Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Kenbushway, Apr 24, 2013.

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    It is like Costco, but on a grocery store scale. Easy to get in and out if time is a factor. They have mostly their own "store brands", but lately Aldi is carrying more and more brand names, too. The prices are unbelievably low. It is the first stop on my grocery days. I go once, sometimes twice, a month.
    I think they are talking a one-pot project with the mint. Just a flower pot, like any other houseplant.

    "The longest journey begins with but a single step." Start small then, when you have the time, grow your larger garden.:techman:
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    Yeah, with mint, all you need or want is one pot. They go bonkers without restraint. Trust me. Kenbushway, mint is freakin' easy.
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    Seriously, it's harder to kill a mint plant than to grow one.
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    I am amassing quite a vegan chili recipe collection. However I have some concerns. I read that to much Vitamin A can be bad, some recipes have small serving sizes and 586%-228% daily Value of Vitamin A in each small serving size. Neither is from meat recipes but I hear vegetable Vitamin A is better than animal Vitamin A and apparently somehow its not as dangerous? Am I potentially going to kill my folks giving them these recipes?
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    No, vitamin A overdose is a condition, true, which occurs when the liver's natural storage of the vitamin is full and so it begins to cause problems. The main cause though, is excessive vitamin 'supplements' taken by people who already have a perfectly healthy diet. Pretty much anything in huge excess will make you ill, you have bigger fish to fry (or steam) right now than worrying about too many vitamins!
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    You can't get too many vitamins from food.

    Maybe if you were juicing 10kg of carrots a day and drinking them you might go a bit orange from the carotene but even then I doubt you will overdose on Vitamin A.