so THATS why some of the cast didn't like Diana Muldaur

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    WTF??? She quit because Hurley harrassed her plain and simple! Hell, it was so bad Patrick Stewart had to tell him to back off.

    And, what's with bad mouthing Roddenberry???? You have no evidence to support the fact that he approved of this behavior???

    As someone who has been sexually harrassed I can say that the harrasser was the only one doing the harrassing and not his friends.

    When Hurley left, Gene invited her back. And she stayed for the remainer of the show, so if that doesn't prove that Gene left her alone, I don't know what does.
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    So if it happened -- and I emphasize the word "if" -- Roddenberry was the boss.

    Say you worked for a guy whose underling was sexually harassing you. You try to get the harasser off your back. Is the harasser fired? No. Is he disciplined? No. Instead, your boss fires you. You seriously wouldn't find anything wrong with that? Of course the boss is responsible for what happens under him. Not doing anything about it is bad enough, but firing you would be even worse, don't you think?

    Again, if it happened, it doesn't reflect well on Roddenberry. At all.
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    Mistakes are made about people associated with Star Trek prematurely dying all the time...
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    Wil Wheaton made the same mistake in a blog post about how he couldn't leave the series because Gene had died and Berman wouldn't let him. Or something like that.

    What they were probably both remembering (or misremembering) is that Roddenberry was no longer involved in the series in any real way any longer.