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    Just spitballing ideas for alternate universe settings.

    I've been pondering the idea of space habitats and other constructs. A simple Torus shaped station has the capacity to hold a fair sized population. Now with most sci-fi setting we assume the existence of some form of artificial gravity which could ease concerns over long duration habitation in space.

    Taking Mass Effect for example.

    A common metal rich asteroid would probably have orders of magnitude more material than is needed to fuel the industry to build a space station. Would it make sense for deep space industrial ships to have onboard manufacturing and refining capability. Enough to possibly bootstrap your way up to heavier construction. This would allow the quick, relatively speaking, construction with a simple infusion of minor resources to get access to a ship.

    Expanding upon the example, if a bunch of Quarians managed to acquire a resource ship they could find an unclaimed asteroid and build themselves a habitat. This would allow orders of magnitude more flexibility for their situation in space. A secure construction facility, expanded agriculture, medical facilities and a population expansion. Assuming of course the Council didn't just blow it up or steal it. But assuming for the sake of the argument would it be feasible for such deep space resource exploitation ships to exist.

    Deep space construction. Star systems with habitable or even terraformable planets would be the diamonds in the rough naturally. The most common systems would probably be worthless in the sense that they're full of gas giants or worlds that cannot be terraformed in any meaningful capacity to sustain a population. These would be the systems where it'd be more economical to strip mine them for usable materials. Now since a single standard asteroid belt would contain multiple quintillions of materials would it make sense for large scale stations to be built that could sustain a population over long periods.

    I'm thinking for stations with a couple medium sized drydocks for basic ship repair/construction as needed. Living space with 'outside' areas like small parks and things to combat the claustrophobia that comes with space living. Helium-3 refinery to fuel the ships and industry. Storage facilities for all the normal stuff. I'm thinking along the size of a Lucrehulk sized station only without the stupid opening in the front for the droid bays. Make it a full Torus, add in two or three more bridge ways to the center sphere to solidify it and that would probably make a great station in my mind.

    Also, would a space station built by an independent group belong to them or would it still be considered under their governments jurisdiction. Say an independent group, approximating Cerberus, built a self sustaining space station complex in an out of the way solar system would they have independence or would they have to turn it over to their government to run. I guess I'm picturing like someone building a version of my augmented Lucrehulk (from star wars) or something and just sticking it in orbit of a gas giant where it mines asteroids and harvests He3 to sell to passing ships or other mining groups to buy stuff it can't manufacture.
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    Not sure what point you're trying to make here or how it relates to Star Trek fanfic, but I'd assume that building stations wouldn't be reliant on materials available in a system. Most likely the components and materials would be shipped to that system on a variety of freighters and construction ships, where they would then be assembled so that the station could then be a staging ground for further works. Having to mine and refine metals and materials needed for construction from scratch before the base can even be built seems hugely inefficient.

    Take what is needed there, build a station that has refinery sections and construction bays, so that as mining crews dig up what is there in the system it doesn't have far to go to be put to good use. Your base would be a hub of activity with mining ships and freighters, not to mention lots of prospectors, merchants, thieves, entrepreneurs, etc. heading out to the new area to make their mark.
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    Trek has a problem. Early 60s trek doesnt know what a three dee printer is, but kelvin trek does.
    1. Potentially you could capture solar protons and build a gravity deck plate but doing so means your ship attracts asteroids like a planet.
    2. You could build ships that transform into a space station on deployment that can be added to, but its just a space ship in space or orbit so why bother unless you intend to expand.