Seen this weekend on Route 1 north and southbound in Delaware.
I posted this photo on facebook page 'Star Trek Memes", but apparently my post didn't get approved I guess because someone posted their photo earlier and that photo got 3.9K likes, 132 comments and 665 shares!
Hey, I think that's really cool. Totally worth posting....Star Trek references are always appreciated in everyday life!

I was in a business meeting last week where one of our leads was talking about our new site in Iowa and comparing certain distances. He basically said "It's about the same distance from Cedar Rapids to Riverside...which also happens to be the birthplace of Captain Kirk if you weren't aware of it"

Love that stuff!
Yes it was me who took those photos and yes I was driving!
p.s. this weekends signs (no photos this time)

You're not a sparkler
Don't drive lit!
Don't Drive Fast and Furious
That's Ludacris