Speculation-what if Brett Ratner directed the first "X-Men"?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by suarezguy, Apr 2, 2014.

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    I imagine it would have tired to have been more like the animated series but also possibly more like the Burton-Schumacher Batman films, with probably a bigger cast and more focus on action, effects and possibly humor rather than realism and characterization and probably would have been less successful.
  2. Obiwanshinobi

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    Jackie Chan as Logan would have been amazing!
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    Right here buddy.
    Bryan Singer wanted more characters but was denied. I assume Ratner would hit a similar wall but judging from his over the top attitude, I bet he would have focused the story more on Professor X and Magneto with a bigger end battle as apposed to a Wolverine/Rogue centered story.
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    Watch the first few eps of the 90s animated X-Men series.

    Imagine Chris Tucker as a male version of Jubilee, sporting roughly the same wardrobe, fulfilling the same POV character role as Rogue.

    And there ya go.
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    There wouldn't have been a sequel.