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  1. pclark456

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    Sep 20, 2011
    The Delta Quadrant is Calling

    Far in the distant unknown lies a centuries old mystery; what does the Severus Asteroid Belt orbit? Come join the USS Shepherd-Proud member of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38, as they discover this any many other secrets the Delta Quadrant holds.

    We're a new Play-by-Nova simm directed by an experienced CO and are looking for every position to be filled. If you are interested visit the site today!
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    Apr 7, 2016
    The Klingon Empire has fallen and Starfleet vessels at the borders have been attacked and some even captured by the self-proclaimed Sovereignty of Kahless as their new prizes. We seek new brave Commanding officers to help us defend our borders!
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    Oct 22, 2016
    Is this a hint as you want my ship to join BF TF93??? Lol
  4. BlackWolf

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    Apr 7, 2016
    If you feel that your ship is willing to defend our borders from the brute Gorn and war lusted Klingons. I can't stop you :angel:
  5. Penta

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    Mar 17, 2008
    (On a black background, white text is displayed: "http://jerusalem.rpgs-r.us/ - USS Jerusalem JOIN TODAY" before fading to show a Starfleet officer, a human male with brown hair and hazel eyes, wearing command red with the rank pips of a Captain.)

    I'm Captain John Williams, CO of the USS Jerusalem. I've got an offer for you.

    (The image cuts to show an Ascension-class carrier in space, with Andor in the background as an ominous-sounding classical piece that's hard to identify plays, before the CO's voice returns in voiceover, the music continuing in the background)

    In 2392, the Romulan Star Empire is still a threat. While the Romulans are distracted by internal strife, in our setting the star of the Romulan home system has not gone supernova. At the same time, the alliance with the Klingons is as it has always been since the end of the Dominion War - more of a cold peace, as the eyes of Klingon warriors seek for glory and honor on the intergalactic stage.

    (The music turns slightly more positive-sounding now, as the voiceover continues)

    It was into this environment that the USS Jerusalem, an Ascension-class Carrier, has been commissioned and launched on her shakedown cruise. While the rest of Starfleet explores, seeks out new life and new civilizations...We'll be doing a lot more than just minding the home front. Like what?

    (The music shifts to an identifiable piece now - "Hearts of Oak" in an orchestral version - as the scene changes to Commander Williams, now in dress uniform, inspecting foreign troops on some unidentifiable world in what's clearly an arrival ceremony)

    A lot more than showing the flag and gunboat diplomacy.

    (The music cuts to a pumping (yet unidentifiable) rock selection, as the image onscreen changes to one of starfighters in combat against what appear to be pirate vessels.)

    Anti-piracy actions, for instance.

    (The music continues as the scene shifts to Marines fighting furiously through an unknown ship's corridors, and in combat on the ground of some planet somewhere.)

    Surgical strikes, led both by our three starfighter wings and our company of Marine infantry.

    (The scene cuts to ship to ship combat, with scenes of phasers and torpedoes...and exploding consoles and smoke and fire)

    Fleet actions.

    (The scene cuts to Starfleet crewmembers hunched over consoles in a darkened room, then to a Starfleet interrogator staring down a Romulan.)

    Intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. Yes, even at 1400 meters long, 522 meters wide, and 166.5 meters tall, the Jerusalem can still do a good job of recon without being noticed. And our facilities for gathering signals and electronic intelligence are second to none.

    (The scene cuts to Starfleet crewmembers and Marines distributing relief packages, and medical personnel working on wounded civilians.)

    Relief missions.

    (The scene finally returns to a view of the Jerusalem over Andor, as the music fades out.)

    There are those who run towards the sounds of chaos. Towards the sounds of danger. Are you among them?

    (The video fades to black, as a ship's bell can be heard striking eight bells. Then, white text fades in: "HTTP://Jerusalem.rpgs-r.us/ - USS Jerusalem - Join today" before all fades to black for a final time.)

    Positions being sought include:

    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Combat Operations Officer (Tactical, but without Security responsibilities and with more coordination responsibilities)
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Operations Officer

    plus, a full complement of junior officer and enlisted positions are available (though we'd like to fill senior positions first).

    We've currently just finished our shakedown cruise (still wrapping up some backposts) and are letting the crew do some exploration of our home port, Starbase 39-Sierra, before beginning our next mission, "Exercise Lion Passant".

    Jerusalem is an 18+ sim, but that's mostly to allow us the freedom to explore the darker sides of our potential missions (ie to explore violence and foul language, not sex). We're designed as something different from the average Trek RPG, best described as "Trek, technothrillers, sea novels (like the Aubrey/Maturin series of Patrick O'Brian), spy novels, and a mix of classic and modern sci-fi, all thrown into a blender and mixed."

    Go to http://jerusalem.rpgs-r.us and take a look today for more details, including a field by field character generation guide for the perplexed (or even those just looking for a cheat sheet). Then, if you're interested, contact the CO with an email to USSJerusalem@gmail.com - tell me who you are, introduce yourself, and include a quick sketch (maybe a few sentences) describing the character concept you have in mind. I'll get back to you as soon as possible and we can begin the process of drawing up a character together that you'd like to play (and that fits the sim).
  6. 22639

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    Jul 13, 2016
    USS ECLIPSE - Flagship of the Ronin Fleet's Task Force 1

    We are currently in need of Intelligence Officers, Strategic Operations Officer (especially a Chief), an Operations chief and officers, Diplomats, and an Assistant Chief Medical Officer. We also have positions available for a full compliment of Marines to man our Marine starship, the USS Chesty Puller.

    Join us at http://futureadventures.underground-rpgs.ca/index.php/sim/index

  7. BlackWolf

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    Apr 7, 2016
    (From left to right: Captain Takato, Captain Demets and Captain Ivanovich)

    Good day,

    Today I have an update on the events that are happening at the borders. However this message is not related towards any of the Gorn conflict that we are currently experiencing. This news is to report that the fear that most already had in the civilian areas became true. The Klingon Empire has collapse into a state of civil war and are now weaken by the new formed state named Sovereignty of Kahless. We have no certain data on the matter, only that we can confirm a shift of power.

    This also concludes the sad news that the Sovereignty of Kahless has attacked various Starfleet vessels among borders and captured the amount of crew as their own prisoners. So far we have not been able to conclude any diplomatic demands or connection with this state. For now we keep trying and strengthen our borders.

    These casualties so far:
    • Captain Demets of the USS Washington (Prisoner)
    • Captain Takato of the USS Tornado (Prisoner)
    • Captain Ivanovich of the USS Tyson (Prisoner)
    • USS Tesla (Crew Captured, Ship destroyed)
    • USS Phobos (Crew Captured, Ship destroyed)
    We are still collecting the information and will supply this to you as soon as possible. Please keep this line in check for future announcements regarding the situation of Beta Quadrant operations.

    Rear Admiral Anin
    Task Force Commanding Officer
    Task Force 93, Bravo Fleet

    Sign up today!
  8. Robert T Hawke

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    Jan 3, 2013

    Space, the final frontier. Beaten. Wounded. Far from home. Enemies may surround us and watch our every move, but o
    ur mission has always been to explore the boundless heavens, to seek out new worlds, new life, new ideas, and to forge peace wherever we go.

    We are Starfleet! Join us! The future depends on you!

    Excelsior is a Star Trek themed role playing game. It is our aim to create an enjoyable and stimulating environment for us to be a community of collaborative writers crafting an immersive and compelling story together. You can become a part of that story right now!

    We are currently on-boarding new officers! No better time to join than right now!
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Ship's Counselor (please e-mail to discuss this position)
    As well as junior officer positions, visit our website and find your place among our crew!

    "No matter where you go, there you are."
  9. KenLawe

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    Mar 6, 2016
    The galaxy is a wide, wide place full of a variety of characters.

    Some of them are on the run. Those that run from justice find themselves hunted by the crew of the Molon Labe.

    Tasked as a subsection of Starfleet Security, the Molon Labe is primarily a fugitive retrieval unit. Their job is track down those who decided to flee into the wide galaxy rather than face the consequences of the justice system. They are escapees from lawful detention. They are the hardened criminals who aren't willing to go back.

    The crew of the Molon Labe are hardened professionals, specialists in tracking down those who would remain hidden, finding those who would remain free and, sometimes, official representations in cargo inspections, contraband detection and other spatial law enforcement needs.

    Do you have what it takes to track down everyone from the scared to the hardened criminal? Can you sit for days at a time in a seedy motel waiting for your quarry to return only to have everything go sideways? Have you wanted to explore the legal proceedings of the Federation? Have you felt the need to preside over the fate of absconders? Are you looking for a specialty focused Star Trek simm that nevertheless gives you something different from what you've done before?

    Then perhaps the Molon Labe is for you!

    Take a look at our site manifest, choose what type of professional you want to be - from a Starfleet law enforcement specialist to a legal defender of the accused. There are standard, non law-enforcement positions aboard the ship as well - from Engineering to Operations to Civilian Affairs.

    If there is something you think fits within the concept but don't see, contact the CO and discuss it!

    The Molon Labe is an independant simm run by a player for players. Missions are not 'linear' and clumped up, by serialized for each player and/or character on the simm. Sometimes they'll all be together, but sometimes they won't be. The Molon Labe is by a player for players and stresses quality over quantity, so the activity is what you make it in our non-linear mission model.

    If you're looking for Trek but different, then come take a look at the Molon Labe.
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  10. e3jeremey

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    Sep 10, 2016

    Jolan'tru citizen! Nearly six years have past since the Hobus Supernova nearly decimated both Romulus and Remus, leaving the Romulan Star Empire near collapse. Under the guidance of Praetor Chulan the Empire continues to rebuild and now must answer those who threaten it. For this very occasion the Galae commissioned the IRW Rovaran, a mogai class, heavy escort warbird set to be the face of the Empire throughout the Beta Quadrant.

    Under the command of erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht, the Rovaran will defend the citizens of the Romulan Star Empire, explore the reaches of the Beta Quadrant which have yet been seen, and ensure that the everyone knows the true power of the Rihannsu. For those who dare question it, they will be left in the fiery ruins of their own destruction.

    That is but a brief taste of what is available aboard the Rovaran, a sim that was created as a place to offer a fun and character driven environment for all players. We want to bring a true sense of exploration and challenge to our players within a unique environment not often seen within Star Trek sims. And, we encourage anyone who wishes to explore these things while contributing to our success and personally growing as a player and character to join us. From dangerous threats not seen since the voyages of the original Enterprise, to battling crises on a humanitarian front for the Empire, to political intrigue and exploration our sim will offer something for everyone. Visit us at http://rovaran.microbrewgames.net and join us today!

    The Rovaran is rated 18+.
  11. 22639

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    Jul 13, 2016
    Welcome to 'The Rock'!
    A flash. A flash is all it took for the Borg to appear out of the depths of transwarp space and deal a crushing blow to the Federation and it's citizens. In an instant, over 16,000 men, women, and children were wiped out in a senseless and unwarranted attack on Starbase 900. From the wreckage, a small band of survivors managed to make their escape through nearly impossible odds in a gambit to find any shred of safety...

    Enter Forward Operating Base Anchorage, AKA 'The Rock'. Deep within the bowels of this planet rests one of the Federation's last hopes in the Delta Quadrant. As we struggle to survive, we will need to find the courage and strength of will to push the Borg and all of the Federation's enemies back into the darkness from whence they came.

    'The Rock' is the headquarters of the Starfleet Rapid Response Force. We house repair facilities as well as a small Rapid Response Force for quick operations within the Delta Quadrant. Join us in our quest to make history and be forever immortalized in the halls of Starfleet's heroes.


    FOB: Anchorage is an independent simm looking for Flight Control, Engineering, Science, Security, and Operations people. We also need civilian vendors.