Sony Spider-Verse discussion thread

Huge Leslie Nielsen “nothing to see here” energy going on in this interview:

Hang on, they think people are going to see it "over and over again"?

We're living in a world where "Furiosa", a well reviewed follow-up to an acclaimed multiple Oscar winning hit looks like it's going to flop, so I don't think this is going to do better.

There seems to be very little that will actually get people out to the movies these days. Which I totally understand given the cost and the annoyance caused by other people.
I just had the ending to No Way Home pop-up in my yt feed and was like "wow... It's been almost 3 years" and then made me think just how much time is going to pass between No Way Home and whenever the next film comes out.

The Raimi trilogy were #1 & #2 being two years apart, then the 3rd being 3 years later. The two Amazing Spider-Man movies were two years apart. The Tom Holland movies were every 2 years and now in their hiatus for who knows when.

I think Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4 may start filming late this year or early next year. So probably looking at a 2026 release. 5 years between films.
I would kill for another Spider-Man movie where he's not in High School. The character in the comics graduated High School in Amazing Spider-Man #28 in 1965, Peter Parker hasn't been a High Schooler for literally 95% of the character's existence, and I'm tired of one crappy alternate universe comic being the basis for almost all non-comic Spider-Man stories post Raimi. Even if No Way Home hadn't been excellent on its own, and it was, the fact that there was no High School BS in it made it the best Spider-Man movie since the end of raimi's trilogy by default.

Hopefully Holland is up for playing adult Spider-Man, he feels like the kind of actor who might just disappear into indie/oscar bait type roles eventually, especially since a lot of his non-Spider-Man movies haven't really set the world on fire.
That's not supposed to be the bar that Eddie left a splash of black on in No Way Home surely? (I haven't compared it directly, probably doesn't look that much alike*.) I guess he leaves little bits of Venom all over town.

From the looks of it, this one is more of the same. Though it'd be nice if it was somehow the best one. The bar for these things is so goddamn low.

*Edit. Silly me, it's probably just Sony doing their usual thing of pretending that Spidey is involved in even the tiniest way, like when they put the stupid (wrong) Spider-Man poster in the Morbius trailer.

Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me twice... Can't get fooled again!
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Or more likely, they don't care.

Well the people making the Sony Marvel movies haven't cared about anything, including making good movies, up to this point, so why start now?

I mean, didn't they recently just say that they expect people to see Kraven in theaters multiply times, which is why they're giving it a holiday release? They've either lost their minds completely or just literally couldn't care less anymore.
A number of actors have played multiple roles in the MCU by this point. And the Sony Spidey-adjacent-verse isn't the MCU anyway.
Army guy played by the same actor as Mordo from the Dr. Strange movies captures the symbiote fragment that Venom left behind in the MCU at the end of No Way Home. Even though said army guy is presumably native to the Sonyverse and not the MCU.

It’s not Sony unless there’s a confusing part to it