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  1. Mr. Merlin

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    Nov 30, 2013
    USS Phoenix

    USS Phoenix
    Group: Federation Sim Fleet - http://www.simming.net
    Fleet: Alpha Fleet – http://alpha.simming.net
    Host(s): FSF Merlin (fsfmerlin@sb254.com) and FSF Bastetovski (fsfbastetovski@sb254.com)
    Sim Website: http://phoenix.simming.net
    Sim Type: Message Board, IRC Chat Sim (first Wednesday of the month)
    Sim Location: http://www.simming.net/irc/index.php?nick=&chan=ussphoenix&submit=Go+Chat For the once a month gathering.

    Sim Time: First Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PM ET.
    Open Positions: Fighter Pilots, Medical Staff, Engineers, Specialists

    The Year is 2326. The USS Phoenix although she has had many difficulties in her fist two years of active duty she is on point over a class G planet on the edge of the quadrant investigating the possibility of terra-forming it for further federation expansion.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be some interest in this planet by the Gorn.

    At this current time there is an away team landing on the planet at what looks to be some sort of hidden base; quite possibly a Gorn base. If this is the case that would explain the recent attack on the Phoenix.

    Come join the Phoenix and her crew as they continue this investigation and try to find celestial bodies suitable for terra-forming as well as figure out why there is a presence of the Gorn so close to the Federation boarders.

    Come join the crew of the Phoenix and her crew as they puzzle out these challenges
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    Jan 30, 2013

    The U.S.S. Navajo is a New Orleans-class starship, the year is 2367 and Wolf 359 has already happened. The Battle of Wolf 359 as show in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s The Best of Both Worlds I & II, is where the Federation and the Borg, clashed and the Federation suffered massive losses. On top of it, it showed Starfleet just how inadequate and possibly antiquated they may have become in the face of a new enemy. The Battle of Wolf 359 is what spurred into motion the development of the Defiant-class that was later shown on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Given that the Navajo is a frigate, the commanding officer is at the rank of Commander, and with that the GM, created Elena Maria Matticchio. Elena was not present at the battle, and neither were any of the Navajo’s crew, however; given that 11,000 were lost at Wolf 359 it is plausible that some may have lost friends, loved ones, and possibly even family members.

    Should you decide to join the U.S.S. Navajo, you will be playing a member of Elena’s crew, and you can check out or Manifest to see who we have, and what we don’t have. We welcome you into the fold and hope to see you soon.

    Send me an e-mail @ misskorya[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested!
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    Jun 3, 2014
    Imagine: Your ship is in high warp. Everyone is nervous. Who wouldn't be? The fate of thousands of people are at stake.


    Commander Elpis's voice springs out of the comm system. All around the gargantuan cruiser Hephaistos, officers and crewmen are scrambling to their stations. Torpedoes are being loaded. The primary, secondary, and tertiary sickbays are being powered up. Marines are charging their weapons. All fighters are scrambling. The Hephaistos is screaming through space towards the battelfield, where unknown dangers await.

    Where will you be? Are you among the bravest, first in the armory or the cockpit? Or are you cowering, sweating with fear, in some unknown corner of the ship? Why did you join Starfleet? These are the times that test us all. Will you tell your grandchildren about this battle one day, crewman? Will you fight so that others may tell their descendants the story of our lives? Now is your chance to prove what you are made of.

    Join the USS Hephaistos. We are waiting for you to become a part of our story.

    Hephaistos Website
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    Feb 1, 2008
    TrekMUSH: Among the Stars

    ATS is a MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination is the most common term), a variant of the MU* style of games. These are MMO's before there were MMO's. They're text-based, free, and have incredible gameplay.

    Unlike typical RPG's done through chat sessions and such, the MUSH is always running. You can drop in, day or night, and play for a while. There are scheduled events, of course, but the story keeps going.

    Anyway, ATS has been around since the early 90's. It has some remarkable coded systems - the whole ASpace concept is just insane. But it also has a lot of depth that opens the door for all kinds of role-playing.

    I've been on and off of there over the years as a player, and now I'm back again. I'd be happy to help anyone get started. Look for a Trill named Novi in-game. All you need is a MU* client - I use Gammon's MUSHclient.

    Here are some necessary details:
    The address: ats.trekmush.org:1701
    Gammon's MUSHclient: http://www.gammon.com.au/mushclient/mushclient.htm
    The wiki: http://wiki.trekmush.org/index.php/Main_Page

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    Jan 30, 2013

    Contact Info: misskorya[at]yahoo.com/misskorya[at]gmail.com
    Format: Play by Forum/Wordpress
    Fleet/Group: Independent
    Open Positions: Open Positions: Chief Operations Officer, Chief Science Officer, Chief Flight Controller, and various assistant chief positions.
    Website: http://starshipnavajo.wordpress.com

    After the Battle of Wolf 359, Starfleet finds itself in a rather precarious situation. As hostilities with the Cardassian Union have ended it would seem a new enemy has surfaced; the Borg. With a war worn fleet ready for peace, the future seems uncertain, but for one New Orleans-class vessel the future is written in the stars, as they get back to exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.
    Join us on the Navajo, and engage in collaborative storytelling. We chat on Skype and conduct our writing in Google Documents before posting them up on the forums. We are currently seeking, male characters to serve aboard our New Orleans-class starship.
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    Jun 22, 2014
    Ready to see something completely different?

    http://astraeus.utopia-host.com Come along for the ride and "Boldly go where no one has gone before." Starbase 13 is located on a "Class P" planet named SR-P27, but better known as "Styx" because only death would feel at home there. Deep below the surface is the only Iconian Gateway that Starfleet has managed to take control of and successfully make use of. A team of 375 Starfleet personnel from all disciplines man the installation and three teams of seven men and women use the gate to explore the network connected to the gateway. It is a closely guarded secret, but the time has come for the adventure to begin. Come join the crew of the Astraeus Project and explore the Galaxy and possibly even beyond. http://astraeus.utopia-host.com
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    Jun 23, 2014
    USS Asphodel Now Recruiting

    The USS Asphodel, a new Elysium Class Starship (Info Found here: http://obsidianfleet.org/index.php?option=shipdb&sclass=120 ) in Obsidian Fleet's Task Group 72-A, is in need of a crew for her new mission; a Deep Space Expedition through the Gamma Quadrant. If you like adventure, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and going boldly where no one has gone before, come join us at http://www.uss-asphodel.utopia-host.com/index.php/main/index . All Senior Staff Positions barring CO and Chief Medical Officers are open. See you through the Wormhole.
  8. RyanMurphy

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    Nov 27, 2013

    Nestled in the heart of a Federation trade sector, Starbase 249 sees more than it's fair share of traffic. Not just an orbital repair and resupply station, Starbase 249 finds itself the sheriff to six points of contention within it's sector. With the help of our faithful crew, Starfleet has been able to be a positive presence to the 13 billion people who live on the worlds nearby.

    The year is 2390 and this is Starbase 249, part of Task Force 21's Wolf Star Squadron. We are looking for able bodied members to liven up the digital pages of our story. There is a role for everyone. You don't have to be Starfleet live on this base. We have so many possibilities for you. Check out our manifests and if you like what you see, join with us today!

    We are always looking for fun, motivated and creative people to join our SIMM. We specifically have the following notable positions open:

    Chief Security Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Marine XO

    We also have numerous positions open in our various departments.

    Thank you,

    Commander Ryan Murphy
    Commanding Officer, Starbase 249
    Obsidian Fleet Task Force 21-B
  9. Chiyeko

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    May 7, 2014

    “The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care.” -Hugh MacLeod

    I am not going to say it is easy being a wolf, but I am going to say that there is nothing like it. To be a wolf is to be who you where truly meant to be, as only when you stare down life you shall see your reflection. It is that desire to find that reflection that we onboard the USS Starwolf made the choice to be wolves and we seek more members to join our pack.

    The Starwolf is home to a sim with a dark side, no we don't fly for section 31 or the likes. No the dark side is that things never go easy or as planned, it means that the days are cloudy and that the silver lining you see is in fact the razor sharp edge about the cut you down. If you feel like you want to push your character in ways you never have done or been able to do before, than the Starwolf is the place for you too be.

    Now this does not mean that we only seek the pros, anyone who like what they read here can join provided you are 18 years or older. If you are new to the simming world or just want help for whatever reason we are more than willing to help you out, the pack after all has to support each other.

    Open positions:

    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Diplomatic Officer

    To take a look at the full manifest Click here, to join directly Click here, to simply take a look around go to: http://starwolf.scifi-simms.net/
  10. CptRoLorne

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    Jul 25, 2014
    Antares Project: Legacy - A Forum Based Star Trek RPG

    Antares Project: Legacy, a forum based role play game where participants can write narrative fan fiction, or "sims" set in the Star Trek Universe. Each sub-forum represents a particular ship and serves as a catalog of all of their missions, hosts character biographies, acts as a platform for out of character discussion or provides forum wide announcements.

    “Never before have we witnessed galactic turmoil on so many fronts, whether or not Starfleet and the UFP can continue to make a stand on so many fronts is simply not yet known. But we will try...”

    In the post Dominion War and fall of Romulus galaxy the challenges are the biggest Starfleet and the UFP have ever faced; resources are scarce and every faction is jostling for control. Starfleet have renewed their mission of exploration and briefly established a working, if occasionally hostile, coalition with the Klingon and Romulan Empires in the Shybal Expanse – A relatively unexplored area of space between the Cardassian Union and the Talarian Republic.

    Ultimately both the Klingons' and Romulans' pulled their operations from the coalition leaving the UFP in sole control of the area and the locally known space mining station Themis Rock. Re-designated Outpost 319 it has now become the central base of operations for the Starfleet and UFP in this part of space.

    Now recruiting for:

    Outpost 319, Themis Rock


    Operations Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Deck Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Security Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Chief Engineering Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Engineering Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Science & Medical

    Chief Science Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Science Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Medical Officer - Vacant - Apply Now!

    Counsellor - Vacant - Apply Now!
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  11. NElefantis

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    Jan 2, 2007
    Have you felt that Star Trek has gotten away from its tradition? Have you been looking for a chance to get back to your roots? Then consider the USS Columbia, an Excelsior Class sim set during the TOS Movie Era.

    There is still much to explore, and classic enemies such as the Klingons and Romulans are still a threat, lurking behind every corner of space. The Federation is smaller, and the times are darker and grittier, but the people were colorful. They were quicker to act and a little slower to invoke the Prime Directive, and not afraid to bend the regulations to fit their situation.

    If this sounds like fun, then join us! Our game is just beginning! We have several openings on the Senior Staff, including:

    – Chief Helmsman
    – Chief Navigator
    – Chief Engineer
    – Chief Medical Officer
    – Chief Tactical Officer
    – Chief Communications Officer and
    – Chief of the Boat

    If you are interested and would like to apply or get some more information about Columbia, simply visit our website.

    If you have any questions, my door is always open. Please, feel free to contact me here via PM.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you aboard!
  12. misskorya

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    Jan 30, 2013

    We are seeking a Chief Flight Controller, to complete our senior staff. We've just started our second mission, 'The Rogue Ultimatum,' and would certainly welcome new players!

    Format: Play by Forum/Play by Post
    Fleet/Group: Independent
    Open Positions: Chief Flight Controller, and various junior staff openings.
    Website: http://starshipnavajo.wordpress.com

    After the Battle of Wolf 359, Starfleet finds itself in a rather precarious situation. As hostilities with the Cardassian Union have ended it would seem a new enemy has surfaced; the Borg. With a war worn fleet ready for peace, the future seems uncertain, but for one New Orleans-class vessel the future is written in the stars, as they get back to exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    Join us on the Navajo, and engage in collaborative storytelling. We chat on Skype and conduct our writing in Google Documents before posting them up on the forums. We are currently seeking, male characters to serve aboard our New Orleans-class starship.
  13. HawkingActual

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    Jan 12, 2011

    Ladies! Gentlemen! Marines! And everyone in between, I'll keep it brief....ish.

    The Grand Old Lady is BACK! That's right, you heard it here, the Victory is off the shelf and back in action in Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 47! We're looking for a few good writers to fill KEY positions, but first let me give you the rundown. We're a Nova sim that will place a lot of emphasis on character development. We'll also be running a season story arc style, which means that most of the time one mission will flow into the next as part of an overarching plotline. You may have read the news story on the front page? Ok. So that gets us started. Let me give you some spoilers....

    - Starfleet is commissioning a brand spanking NEW Sovereign Class Victory at the Regnal Shipyards above Krios Prime.

    - They've decided to put a skeleton crew aboard the old Excelsior Class model, which has been in mothballs since the end of the Dolinion War. (So we're taking over a ship that hasn't been refit for a while.... YAY! A real fixer upper.)

    - When the old girl arrives at Krios, she's to be stood down immediately prior to the commissioning of the new ship. However, before that happens, the new Voctory explodes in her drydock, destroying that ship, the dock, and severely damaging several starships in the immediate area. The old Victory is unharmed, and finds herself the only starship in the area that is operations. As such, her crew is assigned the task of investigating and securing the area against further attacks.

    So there we are. We've only JUST started the mission, so there's still time for anyone to jump right in. And with that said, Here's what we've got available.

    -Executive Officer*. (Starting Rank LTJG-LTCDR)
    -Chief of Operations (Starting rank PO1-LT)
    -Chief Engineer (Starting Rank ENS-LT)
    -Helmsman (Starting Rank ENS-LT)
    -Ship's Counselor (Starting Rank ENS-LTCDR)
    -Chief of Security/Tactical (Starting rank ENS-LT)
    -Marine CO (Starting Rank 2LT-CPT)

    ** All junior and Enlisted positions are open except for Chief of the Boat **

    * The Executive Officer I'm going to be really picky on. You'll see on our manifest that the position is filled, but that's a placeholder character. When I get an app that I like for that position, that character will be moved to a different department.

    - All the starting ranks are negotiable, up to Lt. Commander of course, per OF rules. I generally assign rank based upon the player's wish, and the strength of the application.
    SO! Now that we've got that out of the way... Pitch complete! C'mon... You KNOW you want a piece of the action. Sign up for the Victory... TODAY!

  14. SylvesterVictor

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Who needs but one Victory when you can have two? We're separate from the above sim, but we also wish them all the best in recruiting. However, I would now like to present to you - the USS Victory (NCC-1967).

    The year is 2287, and heading out for her second tour of duty as a long-range cold warrior at the edge of the frontier, the USS Victory has been heavily modified and sent forth on her ongoing mission. The last of the Refit-Constitution class ships to be built, she is more advanced in every way than the original heavy cruiser design, but it is still a very dangerous time for the United Federation of Planets, and for Starfleet.

    The Klingon Empire, still seething over the creation of Genesis and the refusal of the Federation to extradite James T. Kirk, continues to aggressively expand it's power base in the Alpha Quadrant, though it is beginning to show signs of strain from within. The Romulans lurk in the shadows, ever watchful, ever mindful of their past history with Earth. Romulus is patient, she will wait for the right time to strike. And sinister things are afoot within Starfleet itself, a brewing conspiracy against the possibility of peace.

    Thrust into this is the Starship Victory. The Final Frontier is a dangerous place. Victory needs the best crew she can get. Could that be you? Currently we have many different positions open. This sim is a PBEM but with heavy focus on joint posting and cohesive storytelling. Please visit our website and our Facebook page to read some of our past missions and see some fantastic artwork depicting our gallant starship. Our only limit is your imagination!

    Josh Dworkin
    Victory Recruiting Officer

    website: http://ships.independencefleet.com/Victory.php
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoryIDF

    You can email me at jman7133@gmail.com with any questions. We look forward to seeing you out there.
  15. IreneAdler

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    Aug 25, 2014
    Ashburn, VA

    Style: Play-by-Post, Proboards
    Established:: June, 2009
    Members: 15-20 Friendly, Active and Inviting Members
    Ranks: Several Ranking Positions Open, including Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs in both locations.
    Playable Locations: USS Talon, Starbase Gamma Etimon

    USS Talon is an established group, with a solid core of writers, but we are looking to expand with some new blood!

    The year is 2408. Starfleet's most recently commissioned Sovereign-class vessel, the USS Talon, NCC 75861, had been sent into the Gamma Quadrant to carry out Starfleet's most exciting orders: to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no-one has gone before. However, that all changed after a startling revelation. With the Cardassian and Klingon Empires in turmoil, the Talon’s original mission has been scrapped, and now the Talon’s crew endeavors to gain a foothold in the Gamma Quadrant for colonization, all the while watching for trouble from their foes.

    The Talon is based out of Starbase Gamma Etimon, a state-of-the-art station orbiting the idyllic Federation member world, Etimon. Standing as the Federation’s most remote outpost, Starbase Gamma Etimon is tasked with defending Federation space and values, and aiding the people of Etimon as they work to recover from war.

    At present, the Talon has limped back to the station after a collision with a cloaked vessel, and her crew has been granted shore leave to blow off steam. Starbase Gamma Etimon is in the midst of dealing with its own troubles, though, as Romulan operatives are far closer to home than anyone could possibly want.

    Join us as we adventure through the Gamma Quadrant, make first contact with new species, and defend ourselves against old foes! Will you come along and discover with us as we explore this uncharted part of space?

    RP Home | Website | New Member Resources | Talon Stories on AO3
  16. FAdmKTyra

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    Aug 20, 2008
    I can't tell you that. Sorry.
    Type: Play-By-Website RPG
    Rating: PG-13+

    Setting: Year 2390, All Quadrants

    Site: http://www.gaf.starfleetuk.org
    Forum: http://s8.zetaboards.com/GAF

    General setting details:

    When the U.S.S. Voyager returned home from its unexpected seven-year sojourn in the unexplored regions of the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet Command learned of threats which may impact the Federation as a whole and immediately liaised with their counterparts in the Klingon and Romulan Empires and the Cardassian Union in order to come up with a way of combating any threats.

    Galactic Alliance Fleet was set up by Starfleet Command to study the advanced technologies and the information on the various alien races which the U.S.S. Voyager brought back. Before long, many of these new technologies had been reverse engineered and to start with, Eight starships of various classes were retrofitted as test beds to see if the technology was sound and could be introduced across the fleet.

    The starship classes represented included Akira, Defiant, Intrepid, Galaxy, Nebula, Prometheus and Sovereign, amongst others. They were all assigned to the Beta Quadrant outpost Lense XII since it was not close to any inhabited system should anything go disastrously wrong. The Galactic Alliance fleet comprised as many races as were represented in the Alpha Quadrant, including Bajoran, Betazoid, Bolian, Cardassian, Changeling, Ferengi, Human, Klingon, Kzinti, Vulcan and several others. The fleet's primary objective is to test all equipment and technology which comes to the outpost from the Galactic Alliance Fleet headquarters in a secret location.

    With the fleet already in place, Starfleet Command needed to have someone who knew their way around advanced technology, was able to command an array of differing individuals with different personalities and agendas and arrived at only one candidate. Fleet-Admiral K'Tyra Parker, a half-Human, half-Klingon woman with the drive necessary to manage the diverse objectives of the fleet. She commands the USS Azshalaris, a Prometheus-class vessel and the flagship of the fleet.

    Fleet-Admiral Parker has been decorated by Starfleet Command on several occasions and she holds some of the highest honors in Starfleet History. She has been twice decorated with the Federation Star for Bravery, Fleet-Admiral Parker also holds the Golden Starburst for Heroism, She was decorated with the Starfleet Cross for Courage Under Fire, She holds the Legion of Merit for Excellent Service and was twice decorated with the Cluster Medal for Dedication. Starfleet Command has selected and recruited crewmembers from other ships and allowed only the best Ensigns a position in the fleet.

    There are still spaces open and Starfleet Academy wants YOU to assist Fleet-Admiral Parker and the rest of the commanding officers of the starships in their efforts to help run the Galactic Alliance Fleet by contributing your best efforts to this fleet.

    Apply today!


    Fleet-Admiral K'Tyra Parker
    Commanding Officer
    USS Azshalaris
    NX 45937

    Head of the Galactic Alliance Fleet Coalition

    Right now we need:

    All positions
  17. Akirapryde

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    Nov 16, 2014
    Orlando, Fl, USA
    Star Trek: Reborn

    Style: Play-by-Post, MyBB
    Established: July, 2014
    Members: 4 - 6 Friendly, Active and Inviting Members
    Availible Ranks: Several Department Head Positions Open, as well as supporting part time roles.
    Playable Locations: USS Thunderchild

    Star Trek: Reborn is a story line based game set up in episodes. It is possible to play different characters within different episodes. Our focus is on the story of the ship. We are attempting to keep this story as close to canon as possible while telling a very compelling and unique story.
    The Story So Far:

    After the Dominion War, Starfleet has decided to learn from that brutal war. After seeing the advantages of Cardassian and Dominion fighters in combat, Starfleet ordered a test ship to be refitted as a fully functioning carrier. That ship is the USS Thunderchild, NCC 63549. After being nearly destroyed during an ambush attack at spacial coordinates CMO-26, the USS Thunderchild was sent to Utopia Yards for a year long refit. February 2377, the USS Thunderchild set sail once more under her own power.

    A year after the war, Cardassian Space has become a hot bed of political in fighting as Legate Elim Garak and his Detapa Council struggle to keep the Union together. On all sides, political rivals threaten stability. Legate Garak's only ally is the Federation who has promised to keep supply lines open for the millions of Cardassians in dire need. On a routine trip to Deep Space Nine, the USS Thunderchild was boarded by a hostile intruder. It was later learned that this intruder was the mentally traumatized Starfleet Marine, Lance Corporal Seònaid Melville. This attack and the events that followed thrust the USS Thunderchild and her crew in to the heart of a Coup that threatened the Cardassian Union as well as regional security.

    It also revealed the true threat to the region. The Dominion/Cardassian warship Kelish had been only rumors before the Coup. A warship built during the hight of the Dominion War, and used both Cardassian and Dominion technologies. It was designed to be a massive carrier that could take Dominion fighters deep in to Federation space. Now the Kelish was in the hands of a radical Cardassian faction seeking to over throw Legate Garak and bring an end to Federation influence within the Cardassian Union. All that stands between these radical Cardassians and their goals are the brave crew of the USS Thunderchild and Starfleet's rebuilt 4th Fleet.

    Come and join us as this adventurous story unfolds. Explore the reaches beyond Cardassian space as well as political intrigue.

    Star Trek Reborn Forum:

    Star Trek Reborn Timeline:

    Star Trek Reborn Characters:

    We are looking for members of the crew (both full time and part time players), Fans to follow our story and offer Episode Ideas. We are also looking for those few who know their trek to act as Technical Advisers for the story.

    Please feel free to contact the Narrator with any and all questions. Akirapryde2006@yahoo.com

    I would also like to thank Lieutenant Commander IreneAdler. I used her format for this post.
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  18. Emily

    Emily Cadet Newbie

    Jan 6, 2015
    About Us
    The year is 2388, the USS Phoenix, NCC-97892-B serves as a Saber Class starship in Starfleet's Criminal Investigation Service (SCIS) unit for the Raeyan Sector. The Phoenix is under the command of Captain Jonathan Wolf and has been tasked with ensuring all crimes involving Starfleet personnel are investigated with the upmost diligence with direct authority from the federation council. Investigating such crimes give the Phoenix jurisdiction over any Starfleet personnel regardless of rank during an investigation.

    The USS Phoenix, NCC-97892-B is a proud member of Bravo Fleet and Task Force 93. Task Force 93 is a sub division of the Star Trek Simming Community known as Bravo Fleet. Bravo Fleet is one of the longest running Star Trek Simming communities that are still in existence.

    Star Trek: Phoenix is a Play by Email Role-Playing Game, using Anodyne Production's NOVA 2 - an advanced Content Management System created for the sole purpose of Role-Playing.

    This Role-Playing Game (RPG) is rated: Parental Guidance - 16+. No writer may join or read posts from this Game if you are under the age of sixteen. Please see our Rules Page to see what is acceptable in terms of writing on our simulation.

    Feel free to look around, get a feel for the ship and its crew. Interested? Make an application now! We have a lot of exciting positions left for experienced players, like Department Heads and Mission Specific positions. Not as experienced? No problem! We are here to learn you all tricks of RPGs and SIMs.

    What is Criminal Investigations?
    Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service (SCIS) is Starfleet's primary investigation service, responsible for conducting criminal investigations in which Starfleet is, or may be, a party of interest. SCIS investigators conduct criminal investigations that range from death to fraud, on and off Starfleet starships and installations, and when appropriate, with local law enforcement and Federation investigative agencies. SCIS supports Starfleet through the deployment of highly trained investigators and support personnel who specialize in criminal information collection and analysis and a variety of other services normally associated with law enforcement activities.
    Open Positions

    • Chief of Starship Operations
    • Several Junior Positions
    • Many Enlisted Positions

  19. Tarinzix

    Tarinzix Cadet Newbie

    Oct 24, 2012

    USS Persephone

    Specialty Simulation
    The USS Persephone is a specialty simulation in a very different sense. Certainly, this small vessel and its mission are different from just about anything I've seen in Obsidian Fleet or in the Star Trek simming world as a whole. But that's not what we're driving at.

    What we're driving at is the word specialty. Every character aboard should not just be proficient in their chosen departmental tasks, but must also be an expert in a specific discipline, and the field is wide-open. We offer suggestions, but we also allow you to bring your own specialties to the table.

    Creativity is King
    This simulation is one where we encourage every kind of creativity. Not only in your writing, but in design, programming, art, and thought. We strive to create a tight knit Out-of-Character community that works together to make the simulation better by hearing the wide variety of suggestions and ideas that come to the table.

    It's not enough for players to be creative though. To really make the most of this simulation, our characters are also forced to be creative. The missions we embark on are not of the typical type. Each has a clear objective, but nearly unlimited pathways to reach them, and your character's choices will impact the outcome and success of Persephone's mission as a whole.

    A Different Breed
    The characters we are looking for aboard Persephone are a different breed than you see on many Star Trek simulations. We don't need just any helmsman, engineer, or medic. We need specialists. Persephone's mission won't accept any less.

    Not all specialists are officers, though. In point of fact, very few are. Starfleet trains enlisted specifically to specialize in a certain field. Additionally, Warrant Officers and Civilians play an important part when expert knowledge and ability is required. That does not mean that we won't accept your application if you apply as an Officer. It just means you have to have a pretty good reason to be considered a specialist in a field.

    Of course, a crew of specialists might seem overpowered. And it certainly could be. But every specialist is, by nature, tightly focused on their preferred field. While they may have exceptional strengths, they likely have little more than a working understanding of the remainder of their field and virtually none of fields outside their focus.

    We don't want perfect characters. Far from it. We want flawed characters, but characters with definite strengths we can build around.

    Apply Today
  20. Yoshi Baldwin

    Yoshi Baldwin Ensign Newbie

    Nov 28, 2013
    Looking for a new Adventure? What something fun to write? Want to make your mark on history? Well if you answered yes to the following questions then I have the place for you. My name is Commander Mya Leah Executive Officer of the USS Carpathia a Diligant Class Refit in Bravo Fleet. Let me tell you a bit about the USS Carpathia and her mission.

    Following the successful return of the USS Voyager, from the Delta Quadrant, Project Full Circle was created.

    Phase One of the project involved the examination and removal of the Borg ,Future, and otherwise non-native technology. This phase also included the study of the mission logs and personal logs. At the end of this phase in the project, all materials were compiled and submitted for study and archiving.

    With the reports compiled, Phase Two could begin.
    Phase Two began with a proposal. The Full Circle team requested the resources to return to the Delta Quadrant, to explore further and begin serious diplomatic talks with species encountered by the USS Voyager.

    15 years after the original proposal, following the last Borg incursion ,and their absorption into the Caeliar Gesalt, Starfleet Command has decided to finally approve the expedition. If only to gain new , valuable allies.

    The USS Carpathia has been tasked with returning to the Delta Quadrant, outfitted with an experimental Quantum Slipstream propulsion drive, and exploring the widely unknown region of space, as well as representing the Federation in Diplomatic talks.

    We have a lot of positions left open for the taking...

    Chief Positions

    Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Marine Detachment Commander
    Group Commander-Starfighter Group

    All Assistant Chief Positions and Junior officer positions are available if you are not interesting in becoming a Chief.

    Please come check us out and if you like what you see please come join the fun.