Should Geordi have moved on?

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    Have there really been that many TNG crew that have split off? It's just Riker and Troi. Not counting Data since he's dead.

    I haven't finished reading the George duology so I could be in error, but to my knowledge Picard, Worf, Crusher, and LaForge are all still on the Enterprise. The Enterprise-E crew hasn't split up enough.

    I think the newer secondary characters introduced during the TNG-R might better be categorized as being split up (or otherwise): Kadohata, Leybenzon, T'Lana, Nave, Battaglia, than the traditional ENT crew.

    If anything, Geordi would be the most likely candidate to leave the ENT-E next. The other old hands are in new roles, but Geordi is still stuck doing what he's been doing for 20 years. Though that can be 'realistic', this is fiction, and I would like to see more character growth. Besides, Taurik is a credible replacement.
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    And with him you still have a TNG character even though he showed up maybe once or twice your just promoting him from secondary to primary status.