So Cadet to Captain in what... a week?!

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    Well, in Star Trek IV he got demoted from Admiral to Captain by the end of that film, so I find it plausible for him to be captain by the end of this movie. Sometimes if you prolong the story the movie can get boring. Kirk has always done something outstanding so it could go either way.
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    I admit, I have not researched it myself. A poster above, or maybe a page or two back, stated that Riker went from Ensign to Commander that quickly, I believe. I don't think he mentioned how long Riker was an Ensign for though, but if it's true, that's four ranks in six years.

    If Janeway was able to give criminals (the Maquis officers) field ranks, I think she should have been able to do the same thing for Harry Kim. Of course, they wouldn't be "official" until they got back, or made contact with Starfleet, but when you're on the other side of the galaxy, you can pretty much do what you want.
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    According to Memory Alpha, he graduated in 2357 and was promoted to commander and first officer of the Enterprise in 2364.
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    You seem to know a lot more about this movie's plot than everybody else, where are you getting this from? All we've seen is descriptions of 4 scenes, potentially not even in order, showing events from the film, and a number of 2 second or shorter clips almost certainly out of sequence. Anything else is supposition on your part.

    There's a lot more evidence to support the concept of time jumps in the film than there is to support your 'cadet to captain in a few days' theory.

    Edited to add an example: In all the scenes with black shirted Kirk and Spock hating/hitting him, Kirk has that injury under his eye - on the shot of him on the bridge in a captains shirt and giving Spock a friendly backslap, his hair is subtly different and his injuries are gone. Odds are that scene does not follow on in any quick succession from the 'black shirt' scenes.
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    Also, in the latter shot, Kirk is wearing the stripes of a full Captain.
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    Which would be why cultcross described it as "a captains shirt", presumably. ;)

    (And it's McCoy on the receiving end of the slap on the shoulder, I believe.

    [​IMG] )
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    where does it show him making Captain?
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    There is that single shot the two posters above discuss: Kirk in gold shirt that has Captain braid, backslapping somebody and a voice(over?) saying "Let's buckle up!". That's the last bit in the second trailer.

    It should be noted that the sequence in the trailer shows Kirk and McCoy as simultaneous cadets - but later shows McCoy as a Lieutenant Commander. So it's not just Kirk's career that moves forward. We have every reason, then, to think that a significant amount of time passes between the "Kirk and McCoy are cadets" scenes and the "McCoy is a Lieutenant Commander" scenes, hence giving time for Kirk to climb the rank ladder, too.

    Timo Saloniemi
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    So...what, McCoy becomes a commander right out of the academy but Kirk remains a command of the ship...With Chekov, Sulu and Uhura all graduated before them...And Spock already on the ship.

    Me thinks the trailer scenes may be a little out of order or something.
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    That's very common for trailers. Very very common.

    I think it's kinda ignoring the common sense knowledge of how trailers are constructed to take this trailer seriously.
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    Watch it Jim. Looks like Bones is about to go all Gary Mitchell on you. ;)