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    So... warp travel is light speed at warp one? Light in a Vacuum is "c" and deemed to go at that rate because it is unobstructed by any object and has a free path. So I wonder about creating an unobstructed path for mass to move within. If an object with mass moves unobstructed in space with a shell of influence such as like a solar system or galaxy could it move at the same rate with internal gravitational fields associated at the rate "c"?

    Clearly Star trek suggests ships move faster than the unobstructed vacuum travel of light. Sub-space is space around the ship which the ship is traveling as it affects the ship within? It would suggest the shell of influence in a warp field allows subspace to move the ship beyond normal space. Does sub-space slip past space faster than our space that "c" is measured in?

    I wonder if subspace field/shell of influence slips past normal space even when ship travels at sublight speed while in the containment of the field.
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    Yes! It moves at the same speed as the ship, ergo WF # of vessel converted to a multiple of "c" is the speed that space within the Warp Shell is moving.

    Unknown, not enough info within the context of Trek to give a good answer.
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    One theory suggests you can't actually travel at light speed, but just a tiny bit faster than light speed. The whole bit about infinite energy equal to infinite mass times the speed of light squared bit to travel at the speed of light, but the warp drive allows you to go faster than that, but not as light speed, because that still impossible due to the laws of physics.
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    No reason why a volume of space-time cannot travel at the local value of c.
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    Or above it or below it. Warp technology puts you outside Einstein physics. There is no time dilation or increasing mass effects as you increase speed up to c.