Shatner says he should never have directed Trek V in new book

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    earth...but when?...spock?
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    While Sybok might technically just be an unwitting pawn of the film's actual main villain ("God"), I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to describe him as an antagonist, considering that while Sybok may have had noble intentions, he did resort to illegal means - including taking hostages and hijacking a starship - in order to realize those intentions.
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    It is interesting that the film makes it somewhat clear that Sybok was being manipulated by "God" through some telepathic means. Sybok refers to his "vision." One wonders if Sybok's enhanced Vulcan telepathic abilities made him particularly more vulnerable to the being's influence?
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    On the making of STV, I was delighted, any chance to go back aboard the Enterprise. ;)
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