Should they still make movies in the Kelvin Universe?

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by The Overlord, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Don't ban me. I won't mention Star W--- again. Sorry.
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    The force is not strong with this one ;)
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    I'm somewhat ambivalent about the whole thing.The only thing that'd get me actually excited about it was If they tied the Kelvin adventures to the prime universe somehow - specifically find a way for Shatner to appear as Kirk alongside Pine or something...maybe even as a villain? All that said I think they picked a good set of actors for the crew, it's just a shame the material they've been given has been so blah.
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    well its been suggested that ST4 is simply Orcis ST3 reworked with Thor instead of KirkPrime so if they just went back to the original idea maybe we can start to get excited again lol .

    another thing to note is they're going to miss quite a significant anniversary year. 2019 = 40th ann of TMP/10th ann of ST09 (as well as 50th ann of the end of TOS, 30th of TFF and 25th of Gen although no one prob bothered about those) not as significant as 2016 of course but remember Bond made a big thing of its 40th anniversary in 2002 and 2019 would've been the 40th/10th of the actual Trek movies something they could've tied into (new blu/dvds, cinema rereleases etc) ..but they didn't wanna cos of the money so...:shrug:
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    10 years already!? Wow.
    They really underwhelmed me. But that's me. I envy ppl who like things I don't.