So May It Be

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    "So may it be..."

    The assembled group finished their prayer. Some to the Great Bird of the Galaxy, some to ancient beings of their homeworld, some to no one at all. The Master of the Lodge prayed to Uzaveh the Infinite. Whatever being, existing or not, they considered it the Architect of Existence and paid due obedience in their ritual.

    Three taps of the gavel, and everyone seated themselves, the Master awkwardly putting on a full brim hat in a manner that would not interfere with his forward-facing antennae.

    The ritual continued, the lodge was tiled, members exchanged the pass, and recording devices were placed in passive mode. A large Brute acted as tiler, carrying a ceremonial short sword, at least from his perspective.

    The Junior Deacon was a Betazoid who could sense when the Tiler became alarmed, although she promised not to use this ability again outside of proper notices.

    The stewards were Miradorn, making short work of what could be a stressful position for new Lodge members. Other members were of several races, including Human, Tiburonian, and even an Edoan, although by by-law, they no longer recorded the distinction.

    "Accordingly, I declare Jovian Lodge #35788 opened on the third degree," said the Master, tapping once more on the pedestal. Business was to be conducted. The Lodge was one of three in orbit of Jupiter, the only one still active on Jupiter Station, and one of several hundred extraplanetary lodges within the Grand Representation of the United Earth Lodges, or GRUEL.

    The Secretary, an El-Aurian man who had held that position for ninety years, reported on the minutes of the previous week's meeting, noting that all had been sent them via communiqué, and no corrections needed to be made.

    The Senior Deacon introduced a traveling mason from Deep Space 5, who was visiting relatives on the Station and wished to assist in their degree work. Although DS5 existed outside of GRUEL jurisdiction (it was within the overall Grand Representation of Starfleet Outpost and Ship Lodges, or SOS), he was found to be in regular amity with GRUEL shortly before the meeting and could sit and assist.

    The Junior Warden arose (or, rather, his top half did), and informed them of the plans to host the reception of the Most High Grand Master of GRUEL in three months, and how he had received permission from the Station Commander to hold the reception. The traveling Mason expressed his regret on not being able to attend.

    After some jokes and jocularity, and an attempt to put together a welcoming committee for the MHGM was nixed (as unnecessary), the business of the day was held: The third degree.

    A fellow of the craft, a Mason of Bynar extraction, was found to be in waiting. The stewards and the Secretary exited. Then the Junior Deacon. Other ceremonial work continued. The Master chided two new Ithenite masons on the sidelines for loudly talking among themselves, and reminded everyone of official GRUEL stance on levity during a degree, especially a third degree.

    The Bynar entered the lodge in darkness. She was raised in a manner similar to many millions and millions in the last 600 years. The Master gave her the pass, and everyone looked upon the Bynar as a Master Mason. She exited in light.

    The lodge was closed. The Master giving the new Mason a copy of the Bynar Guide to All signed or marked by members of the lodge and the traveling Mason.

    Refreshments were prepared by the Junior Warden. As Bynaus food was not palatable to any but the newest member, he made an assortment of foodstuffs from his native Pandros as well as some popular Andorian delicacies (probably to sway favor with the Master). They all agreed that they needed to stock up on authentic Saurian Brandy for when the Most High Grand Master visits.

    An hour or so later, the last Ithenite stumbled out of the Lodge Hall, and wished the Master a good night. The Master ordered the computer to end Lodge Program No. 35788, and exited the empty holodeck himself, taking the nearest turbolift to his quarters on the 5th level.