... So long as you remember all the people that you used to be!

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Robert D. Robot, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Emperor-Tiberius

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Eh, I think Nine, Ten, Five and Eight had better such scenes.
  2. Ar-Pharazon

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    May 19, 2005
    ^ They basically had Tennant whinging on about it. :lol:

    The others were pretty good though.
  3. C_Miller

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    I'll give you Nine.

    Ten was a little over long and I do think they played it up like a death more than it actually was. That said the half of the Regeneration that doesn't get focused on as much when discussing Regenerations; the introduction of the New Doctor, Ten into Eleven may have been the best.

    Five had the best Regeneration episode, but his actual regeneration doesn't stick out too much. And Eight may have been due to my lack of emotional connection with him. My first exposure to him was in Night of the Doctor, so that probably has a lot to do with that.

    But as for pure Regeneration scenes, I do think Eleven is my favorite by far. That seven minute window at the end there was a perfect summation of what a Regeneration is. It's a goodbye, but it's also a hello. And while every Doctor is different, they're also all the same. Much better than RTD's view of Regeneration being a death. And I'm a fan of RTD.
  4. Wereghost

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    Oct 21, 2009
    The amnesia storyline has been done more than once, and shouldn't last more than about an episode or two. Maybe he's just forgotten through 500 years of disuse (Not using the TARDIS for 500 years? Yeah, right!) or he's indulging in a bit of lying now that he's away from the Truth Field. And what better lie than his oldest, most ridiculous and most trustworthy one?
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    Or maybe people are reading WAY WAY WAY too much into what was essentially a one-liner to close out the end of the episode and will have no connection or weight whatsoever when the show resumes.

    Seriously, sometimes I get the impression that they could show the Doctor scratch his nose with his left hand and a lot of folks would think it's going to be a significant plot that'll get explored.
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    ^ I'm inclined to agree with Bacl. I think the first line of the next episode could be 'I'm just kidding, it's like riding a bike!' or something like that.

    Got to agree with the OP. It was a wonderful swansong for Matt. No wonder he welled up the first time he read it (or so the story goes).
  7. Iamnotspock

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    He certainly did at the readthrough (7:15 in).