so THATS why some of the cast didn't like Diana Muldaur

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    Actually, Frakes at the Fan Expo was first to call it "Deep Throat Nine" when they all ganged up on Dorn for having no problems moving there (despite saying "never again" because of the make-up) once he saw the paycheck! :lol:
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    I couldn't agree more. Dr. Crusher had two notes 1.) Ask Picard a question to get out some exposition and internal feelings, occasionally flirt with him and 2.) Heal the sick no matter where in the timeline, the Prime Directive, or anywhere else they may be. Dull and boring.
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    So you don't want a doctor who makes healing her patients her priority?
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    Agree it would have been awesome, but they didn't want to upset eithers fans, so there would have been a bunch of unhappy ppl either way it went.......
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    Another Pulaski fan. "Ethics" was a sorely missed opportunity to put Crusher on her toes.
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    I never liked the fact Doctor Pulaski was constantly picking on Data.I always thought her character was a jerk.I know that's way the writers wrote the character was supposed to be like Doctor MCoy ,It didn't work out that way. I never did like Pulaski.I was glad when they got rid of her after season 2.
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    I liked Dr. Pulaski. She took no bullshit and as for picking on Data, that didn't last long. I honestly thought she brought a little needed conflict. I don't dislike Crusher, but it seemed like Pulaski had more character development in one season than Crusher did in six of them.
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    People hate on Pulaski for her attitude toward Data. But you only easily accept Data as sentient because the show told you to and because he's a main character. If Data were introduced in a different context, you would just as easily accept it was ridiculous for him to be considered sentient.

    Pulaski's position was completely reasonable from a neutral perspective. I'd have difficulty accepting a robot as sentient if I met one that seemed that way.
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    Except she WASN'T "constantly" picking on Data... that arc was wrapped up in the first few episodes for the most part. In episodes like "Peak Performance" and "Measure of A Man" she was a Data fan.
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    I don't think that episode was a good fit for Pulaski. Pulaski wouldn't have been doing unethical experiments like that.
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    Yeah, she's a riot. A breath of fresh air in the notoriously stuffy environment of conventions. She don't take herself too seriously, and she's just happy to chitchat with people instead of lecturing them. Some fans have a dislike for her because she don't treat Star Trek as being "serious business". The same fan usually complain about "canon violations" and "disrespecting the franchise".
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    In trying to recreate the McCoy-Spock dynamic with Pulaski and Data, they forgot that Spock could give as good as he got with respect to McCoy. Data, though, was pretty much defenseless against Pulaski. Pulaski could snark at Data, and he had no comebacks like Spock did. That's why it didn't work.
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    I think Troi's situation might have had a little something to do with the delay. Besides, it's kind of nice to see a character that doesn't do what all the other little sheep do all the time.
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    If Muldaur got more money it's because she had more TV experience than most of the actors on the show (except for LeVar Burton). And she earned it. She never portrayed Pulaski as anything but a class act and a formidable presence...which is what a CMO should be.

    As far as being "friends" with Roddenberry, hey, the guy did fool around but there is not evidence to support he fooled around with Diana. Not every cheater cheats with every woman he meets.
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    Seems like whatever distraction was created by going slightly off-topic has been only multiplied by you playing topic-policeman. Maybe next time just let it slide. It's not exactly a big deal.


    As for Pulaski, McCoy just had more heart. His crabbiness was really a very thin outer shell, but you could tell he was a softy. Pulaski came across as cold and impersonal, as an outsider, not a team-player at all. So adding crew conflict is good, but not when it seems like she isn't even trying to work towards a common goal.
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    I love Dr. Pulaski. I do equally love Dr. Crusher, therefore, a great scenario for me would have been for them to split the series right down the middle.
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    Interesting idea in the OP about why Muldaur never bonded with the cast.

    On screen, there seemed to be an ensemble problem. Then again, Muldaur was never credited as part of the ensemble to begin with, which was always going to be an elephant in the room with Pulaski. Maybe if she had come back for season three, she could have joined the ensemble proper, but for season two, Pulaski always seemed grafted onto the cast.


    Well, I like Crusher too, but you're right about Pulaski having more character development. IIRC, Unnatural Selection was the turning point. Some Trek fans repeatedly point out that TNG had no character arcs whatsoever. However, Pulaski's was a definite exception, whether by accident, design, or from correcting an initial conception of her that just wasn't going to work in the long run.

    As for the part about much needed conflict, yes, absolutely. Evidently, the writers were trying to make 24th century humanity seem more realistic by adding some interpersonal conflict, something sorely missing from season one, beyond "Shut up, Wesley". It's just that the interpersonal conflict involving Pulaski misfired in more ways than one. Also, that way of bringing dramatic tension was usually centered around her, so that Pulaski came off like a cranky old aunt grafted onto the Cleavers.
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    Perhaps Demona rubbed off on her?
    Then again, Demona had good reasons for being the ass she was, once you've seen all that she had been through.
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    You add O'Brien, Pulaski and Ro to TNG and what you get is Deep Space Nine.