So what is the magic number networks are looking for?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by PKerr, May 10, 2014.

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    I just read last night that The Tomorrow people (1.9 mil viewers) and Almost Human (5.9 mil views) were both canceled.
    I realize there is a difference between 1.9 and 5.9 but what the heck does it take to stay on the air now-a-days? what is the magic number networks are looking for and I ask that in all seriousness because one of the shows I saw canceled had 6.4 mil viewers.
    This is why I stopped getting invested in new shows, I usually let them get to the 3rd season before I start watching them, getting sick of networks dropping the shows I like and letting garbage drone on for years and years.

    BTW anyone who watches Believe, Revolution, The Carrie Diaries and Star-Crossed, they have also been Canceled.
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    There is no magic number. Every show costs some amount to produce. It earns money based on things like ad revenue and video sales. Audience trends are monitored to see if a show has any legs. So, if a show is not profitable enough for the network and doesn't look like it will be in the near future, it gets axed. The calculus is different for each show.
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    There are also considerations such as what network the show is on (different networks see success differently), numbers in the key demographic (18-49), whether or not the show is produced in house or by another studio and how close it is to syndication. Ratings are clearly key, but they are just part of a consideration that is unique for every show.
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    If The Tomorrow People had stayed at 1.9 million viewers, and the commensurate 18-49 demo rating, it would have sailed to renewal, but it hasn't hit ratings like that since its third episode. Its finale drew 1.01 million viewers and a 0.4 in the demo.
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    Nashville was renewed because of tax breaks. If the state of TN doesn't give them more money than it won't even be filmed in town anymore.

    House of Cards season 3 will be delayed because of fighting over tax breaks.

    There is no magic number, but there is a magic sign.... $$$$$$$$$$$
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    And, obviously, demographics figure in here. A show that attracts 5 million young people with disposable income has better odds than a show that attracts 8 million senior citizens whose buying habits may be set . . and who aren't going to be around to buy your product for as long.

    Advertisers prefer younger consumers--for obvious reasons. :)