Season 2 Premiere Date?

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    Picard Season 2 returns March 3,2022 it was announced on Star and a new poster on Twitter of Picard and Q were posted by Paramount plus with the official release it also mentioned the season 2 finale for Picard was going to be on May 5, 2022.
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    As @Ray Hardgrit wrote, the first two seasons of both Voyager and DS9 “started a new season twice in the same year,” that was never typical of US shows.

    Yes, two seasons would air over the course of a calendar year as you’ve said, but each of those standard seasons would begin in the fall. Both DS9, and then Voyager, were midseason debuts, and so each show’s first season and second season debuted in a single calendar year, Deep Space Nine in 1993, Voyager in 1995.
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    You could think of other major multi show franchises, which really did "the multiple shows in the same IP at the same time" later - csi, law and order, ncis, buffy, greys, etc. While production companies might have run multiple shows (like under John Wells), they were separate things rather than same-ip productions. I don'tnow enough of TV from before or even during the 90s to say if there were other franchises that had multiple series running seasons in the same calendar year (poor cancelled x-files spin off not withstanding).
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    Yes, that's what we've been talking about the last 3 pages.
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    It's going to be March 4 for us international fans. Always a day behind!
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    I'm just glad we'll finally get to see it in a few more weeks. I remember Ds9 in syndication the season would run from September to May or June depending on the local college sports games on CBS kept pushing the show back to really late at night when you could finally watch it on the weekends
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    That's really interesting although they had mostly finished by the mid eighties, but a very significant TV empire indeed.
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