Seasons 7 is harder to get through than Season 1

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    I think good to have characters occasionally get interested in to another kind of field or subject and the episode made it convincing with her.

    "Bloodlines" was a bit meh but I think far from dreck, loved "Dark Page" and while "Eye of the Beholder" was pretty meh it very much was not a could-be-any-contemporary-drama series episode.
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    The change in lighting was really more gradual than just a switch from Ed Brown to Marvin Rush. I think the “flat” lighting was only truly solidified by S4. Throughout S3 Rush is figuring out different lighting techniques from episode to episode. Kind of like how the newer collar uniforms weren’t completely finished until S3.
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    I never enjoyed the Daimon Bok episodes and the inclusion of yet another throwaway guest star is another issue I have with later seasons.

    At its heart, Eye of the Beholder is a murder mystery/investigation trope. Even if you don't think it could have been done on any other dramatic series, a plot like that certainly could have been used on a show like The X-Files or another paranormal-type show, again with merely a few modifications.

    Dark Page represents everything I dislike about the later seasons of TNG. It's got Lwaxana yet again (ugh!) and her presence takes over, as it always does, the entire episode. Plus, the story itself is not my idea of what Star Trek should be and exemplifies the general story malaise of the last two seasons of the show.