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  1. Guy Gardener

    Guy Gardener Fleet Admiral Admiral

    Apr 15, 2000
    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    Clark and Lana are Pussies.

    "It hurts to kiss you"

    Fuck you!

    Chuck and Ned would move heaven and earth to make it so that it only hurt hm when they kissed each other.

    My god, I'm bringing up twighlight.

    KILL ME!

    If Eddie gets a fleck of Belle's blood from a bleeding gum ruminating even an inch as cloose to his moist sensuous lips, he will be compelled to eat her till shes dead... Which reminds me about Marvel Zombie Spider-Man bitching angstily over how he ATE Mary Jane and Aunt May.

    Romeo and Juliet DID die!!!

    How did Chris Rock put it?

    "You ain't never been in love if you haven't looked at a box of rat poison sitting next to your wifes wheatie flakes for an hour and the only thing that stopped you was an episde of CSI."

    So contrieved.

    Jor-El can fix her.

    And kara Zor-El can make him behave like a pretentionless tool for once since she damn well understands the tech. Clark is like Tarzan with a dildo, or that movie the Gods must be crazy trying to keep on top of Kryptonian tech when kara doesn't have to try, she just is... You know if Smallville wasn't written mostly by idiots.

    They actually had the dekryptonited necklace on the episode!

    Meanwhile the Legion is ace at removing nanites!

    Still better than last weeks.
  2. DarthPipes

    DarthPipes Vice Admiral Admiral

    Mar 3, 2006
    I gave this episode a big, fat Clark Kent.

    The Good: Everything that didn't involve Clark. I thought the Toyman was pretty cool and I'm glad the character escaped at the end. Oliver's trip to the dark side was awesome. I objected to Oliver's reason for killing Lex a couple of episodes ago because there is no excuse for killing someone for the crimes of their father. That being said, I think Lex needs to be taken out for all that he's done and how can you really blame Oliver for doing it after this episode? Lex bombed his own building, killing the board of directors and injuring Oliver. He threatened to blow up the Daily Planet, which would have killed a lot more people. He manipulated all of these events with a crippled can you allow someone that dangerous to continue killing and plotting. I think Oliver did the right thing even though we all know Lex is not truly dead. As for pinning the murder on the Toyman, why not? The guy is already a killer.

    That shot of Oliver looking like Lex is fantastic. I truly hope they don't have it revealed that Lex transfered his "katra" into Ollie. That would be a lame cop-out and having Ollie starting to become Lex on his own would demonstrate a rare subtly for this show. He was very Lex-like in blackmailing Chloe.

    As for the no-killing thing, I've read few comics that involve the Green Arrow so I'm no judge of his character. I do remember during the Batman: Hush Returns where Arrow actually tries to kill Promethus during a battle.

    I liked the way they brought Lex back too. It worked for me.

    The FX on Clark's face was pretty damn cool.

    The Bad: Two words...CLARK KENT!!!

    Where to begin. Do we start with the embarrassing aftermath of superhuman sex between Clark and Lana? Nope! Let's start with Clark the hypocrite. Once again, he lectures Chloe, the woman who has protected his secret as fiercly as his parents, about trust. Who the hell is this guy to lecture her about trust? Clark essentially mind-raped Chloe by taking her memories without her consent and he hasn't had the guts to reveal that to Chloe. I'm disgusted that the writers have allowed him to get away with that. Then he tells Chloe that he's moved why is he still slobbering over Lana?

    The worst of the worst...Clana. To say this episode put Clark Kent and the show several steps back, is an understatement. For Clark to finally move on, after years of wishy-washyness, he HAD to be the one to end his relationship with Lana. It was a vital step in him becoming the hero he's destined to be. But nope...Lana once again is the one to end this relationship and give Clark yet another out. Sure, Clark decided to allow Lana to injest the kryptonite but basically because Lex put a gun to his head. Lana was 100% wrong when she said Clark was stronger than she was. If Clark was strong, he would have been the one to willingly put the relationship behind her. But Clark "Angst Forever" Kent is too weak to do that and realistically cannot become Superman. As someone said, he still views Lana as his fairy tale princess who can do no wrong. Basically, in Smallville Clark and Lana were destined to be together if not for a convient plot device. Absolutely pathetic, writers!!!