Share what made you laugh the most on Enterprise

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Saganistheman, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. MikeyO

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    Feb 7, 2014
    In Exile (the Beauty and the Beast episode with Hoshi in season 3) the whole scene with Trip and Archer on the sphere with the shuttle had me laughing.

    Archer "Get to work, I'm gonna take a look around"
    Trip "Don't get lost"
    So absurdly funny as it pans out and it is just a huge flat surface, impossible to get lost on. Then when Trip accidently sets off the thruster and just stands there watching the shuttle lift off. He had time, he could have jumped on it or something, but he just watches it.

    A- "What happened"
    T- "The port thruster ignited"
    A- "I can see that"

    Then they keep missing when they shoot at it, and when they do hit it, I love how it crashes back to the surface and they glance at each other like "meh, not much harm done."

    And of course this whole scene was just fantastic:

    I loved how he kept calling everyone captain.