Spoilers Season 3 wild speculation

I could see some kind of holo-Data like “The Doctor” or as a more interactive ships computer. Maybe Geordi created his own version of Data because he was pissed Picard didn’t ask his help in S1 and never got to properly say good bye too.

but he’ll probably just be another Soong that looks identical to all the others.

I've seen a few folks speculate that Data has somehow become/been made into the Enterprise (F?) computer which ... I kinda like.
She? Something about Brent Spiner we didn't know? :p

This is a typo, but I'm going run with it anyway in this Wild Speculation Thread.
It's the return of "Annie Meyers"!
Walter Koening is allegedly in Picard Season 3 voicing one of his descendants.

TrekMovie was at the Walter panel and mentioned nothing about Picard Season 3. Possible he asked for it be kept secret, and most people obliged.
Wow. Great to have Walter Koenig. Though, I always thought if they were going to have anyone from the TOS Cast, it would be George Takei. Maybe as Admiral Sulu while Picard was serving on the Stargazer.

Had Leonard Nimoy lived, I think they would've tried to figure out how to work Spock in through a flashback scene, before he disappeared in 2387. They would've found a way to think of something.