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Those viewscreen changes were drawn up in 1990. I've been wondering about those for a while, the scan I have is bigger than the one posted and has written "renovations" on it, dated 16/04/1990. So I always assumed it was for a planned but never done modification of the bridge around season 4.
I'm sure you guys probably already know in S3 the viewscreen was modified, they changed the inner bevel from the textured to a smooth one.

I'm looking over screen caps between s3 and s4 and I'm not seeing a difference.... I wonder if they recarpeted the set, and took the chance to make the pull out from the view screen easier to pull out?

I I was always kind of disappointed with how small the viewscreens got. It was especially the case with Voyager. Just felt like they had backtracked on some of the ambition that TNG started with.

I feel the opposite. With the Voyager viewscreen being smaller, it meant that it was easier to get completely in the frame, allowing the frame within a frame. The galaxy viewscreen makes the bridge feel like a movie theater.
Yes, the viewscreen was also modified from season 1 to season 2 when the set was moved to stage 8, on season 1 that inner bevel wasn't so deep and didn't have the ribbed texture. The carpeting was changed every year, sometimes more than once. Often to the same exact colors, sometimes to new ones.

As for these modifications from 1990, they obviously weren't done in the end. The shape and curvature of the viewscreen remains constant through the series.

This is total speculation on my end, but the change would've meant the screen area would've been made flat, so perhaps they intended to project stuff onto it rather than adding everything in post, but decided not to pursue that due to cost. I also have a feeling more of the bridge was gonna be changed alongside the viewscreen.
This print, does look like what is on the show
Yes, the top drawing does because that's what was existing at the time, notice it says 'existing unit' at the center. That's the removable viewscreen unit that was moved for filming and would've been replaced by the new flat one. The only new (and eventually not done) elements on that page are the two connecting pieces at each side for the frame to accept the new unit.
All of these additions are amazing! Thank you for sharing! I'm fascinated by this one:

It's a plan for a painted ceiling piece for the top of the warp core in engineering. I don't believe this was ever made, was it? We certainly never had a shot that looked directly up.

Also, the other engine room print shows details for building the grated platform on the bottom of the warp core, in the pit below the stage floor. Looking closely it details that the existing forced perspective painting from TMP was still present, presumably under the grating. I think the only time we can make that out is in Heart of Glory.
Just an FYI on this. The original patterns are Probert's 6 foot D design. The later blueprint is from Sternbach's adaptation of the 4 foot model they built for Season 3+/Ds9.
Further blueprints scans donated by our awesome Anomalous Donor

Quarters and Meeting Room -

Stage 9 "Journey to Babel" -
Stage 9 "Charlie X" -
Stage 9 "Balance of Terror" -
Stage 10 "Deadly Years" -
Stage 10 "Conscience of a King" -

Phase II
Possibly quarters (photos)
Unknown 01 -
Unknown 02 -
Unknown 03 -

TMP Era Movies
Cargo Hold
Cargo Airlock -

Torpedo Room
Torpedo room 01 -
Torpedo Room 02 -

Officers Lounge
Lounge 01 -
Lounge 02 -

Isolation Door -
Reactor -
Reactor Room -
Warp core A -
Warp Core B -

Epsilon 9 -
Orbital Office interior -
Travel Pod interior -
Shabby Transporter Room -

TMP stage
Stage 9 -

TMP sickbay
Examination Bed -
Bed -
Sickbay redressed as Bar -

Kirk's Quarters
Quarters 01 TMP -
Quarters 02 TMP -
Quarters 03 TMP couch bed -
Quarters 04 TWOK -
Quarters 05 TWOK -

Kirk's Apartment
Room -

Bridge Overview -
Captain's chair -

Universal Studios Tour Bridge
Universal 01 -
Universal 02 -
Universal 03 -
Universal 04 -
Universal 05 -
Universal 06 -
Universal 07 -
Universal 08 -
Universal 09 -
Universal 10 -
Universal 11 -
Universal 12 -
Universal 13 -

YouTube of the Universal Tour Sets:
Oh hey, proper measurements for the biobed that appeared throughout the movies, TNG and DS9!!! Now I can properly model it :D It'll be interesting to see how close I got mine from eyeballing the museum piece.

How close to the original was the Universal tour set? Obviously it's only half of the bridge.
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Not directly up, but the very first shot of engineering from Encounter at Farpoint shows the ceiling enough to see that it's just plain scrim.

Also, it's seen pretty well in Heart of Glory, just as you pointed out, where they also show the bottom.
It was just a white muslin sheet right, above the set? Not anything with the detail on it from the blueprint?

I did just checked out Heart of Glory in HD... and sure enough, in that one high shot looking down, you can barely make out the TMP painting on the floor, under the grate -- looks like they painted the railings red in forced perspective to match the TNG ones. Very weird. Great stuff!!
Amazing! All of this stuff. Thank you for sharing. Some interesting things in here -- the first Phase II print is def from Kirk's quarters, the second two are from Sickbay -- the wall that eventually became the back fall of Geordi's office in TNG.

On the Cargo Hold print you can see a note for "existing beam from briefing room" -- looks like that was leftover from the Phase II Briefing Room set (which we never saw) and was very similar to the TOS set - seems like they were going to cut out a section.
It was just a white muslin sheet right, above the set? Not anything with the detail on it from the blueprint?

As far as I can tell, yes.

Another cool detail from the new prints is what I (and others) was already fairly certain of, but it explicitly noted on these plans, is that the green wall coverings from the turbolifts was rubber carpet padding. I've always believed this, before I heard others suggest it as well, because when my parents redid the carpeting from our late 70s home, that's what I remember the padding to look like. But I think in our case it was like an orangish-yellow.
The archive now has reference for the various LCARS used on Trek. This has been a joint venture with @batboy853 - he has been helping with the sorting and adding further images.

Where possible the images are titled with their location, episode appearance and dimensions.

LCARS - Picard
LCARS - Alien
LCARS - Generic Buttons
LCARS - Generic Isolinear
LCARS - Other Ships
LCARS - Prodigy

Further albums will be added at a later date.

Also thanks to @Lt. Washburn for sending me a lot of these several years ago.
Does anyone want the ent-d blueprints? I have them as 1gb tif per sheet.

Depends which D blueprints? Are they Andrew Probert's original, Ed Whitefire's or Rick Sternbachs? Never turn down blueprints but we'd need to know which ones they are to avoid mixing references since all 3 are different