SG-1/Atlantis episode order

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    Oct 21, 2003
    So, hugeass dork that I am, I got the urge to watch all 15+ years of Stargate. To that end, I've been attempting to list all the episodes in a working semichronological order. Obviously, this is supereasy for the first 7 years or so, but it gets more difficult once SG:A starts. Here's what I have so far for those 3ish years:

    SG-1 - Lost City
    SG-1 - New Order, Part 1
    SG-1 - New Order, Part 2
    Atlantis - Rising
    SG-1 - Lockdown
    Atlantis - Hide And Seek
    SG-1 - Zero Hour
    Atlantis - Thirty Eight Minutes
    SG-1 - Icon
    Atlantis - Suspicion
    SG-1 - Avatar
    Atlantis - Childhood's End
    SG-1 - Affinity
    Atlantis - Poisoning The Well
    SG-1 - Covenant
    Atlantis - Underground
    SG-1 - Sacrifices
    Atlantis - Home
    SG-1 - Endgame
    Atlantis - The Storm
    Atlantis - The Eye
    SG-1 - Gemini
    Atlantis - The Defiant One
    SG-1 - Prometheus Unbound
    Atlantis - Hot Zone
    SG-1 - It's Good To Be King
    Atlantis - Sanctuary
    SG-1 - Full Alert
    Atlantis - Before I Sleep
    SG-1 - Citizen Joe
    Atlantis - The Brotherhood
    SG-1 - Reckoning, Part 1
    SG-1 - Reckoning, Part 2
    SG-1 - Threads
    Atlantis - Letters From Pegasus
    SG-1 - Moebius, Part 1
    SG-1 - Moebius, Part 2
    Atlantis - The Gift
    Atlantis - The Siege, Part 1
    Atlantis - The Siege, Part 2
    Atlantis - The Siege, Part 3
    Atlantis - The Intruder
    SG-1 - Avalon, Part 1
    SG-1 - Avalon, Part 2
    SG-1 - Origin
    Atlantis - Runner
    SG-1 - The Ties That Bind
    Atlantis - Duet
    SG-1 - The Powers That Be
    Atlantis - Condemned
    SG-1 - Beachhead
    Atlantis - Trinity
    SG-1 - Ex Deus Machina
    Atlantis - Instinct
    Atlantis - Conversion
    SG-1 - Babylon
    Atlantis - Aurora
    SG-1 - Prototype
    Atlantis - The Lost Boys
    SG-1 - The Fourth Horseman, Part 1
    SG-1 - The Fourth Horseman, Part 2
    Atlantis - The Hive
    SG-1 - Collateral Damage
    Atlantis - Epiphany
    SG-1 - Ripple Effect
    Atlantis - Critical Mass
    SG-1 - Stronghold
    Atlantis - Grace Under Pressure
    SG-1 - Ethon
    Atlantis - The Tower
    SG-1 - Off The Grid
    Atlantis - The Long Goodbye
    SG-1 - The Scourge
    Atlantis - Coup D'etat
    SG-1 - Arthur's Mantle
    Atlantis - Michael
    Atlantis - Inferno
    SG-1 - Crusade
    SG-1 - Camelot
    SG-1 - Flesh and Blood
    Atlantis - Allies
    Atlantis - No Man's Land
    SG-1 - Morpheus
    Atlantis - Misbegotten
    SG-1 - The Pegasus Project
    Atlantis - Irresistible
    SG-1 - Insiders
    Atlantis - Sateda
    SG-1 - Uninvited
    Atlantis - Progeny
    SG-1 - 200
    Atlantis - The Real World
    SG-1 - Counterstrike
    Atlantis - Common Ground
    SG-1 - Memento Mori
    Atlantis - McKay And Mrs. Miller
    SG-1 - Company Of Thieves
    Atlantis - Phantoms
    SG-1 - The Quest, Part 1
    SG-1 - The Quest, Part 2
    Atlantis - The Return, Part 1
    Atlantis - The Return, Part 2
    SG-1 - Line In The Sand
    Atlantis - Echoes
    SG-1 - The Road Not Taken
    Atlantis - Irresponsible
    SG-1 - The Shroud
    Atlantis - Tao Of Rodney
    SG-1 - Bounty
    Atlantis - The Game
    SG-1 - Bad Guys
    Atlantis - The Ark
    SG-1 - Talion
    Atlantis - Sunday
    SG-1 - Family Ties
    Atlantis - Submersion
    SG-1 - Dominion
    Atlantis - Vengeance
    SG-1 - Unending
    Atlantis - First Strike
    Atlantis - Adrift
    Atlantis - Lifeline
    SG-1 - The Ark Of Truth
    Atlantis - Reunion
    Atlantis - Doppelganger
    Atlantis - Travelers
    Atlantis - Tabula Rasa
    Atlantis - Missing
    Atlantis - The Seer
    Atlantis - Miller's Crossing
    Atlantis - This Mortal Coil
    Atlantis - Be All My Sins Remember'd
    SG-1 - Continuum

    -For the most part, I'm just alternating between the two shows.
    -Multiparters and others eps that lead directly into each other go together.
    -Rising, of course, has to come after New Order
    -There seems to be several months between Moebius and Avalon, so I stuck five related Atlantis eps in there.
    -Continuum is quite a while after Ark of Truth, around Atlantis' midseason event. Just seemed right.

    Does anyone see any problems with this order, continuity or otherwise? Any suggestions?
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    Beginning, I think, with Before I Sleep, SGA is one long story-arc to the end of the first season. And beginning with Reckoning, SG1 is one long push to the end of the season. So I might re-arrange the beginning of your list like this:

    SG-1 - It's Good To Be King
    Atlantis - Sanctuary
    SG-1 - Full Alert
    SG-1 - Citizen Joe
    SG-1 - Reckoning, Part 1
    SG-1 - Reckoning, Part 2
    SG-1 - Threads
    SG-1 - Moebius, Part 1
    SG-1 - Moebius, Part 2
    Atlantis - Before I Sleep
    Atlantis - The Brotherhood
    Atlantis - Letters From Pegasus
    Atlantis - The Gift
    Atlantis - The Siege, Part 1
    Atlantis - The Siege, Part 2
    Atlantis - The Siege, Part 3
    Atlantis - The Intruder

    Beyond that, check with someone with a better memory where The Ark of Truth belongs. It has something to do with the introduction of the Apollo and its new commander, as I recall.

    Also, Continuum takes place after the first episode of Atlantis' fifth season.
  3. David cgc

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    Apr 3, 2002
    As I recall, "Intruder" takes place after "Avalon/Origin." Well, at least, the framing device does, even if the flash backs are set before and during those three SG-1 episodes.
  4. Harvey

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    Oct 8, 2005
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    Ah, that's right. It has General Landry.
  5. The Borgified Corpse

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    Jun 4, 2000
    Ouch! Forgotten already? You were just down ther
    That's been my interpretation. I think that it's this Daedalus trip from Earth to Atlantis in "The Intruder" that Daniel Jackson is so eager to go on and just barely misses in "Avalon, Part 1."

    Ironically, when it comes to air date orders, Daniel Jackson's angsting over missing the Daedalus in "Avalon, Part 1" seems to coincide with the Daedalus' arrival at Atlantis in "The Siege, Part 3." But that wouldn't really fit with the timeline of "The Siege, Part 2," where that asshole colonel brings "greetings from General O'Neill" whereas "Avalon, Part 1" indicates that General Landry has been the head of the SGC for a while now. And General Landry in the flashback scenes in "The Intruder" is just enough of an asshole that I suspect it comes from the stress of being recently transferred.
  6. The Habs Fan

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    Mar 4, 2005
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    This is the order I used when I was watching through the whole series:

    Lost City Parts 1&2 (SG1)
    New Order Parts 1&2 (SG1)
    Rising Parts 1&2 (SGA)
    Hide and Seek (SGA)
    Lockdown (SG1)
    38 Minutes (SGA)
    Suspicion (SGA)
    Zero Hour (SG1)
    Childhood's End (SGA)
    Icon (SG1)
    Poisoning the Well (SGA)
    Avatar (SG1)
    Covenant (SG1)
    Affinity (SG1)
    Sacrifices (SG1)
    Endgame (SG1)
    Underground (SGA)
    Home (SGA)
    The Storm (SGA)
    The Eye (SGA)
    The Defiant One (SGA)
    Hot Zone (SGA)
    Gemini (SG1)
    Prometheus Unbound (SG1)
    Sanctuary (SGA)
    It's Good to be King (SG1)
    Full Alert (SG1)
    Citizen Joe (SG1)
    Reckoning Parts 1&2 (SG1)
    Threads (SG1)
    Before I Sleep (SGA)
    The Brotherhood (SGA)
    Letters from Pegasus (SGA)
    The Gift (SGA)
    Moebius Parts 1&2 (SG1)
    The Siege Parts 1&2 (SGA)
    The Siege Part 3 (SGA)
    Avalon Parts 1&2 (SG1)
    Origin (SG1)
    The Ties that Bind (SG1)
    The Intruder (SGA)
    Runner (SGA)
    Duet (SGA)
    The Powers that Be (SG1)
    Condemned (SGA)
    Beachhead (SG1)
    Ex Deus Machina (SG1)
    Trinity (SGA)
    Instinct (SGA)
    Conversion (SGA)
    Aurora (SGA)
    Babylon (SG1)
    Prototype (SG1)
    The Fourth Horseman Parts 1&2 (SG1)
    The Lost Boys (SGA)
    The Hive (SGA)
    Collateral Damage (SG1)
    Epiphany (SGA)
    Ripple Effect (SG1)
    Critical Mass (SGA)
    Stronghold (SG1)
    Ethon (SG1)
    Off the Grid (SG1)
    Grace Under Pressure (SGA)
    The Tower (SGA)
    The Long Goodbye (SGA)
    The Scourge (SG1)
    Coup d'Etat (SGA)
    Arthur's Mantle (SG1)
    Michael (SGA)
    Inferno (SGA)
    Crusade (SG1)
    Camelot (SG1)
    Flesh and Blood (SG1)
    Allies (SGA)
    No Man's Land (SGA)
    Misbegotten (SGA)
    Morpheus (SG1)
    The Pegasus Project (SG1)
    Irresistable (SGA)
    Insiders (SG1)
    Sateda (SGA)
    Uninvited (SG1)
    200 (SG1)
    Progeny (SGA)
    The Real World (SGA)
    Counterstrike (SG1)
    Common Ground (SGA)
    Memento Mori (SG1)
    McKay and Mrs. Miller (SGA)
    Company of Thieves (SG1)
    Phantoms (SGA)
    The Quest Parts 1&2 (SG1)
    Line in the Sand (SG1)
    The Road Not Taken (SG1)
    The Shroud (SG1)
    The Return Parts 1&2 (SGA)
    Echoes (SGA)
    Irresponsible (SGA)
    Tao of Rodney (SGA)
    Bounty (SG1)
    The Game (SGA)
    Bad Guys (SG1)
    The Ark (SGA)
    Talion (SG1)
    Family Ties (SG1)
    Sunday (SGA)
    Submersion (SGA)
    Dominion (SG1)
    Vengeance (SGA)
    Unending (SG1)
    First Strike (SGA)

    I can't remember where I got this list, so if I got it from one of you, thank you because it worked perfectly. I think The Ark of Truth should be watched after Unending and before First Strike. Continuum should be watched after Search and Rescue (the 5th season premiere).
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    Apr 28, 2005
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    I'm going to have this problem too in two more seasons of SG-1, but I was just planning on alternating the two shows. Watching 5 SG:A followed by 2 SG:1 followed by 1 SG:A and so on just seems overly confusing.