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    Yes - and it got ridiculous right at the start when Spock took the Visor off as soon as Miranda beaming up with the 'Kolos in a Box'. Then again at the end where they Spock again isn't weaing the Viso UNTIL he goes back to the Transporter Console to beam them to the Medusan ship (yes, I realize the production reason was so they could reuse the first 'beam up' process shot) <--- But story wise that aspect was just a disjointed mess.
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    Watched this episode on TV today.
    Its better than I remember.
    The light show is very good at representing madness and an incorporeal entity.
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    Agreed. That lack of imagination and originality forever marked the Berman TNG - ENT series' approach to aliens.
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    It was the 60’s man.Psychadelic light shows were where it was at.
    Like far out!:cool:
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    Right. And given the pastel and other colors lighting options they often used on the interior of the Enterprise, this doesn't seem so out of place. I was never a big fan of the episode anyway so it's hard to care one way of the other.