see, for Discovery to go out satisfactorily?

For me:

-Tahal is a long-snout Breen
-32nd century Klingons
-The pathway drive in action
-Owosekun, Detmer, Reno, Bryce, and Nhan back in the final episode, and Vance as well
-Kovich is Future Guy
-The fate of Prime Lorca
-Burnham meeting The Sisko inside the last Progenitor clue (If not Sisko this would be another chance for Traveler Wesley or Kore Soong to appear)
-The Doctor from Voyager is still around
-Burnham and Book rekindling their romance
-Inklings of what the future might hold for the crew
Riker shouting "Computer, pause program!" after Discovery explodes with all hands lost.

Turns out, we were watching a long-lost holonovel of Data's the whole time. Riker and Troi look at one another, shake their heads and walk off the holodeck.

End credits with Faith of the Heart blasting.

And just for fun, put Frakes and Sirtis in their TNG uniforms, but make no effort to age them down.
I have only one specific wish for the finale which is that the progenitor's storyline and tech provide something satisfying and meaningful to the plot and wasn't just a MacGuffin driving the season long plot.

Other than that, I'm sure the writers will do a great job with the character side, showing us what they're headed.

I suspect that Burnham will be transformed by the end of this story in some major fashion by the Progenitors or the their tech. The entire series has been about her transforming and I suspect that will continue up until the end. I don't know what it'll be, but I doubt she'll just continue on as a Starfleet captain. Something more like how Wesley went a new direction towards the end of TNG. Or, Sisko at the end of DS9. But I don't need this to be the case to enjoy the finale. More of a hunch.
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Very open ended.


End it with Burnham saying “let’s fly” and Disco jumping off to another adventure, similar to TOS and TNG. Don’t do the DS9, Voyager and Enterprise finale of the band breaking up.

I do hope we get a glimpse of 32nd Century Klingons.
If I'm remembering correctly, weren't there only three days of we're canceled / add some pickups to end the series shooting? Considering the NuTrek model of an episode filming in ten days, that'd be circa 15 minutes added, give or take?
Keep the band together.
Include Oyin, Emily, Sara, Ronnie, Rachel, Oded and anyone else I have forgotten.
Maybe Saru and T'Rina's wedding is in the reshoot.
Feature length.

And yes, for the heck of it, and to keep up his record: Riker!
-Tahal is a long-snout Breen
-Kovich is Future Guy
-Burnham meeting The Sisko inside the last Progenitor clue (If not Sisko this would be another chance for Traveler Wesley or Kore Soong to appear)
-The Doctor from Voyager is still around

-32nd century Klingons

Wild predictions I've had for a few weeks now: The tech revives the Kirk corpse and we see CG Kirk (or Paul Wesley) voiced by Shatner, or actually Shatner as he is now. Or... the door leads to the celestial temple and Burnham wonders if she's in Kovich's empty void, but then we see a hand reaching out... like Q's in Tapestry... Burnham takes it, and we see the big reveal of The Sisko welcoming her to her new existence, suggesting that the Progenitors became the Prophets. Or... Salome Jens appears again :D
Everyone knows what I want to see: a tie-in to "Calypso". I probably sound like a broken record saying it. :whistle:

So, instead, I'll give a non-serious answer. This is what I want to see:

Why not? We're getting to the end anyway. ;)

Spock. In the magic box whatever, they'll probably see weird shit disguised as people they know and it'd be cool for Michael to see Spock one last time.

Instead, because it's a series finale, it'll be Riker again.