Sigh. Another day, another scamercial

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Luminus, Dec 24, 2010.

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    You know... at some point, you just have to look at the world and wonder, "Does being moral equal being a loser?" I mean, really, the scammers seem to be on top of the world, so what gives? First I see this nonsense about John of God on CNN (what a surpirse.:rolleyes:), then later that night I see a commercial for this site:

    The first thing in my head was, "This is too good to be true," but I went to the site anyway. Well, because, you know, it was so good that it COULD be true. And, I admit, after looking at what was up for bidding, I got excited. It certainly looked legit, but then, being part of this new blogging generation, I went looking for reviews and lo and behold the negative reviews came flooding in.

    So, after reading these, I go back to the site to look for bids that were supposedly ending in 15 seconds. I found 2, watched the counter drain out to zero and... blink. The counter reset to 15 seconds (give or take a second). Then I looked at the bidders and saw that it was the same two bidders bidding on these products, but what really killed it was the name of one of these bidders: thissiteisgreat. Really?:rolleyes: Does anyone on e-bay have such a name? Does anyone on any legit site have such a name? I doubt it.

    Oh, yeah, and being moral does not equal being a loser. I'm just saying...
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    The big problem with this site is that before you can actually bid you have to purchase a certain number of bids.

    So the way this works, say you spend 50 bucks for 50 bids.
    You can bid 50 times now on beezid.

    It doesn't guarantee you'll win a bid at all. It only guarantees that you get to bid.

    If you use all your bids and don't win an item you're just outta luck.

    The time counter re-sets whenever someone bids. That keeps the item "alive" until noone bids on it again.

    I'm not sure this system is something I'd particpate in. Jus' Sayin'
  3. Rett Mikhal

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    Jun 9, 2010
    So you buy 40 bids for 40 dollars, and every bid increases the price by a penny?

    But every bid costs a dollar. Does that not mean that even a 10 dollar item lands the site 1,000 dollars? There's symbiotic relationship and then there's extortion.

    Plus the obvious fake bidders and less than moral sales techniques. Why doesn't Anon target sites like this?
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    If it looks too good to be true...