Seven of Nine is back in ST: Picard

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    Considering Picard's darker take on the Trek universe, I won't be surprised to learn Janeway's in prison for being complicit in Admiral Janeway's plan to rewrite 25 years of galactic history just to save Seven, Chakotay and Tuvok. It would certainly be a plausible reason to cut Seven off from her existing friends and want nothing to do with Starfleet.
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    Maybe I've read too many fanfics, but I think it's likely that after the Dominion war, they needed Janeway as a Starfleet poster child, for people's morale and also for recruitment. They may have court-martialled her behind the scenes, but ultimately let her go free. Maybe the promotion was a way to neuter her with a desk job.

    Which, of course, still begs the question as to how Seven and her handful of Voyager friends (Janeway, Tuvok) grew apart. I'd love to see Chabon et al.'s take on that.

    Coming to think of it, I think the Trek powers that be missed a chance by not showing us the aftermath - of Voyager being back to a different Federation and Starfleet, and also of the aftermath of the war for the DS9 people, and the Federation in general. For me, that would be just as interesting as the war arc (if done well) and probably more interesting than most of the Delta Quadrant exploits. It could have been a good show.
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    Agree with that The Federation has no true reason to condemn Capt Janeway for what she had been forced to do to make Voyager's crew survive in a hostile environment like the DQ was, with no real support and/or no guidance, even if the communication was partially re-etablished It would have been
    highly hypocritical and unfair from her superiors, who had never had such an experience To promote her Vice-Admiral then Admiral at a relative young age was the perfect solution 1) to
    compliment her on her exploits, like to have brought back som much officers at home; the relationships she had managed to build in the DQ as acting as Aambassador of the Federation; to have totally disorganized the Borg armada in killing their Queen, even if it was just temprary
    ; 2) to ensure them she does not start again in the near future to test Starfleet and the Federation patience and reputation; 3) to be able to use her image and reputation to increase the ranks of new recruits, knowing that many officiers (young and old) had to die during the Dominion War and 4) maybe to keep Janeway safe despite herself (the sacrifice of her older doppelhänger, Admiral Janeway, showed until where Kathryn Janeway was able to go through and do = sacrifice of her own life, to save her crew - I don't think that she only did it for Seven, Chakotay and Tuvok but their fate just accentuate her will to take action AND change the future.
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    Sorry to post this video here but Jeri Ryan plays a part in it.

    Jeri Ryan in McGyver 4x13 (season's finale)

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    Janeway: "Are you still watching Picard?"
    Seven: "You might say that."
    Janeway: "What do you mean?"
    Seven: "We're serving together on La Sirena."
    Janeway: "WHAT?"

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    On the recent Voyager reunion online, Kate asked Jeri if she knew where they were going in season 2 with Picard..

    Jeri noted she was still unaware. The original plan was to start filming in June, but that was now impossible since the sets for season 2 would have needed to have been built in May and obviously they were not..

    Jeri did mention how much she loved revisiting Seven and she loved how different Seven has become with age.
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    Honestly that's my biggest gripe about Voyager. Maybe it would have been anticlimactic to have Voyager getting back to the alpha quadrant before the actual finale, but I really would have enjoyed at least one episode showing the aftermath of their return. Kind of like the first "Gilligan's Island" tv-movie where the castaways finally get rescued at the beginning and then the rest of the movie is about the difficulties returning to their lives after having been gone for so long. (we can ignore the part where they gather for a reunion cruise on the "Minnow II" and wind up stranded on the same island :rolleyes:)
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    I think that Ryan was excellent in "Boston Public" and when she showed up as Gibb's former wife in my current favorite series NCIS.

    As for the current reboot of "McGyver", it sucks, like almost all remakes.That has nothing at all to do with Ryan, only my dislike of reboots. So I haven't seen this episode and I doubt that I will.

    As for "Picard", I try, yes I really try to like that series but it's simply too much doom-and-gloom in it for my taste.
    It's like if one of some favorite rock band of mine who has been broken up for many years should re-unite and come up with a really awful album. So I don't doubt that Janeway would have been in prison and Chakotay and the opther Maquis would have been executed in that "alternate universe" in which "Picard" seem to exist.

    Seven's presence don't bother me at all.She's actually one of a few positive things in it.
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    I think an inquiry rather than necessarily a court marital, though the incident of leaving Starfleet personnel behind to die would certainly requiring an investigation. Similarly with all the dead officers during their voyage. I would hope that Starfleet wouldn't just brush it off.

    But, I do think that Janeway being assigned a desk is partially to keep an eye on her after being gone for long.

    I think Seven's story has possibility but she is not my favorite aspect of Picard, even if she got a much better wardrobe and interesting story.
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