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    Dec 14, 2013
    Sim Name USS Cadecus: MASH
    Group: Federation Sim Fleet - http://www.simming.net
    Fleet: Alpha Fleet – http://alpha.simming.net
    Host(s): GM1 FSF Esrom – fsfesrom@simming.net
    Sim Website: http://cadecus.simming.net/
    Sim Type: AIM Chat Sim,
    Sim Location: USSCadecus
    Sim Time: Fridays from 8 PM ET to 9 PM ET
    Open Positions: HELM, OPS, CNS, ENG, SCI, MARINES

    USS Cadecus: M*A*S*H - Aim Chat Based Sim - Friday 8:pm EST
    The USS Cadecus is a medical based sim based in the Star Trek Genre.

    The Cadecus and her crew are ready to be called to provide medical and humanitarian aid at a moments notice. With several medical bays, treatment areas and the ability to assist in all types of care. Whether it is traumatic injuries or Obstetrics, treating wounds or providing food and shelter to those in devastated areas, The Cadecus is there to help. Even in war torn areas a special ParaRescue Jumper unit made up of a team of Marine Medics trained in Search and Rescue are there to provide immediate care and extraction to safety.
    Doctors, Interns, Orderlies and Nurses work together to provide care for any and all souls that are brought in for treatment.

    The USS Cadecus is currently providing Battlefield support, treating the wounded and evacuating persons from ships that have been fatally damaged.

    The USS Cadecus is always looking for member to join our ranks and positions are open in all areas.
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    Dec 14, 2013
    USS Phoenix
    Group: Federation Sim Fleet - http://www.simming.net
    Fleet: Alpha Fleet – http://alpha.simming.net
    Host(s): GM1 FSF Merlin (fsfmerlin@sb254.com) & GM2 FSF Bastetovski (fsfbastetovski@sb254.com)
    Sim Website: http://phoenix.simming.net
    Sim Type: IRC Chat Sim (first Wednesday of the month), Message Board
    Sim Location: http://www.simming.net/chat.php?chan=ussphoenix for the once a month gathering.
    Sim Time: First Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PM ET.
    Open Positions: Fighter Pilots, Medical Staff, Engineers, Specialists

    The year is 2325 and it has been a year since the USS Phoenix was commissioned and set out on its mission.

    After all the drama surrounding Starbase 35 with its destruction, two Merlin’s, a major refit of the Phoenix and only 24 years early, the phoenix is underway. Life is starting to settle back to normal for the ship and crew.

    Presently the Phoenix is at maximum warp heading to an isolated section of the quadrant. Soon the 12 hour maximum warp flight will be completed and our real mission can start; looking for future stellar bodies for the federation to taraform. The borders of the federation are getting crowded. There has been a long time peace and more groups of Federation prospects are applying for membership and protection.

    Other than the odd skirmish here and there as you would expect there is an overall peace throughout the quadrant. That could change at any moment with the lines being pushed as the Romulans and Klingons watch on and have already proven they are not hesitant to cross the borders if they so think it is required to perpetuate their desires.

    During this last year the problems with the Phoenix and then the Starbase has taken its toll on the crew. Ensign Johnson, now Chief Petty Officer and suspended Helmsman decided to air her dirty laundry and get shall we say out spoken with Admiral Merlin on the Starbase. Out of the goodness and understanding of the Captain Merlin he has saved her neck and restricted her to quarters and assigned the ships counselor, Lieutenant T’Sai to her to assist with her addiction problem and get her ready for duty once again.

    In the mean time, the Executive Officer Commander Sitelk is now filling in as the Helmsman till Johnson can return.

    Also, the Phoenix has lost contact with the Garuda fighter group and they are going to be listed as MIA. Soon the letters and notifications must go out to the families of these pilots.

    What will the Phoenix run into?
    Will there be beautiful ready to use planets?
    Celestial bodies those are more dead than our ancestors?

    Come join us and see what the Phoenix and crew get into next.
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    Dec 14, 2013
    USS Aquinas
    Group: Federation Sim Fleet - http://www.simming.net
    Fleet: Alpha Fleet – http://alpha.simming.net
    Host(s): FSF Cassiopeia – fsfcassiepeia@sb254.com and FSF Ward – fsfward@sb254.com
    Sim Website: http://aquinas.simming.net/
    Sim Type: AIM Chat Sim,
    Sim Location: ussaquinas
    Sim Time: 9 PM EST
    Open Positions: AENG, ASCI, ASEC, HELM, MARINE, and CADETS.

    The year is 2415, and the galaxy is in a state of turmoil. After 6 years of constant fighting, andno sign of victory on any side, the Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation signed a cease fire reigniting the hope for peace.

    With the Federation suffering heavy losses in the war, the Federation Council decided that a new group was needed in order to protect the Federation. This new group’s sole purpose would be to take on missions deemed too dangerous for other Federation Commanders or missions that required a sensitive touch. This group would become known as the Federation Joint Special Operations Command.

    In response to the new group, Starfleet ordered that 35 ships be constructed and crewed in order to fulfill their obligations to the Federation. The first ship to be completed in the order was the USS Aquinas, an Odyssey class starship; equipped with experimental technology, the ship was designed to serve as a vessel of peace while maintaining the ability to wage war should the need arise.

    During the maiden voyage, the ship and its crew were thrust into the war with the Borg. After receiving a set of coordinates from a Federation Starship, a scout vessel was sent ahead to investigate. Upon their arrival, they discovered that it was the location of the Borg Unimatrix and approached it with the scout vessel to gather as much information as they could. After gathering the information, the vessel made its way back to the Aquinas so that the information could be evaluated for its usefulness.

    If you have any questions, please contact FSF Cassiopeia or FSF Ward on AIM or via email using the information above. We can’t wait to see you there!
  4. David Brennon

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    May 31, 2009
    Star Trek: Hartington is recruiting players for our journey of exploration into the Gamma Quadrant!

    The Gamma Quadrant.

    Long considered a vast expanse of mystery and danger, this hostile frontier is being slowly tamed. In the five years since the end of the Dominion War, people from across the Alpha and Beta quadrants, starships and colonists, have ventured into the night, seeking their fortunes. In the Federation, Starfleet has sent forth a number of missions, their purpose to fulfill Starfleet’s mandate.

    And they have.

    New alliances have been made, as have new enemies. Among the worlds of the Dominion, the tyrannical grasp of the Founders loosens as Odo’s message of peace with the Solids spreads across their empire. The Myosians, a confederation of worlds colonized by a united people long ago, seeks out the friendship of the Federation, inviting them to their worlds. A new enemy, the Tal’Harton, even now seek out any who defy the will of their god – and see special heresy in the faithful of the Dominion and on Bajor. Even as they move to wipe out those they call heretics, they see a wonder in that blasphemy. The Trill, specifically the symbionts, interests them for a reason only their minds can fathom.

    The Federation has moved into the Gamma Quadrant in force. Even now, Starfleet personnel are en route to the heart of the Myosian Confederation, taking up their hosts invitation to administrate Starfleet operations from their territory. Several Federation starships work tirelessly charting this new frontier, as well as carrying colonists and supplies to the recently settled worlds and coming to their aid when called.

    At the vanguard of this effort for Starfleet is the USS Hartington, a Galaxy-class explorer manned by a crew of eager men and women from across the Federation and beyond.

    What are we looking for?

    Senior Officers/Lead NCOs:
    Diplomatic Officer
    Chief of the Boat (Command)
    Master-At-Arms (Security)
    Boatswain (Operations)

    All Assistant and Deputy Department Heads (except Engineering)
    All Junior Officers
    All Enlisted Personnel
    Starfleet Cadets
    Civilian Personnel
    Alien Exchange Officers

    Players that take on the role of Senior Officers are asked to begin as lower ranking individuals for the first story which would act as your trial period. After the successful completion of a mission, the player will be promoted to the Chief position. Players that wish to stay as Junior Officers may elect to do so.

    Players of all experience levels and interests are welcome. Our hope is to develop junior officers as a thriving lower decks setting in order to promote the characters up and establish new companion sims to expand our setting. You can visit our gameplay site at http://wyldling.com/Hartington.

    We are currently seeking a new Operations Officer, as our current player is only sporadically active. If you are particularly interested in Treknobabble and Treknology, this position is for you! Players applying for the Operations Department may be eligible to come aboard as Assistant Department Head, with the potential to be promoted to Department Head very quickly. This is not a common occurrence, so take advantage of it ASAP!
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    Jan 21, 2014
    Ever wanted to explore the galaxy in a spunky tough little ship?

    Meet new aliens and protect the boundaries of the Federation?

    Defend the injured and right wrongs?

    Stand up for what is right against chaos & anarchy?

    Well, the USS Scimitar is the Star Trek sim for you!!

    We want you..

    The USS Scimitar has just been re-commissioned as an active vessel and assigned to Task Force Group 47-C 'Kensai' as part of Task Force 47. Lieutenant Commander Lola Novakova and the Scimitar crew are tasked with stepping into danger with grace, going in where angels fear to tread and doing the hard jobs that others can't or won't.

    This small, fast ship is built for speed, allowing it to scout, reach positions quickly to breach gaps or act as support and even chase down fleeing vessels.

    Everything about the Scimitar can be summed up in its motto, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmund Burke ~

    No one likes waiting and we will make sure you don't have to either to jump in too.

    So, take a look at our website by click on the banner below and fill out an application via the Join Form at http://scimitar.utopia-host.com/scimitar/index.php/main/join.


    The USS Scimitar is rated PG 13+, and welcome to all manner of sentient beings in a transparent and open manner.

    Our Nova 2-based website, http://scimitar.utopia-host.com, is run as part of Task Force 47 in Obsidian Fleet.

    Who we are looking for?
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief of the Boat
    Junior Officers
    Enlisted Crewmembers
    Waitor & Waitresses

    Our first mission, Episode 1.1 - Don't Break a Leg, will be set in the Rigel system and start shortly.

    The USS Scimitar has just been re-commissioned as an active vessel and assigned to Task Force Group 47-C 'Kensai' as part of Task Force 47. Lieutenant Commander Lola Novakova has been assigned the as her first command and given a new crew that hasn't worked together. Since its original commission as the USS Ghost was as one of the original Sabre-class ships, the history of the vessel is quite illustrious. To test out the repairs to the ship and the integration of the new crew, a simple border patrol mission has been scheduled by Starfleet, with numerous watching eyes taking an interest.
  6. MBremer

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    Nov 8, 2006
    Currently, Starbase 400 is looking to fill these important positions;

    Command Master Chief
    Assistant Chief Operations Officer
    Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
    1st Marine Division Executive Officer
    Assistant Chief Medical Officer
    Assistant Chief Science Officer
    Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
    181st Tactical Fighter Wing Executive Officer

    Starbase 400 is played via NOVA. Learn more at http://www.starbase400.org and join the adventure today at
    http://www.starbase400.org/members! We can't wait to have you aboard!

    The 2012 winner of the Simming League's 'Simming Prize', Starbase 400 has a rich, dedicated community.

    Simming continuously since 1995, Starbase 400 has developed a vast backstory, complete with two dozen permanent NPCs, a fleet of ships, and a dangerous intersection of space to defend.

    To support its in character universe, Starbase 400 maintains an academy, a database, a timeline of sim canon, and logs of each mission to ensure members are informed.

    Infused with a focus on character development and realistic storytelling, these factors combine, producing an intensely vibrant sim.

    Now, Starbase 400 is looking for you! Any dedicated player is welcome to join our family! Managed by the 2011 'Simming Prize' winner Mike Bremer, how could you go wrong being apart of something special?

  7. TF17Recruiting

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    Oct 15, 2009
    9th Fleet Bat'Leth Competition

    Ninth fleet cordially invites to join in our first annual Bat'Leth Competition. Registration begins today and will continue through February 28, 2012 , but you do not have to compete to join in the fun. Guest role players and simmers are all welcome. 9 th Fleet FNS will be covering the event with interviews with judges, combatants, and quests. There will prizes and fun for all. For more information visit us at: http://theninthfleet.com/forum.php. (Be sure to drop by the introductions area of the forum and say Hi, so that we can activate your forums account, and like and share us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/9thFleetBatLeth)
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    Jul 24, 2007
    Star Trek: Bombay

    [LEFT]There was an era of Star Trek, a time of high adventure and amazing excitement. It was the time of an exiled time-lost warlord who sought revenge upon the man who wronged him, and of the terrible price that man paid to save his ship and crew. Of the time that captain lost his son and had to sacrifice his ship to cheat death, to take one last chance to bring his friend back. Of the crew, re-united, travelling into Earth's past to save it's present. And their final mission, to see the walls of hatred and mistrust between two societies finally brought down. This was the era of Star Treks II through VI, when the uniforms were the sharpest, the ships the most majestic, and the franchise was at it's finest.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Aboard the USS Bombay NCC-1806 (Miranda Class), we are seeking to recapture the essence of those films, and The Original Series, too. Come play in an era before the technology became too magical, before communication between a ship and Starfleet was instantaneous, when Klingons and Romulans were both bad and sometimes all you could trust was the phaser on your hip.[/LEFT]

  9. docwinters

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    Sep 5, 2012
    The USS Nautilus needs a few good officers

    The Dominion War is a thing of the past, nine years have passed since the bloodiest conflict in recent memory and the Federation stands on the precipice of uncertanty. The Klingon, Cardassian and Romulan Empires are in ruins, and Dominion, an entity that has existed for thousands of years, is crumbling. Peace is finally a possibility, with the Federation the dominant power in the known galaxy. That doesn't mean that there is no danger however. This is space after all and space is a dangerous place.

    For the first time since First Contact with the Dominion, the Federation once more has a presence in the Gamma Quadrant, though not entirely diplomatic. The Federation turns to Peace Enforcement, to ensure that the Dominion adheres to the terms of the surrender, while also exploring a region of space otherwise unknown to them.

    The USS Nautilus is at the forefront of this new mission. One part Warship, one part Peacemaker. There is no illusions, the Nautilus is a ship of war, like many of her namesakes. But this new Nautilus travels the stars, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and to push back the boundaries of the frontier.

    After denying the terrorist entity known as the Dominion Remnant access to stolen Thalaron Weaponry, the Nautilus is tasked with finding out just how Top Secret Romulan technology managed to get into the Gamma Quadrant while investigating the recent string of attacks against Federation shipping.

    The Nautilus is looking for several department heads and secondary staff, and if we don't have a position you want, we can make it.
    In particular, we are looking for Engineering, Operations Department heads and members of the Diplomatic Corps.

    The Nautilus accepts created races, as well as any Alpha/Beta Quadrant race that Starfleet is on friendly terms with, Klingon, Romulan, (even Cardassians)

  10. Kayla1808

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    Feb 16, 2014
    USS Exeter
    Group: Federation Sim Fleet - http://www.simming.net
    Fleet: Space Fleet - http://www.spacefleetonline.com/
    Sim Name: USS Exeter
    Hosts: FSF Esrom
    Sim Website: http://www.ussexeter.com/
    Genre: Star Trek
    Sim Type: Chat Based
    Sim Location: AIM - SFOL USS Exeter
    Sim Time: Thursdays @ 10:30 pm ET
    Open Positions: AENG, AMO, ASCI, ASEC, CADETS

    The USS Exeter is an Insignia Class vessel set 30 years after the events depicted in Nemesis. The Universe has changed. Cardassians & Romulans are now close allies, and the Borg have all but disappeared. It is a new era in Space Fleet, but the overall mission has not changed. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before. They have recently won an award at the Tournament of Simulations for Best Star Trek Sim in the Chat Game category. They do not hold to strict cannon as they are beyond what is currently written and welcome new ideas as well as inexperienced players.

    The captain of the USS Exeter and several of her crew are trapped in the past and have been waylaid by another famous Captain, Jonathan Archer and the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise. On board Exeter, the crew is awaiting for the arrival of Captain Esrom or some indication that she will be returning with the crew intact.

    If you would like more information on this sim, please visit the sim’s website located above or visit the sim.
  11. 9thFleet

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    Jan 26, 2014
    Adventure, your way.
    In 9th Fleet you are free to adventure in the Star Trek Universe, or limitless others.
    We offer writing support, forums, and an easy to use wiki for your sim, so you have less stress and more time for adventure.

    This week 9th Fleet presents the USS Shadow under the command of Captain Yoshi Baldwin.

    [LEFT] It's the year 2390, Romulus and Remus are no more and it's a time of change for the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy. The USS Shadow Starship operates in the Ares Sector of space, which lies close to Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, and Krazzle territory as well as open space and the unclaimed 'Triangle', home to Pirates and Criminals, has become key to the Federation's future.
    Visit the USS Shadow at :
    http://thedocnetwork.net/sims/shadow...php/main/index .

    or contact Captain Yoshi Baldwin usscairoco@gmail.com

    For more information about the USS Shadow, or any other of our incredible 9th Fleet RPGs visit us at www.theninthfleet.com
  12. Hobyman

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    Sep 18, 2004

    Once a stalwart enemy and later, a reluctant ally, the Romulan Star Empire contained a vast expanse of hidden wonders. Across the dark frontiers of their space, races as old and proud as any in the Federation banded together to form an Empire that could withstand anything. And it did for hundreds of years until the Hobus star went supernova, its shockwave obliterating the twin talon worlds of Romulus and Remus. In the vacuum left behind, allied powers divided – following their own selfish agendas - and remnants of an almost extinct people now claw and scratch for mere scraps as the Klingons move in to reclaim lost lands and conquer anew.

    As the Klingons drive the Romulans even further into extinction, the Federation decides it can no longer stand by and watch the slaughter. As a result, Starfleet forces along the former Neutral Zone find themselves pressed into the most chaotic of services. Starbase Sierra 6 – once a relatively unheard of outpost on the edge of nowhere – now serves as a vital hub for Federation activity along the border, crewing and dispatching ships to defend Romulan refugee colonies from the Klingons. With each of these engagements, war with the Klingons looms ever closer and though the Federation vows to protect what's left of the Romulans, they cannot do it alone.

    Thus the crew of Sierra 6 has been tasked with a new mission: utilizing various support ships, they will travel deep into the former Romulan Star Empire in search of new allies. With the help of Federation negotiators back on the station, it is hoped that a new coalition of forces - those once subjugated under Romulan thumbs - will set aside their differences in order to beat back the Klingons and stabilize the region. But as these proud nations celebrate their newly acquired freedom from Romulan oppression, calls to aid their former subjugators fall on deaf ears and it is up to the crew of SS6 to turn their hearts and minds towards decisive action.

    In a political landscape forever changed, Sierra 6 needs YOU! Whether you’re a veteran simmer or an enthusiastic first-timer, our Play-By-Nova game welcomes your enlistment! Because we're a starbase simulation, we have a large number of meaty roles available to play. To get started, simply head over to http://www.sierra6.org/index.php/personnel/index and click "Open Positions." When you find the position you want, click on the "Apply" link, fill out the form, and submit a short sample post. We'll get back to you quickly to welcome you into the game. We look forward to working with you and know you’ll find much enjoyment on SS6! See you in game soon!
  13. Cthulhuite

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    Feb 26, 2014

    Star Trek: Engage is a story-based roleplaying game based in the Star Trek universe, played on an IRC server. As a player, you take on the role of a Starfleet officer in one of several different departments on board a Starship or Space Station. You’ll begin your career as a Cadet and through playing missions you’ll earn accolades and awards, getting promoted up the ladder until one day you might even have command of your very own ship. Promotions are our way of rewarding the better and players and more dedicated writers, as our aim is to have players carry a character or two with them over months or even years, earning promotions as they play.

    A handful of friends and I have been developing this over the last 6 months after moving away from a similar group. We have around 30 years of experience in running games of this type in the Star Trek universe, so we feel pretty confident in launching Star Trek: Engage for others to play.


    Each “Game” takes place on a specific ship or station, and is played over an hour at a specific time every week. The games are run by a Game Director, who lays out the story, controls some NPCs and plays out the results of your actions if they’re required, acting very much like a PnP DM. However there are no dice, no stats, no numbers, just community storytelling and character building. The Director communicates information that you’ll need throughout the mission, either by PM, in an Out of Character room, or in the Mission Room as an Action that all of the players can see and respond to if necessary.

    As a Science officer looking at the sensors, the Director might message you that you detect a Romulan warbird decloaking dead ahead. Your next character action could be based on this. If you decide to ignore it, then the consequences will play out, or you could notify the Captain who could then order the Tactical officer (played by someone else) to go to Yellow Alert and raise shields. At this point, the Director could post an Action that the Warbird has now opened fire, then everyone gets to do the Enterprise Shuffle, and so on. Missions are played through like that; the Director giving the players the gist of a story and letting them muddle through and do what they feel they need to, pretty much exactly like PnP only without the pauses to roll dice after every message.

    This is a creative game and the aim is to have players build their character through pieces of creative writing, or “logs”, posted to the forums, or e-mailed to the ship’s mailing string after every mission. A log is just a piece of writing to progress your character, give the crew an insight into their mood, their goals, their personality, and see how that plays on their relationships during the missions. I’ve been playing this sort of creative game now for nigh-on ten years, and one of the highlights is seeing what people do with the characters they create.


    We currently have five ships running at different times and on different days, and depending on the playerbase (which is quickly growing, most of whom are experienced roleplayers from similar games, with almost 40 characters total right now) new ships will be added bit by bit. We’ve launched quite recently to a rousing start, you can check out the logs and transcripts on our forums at the links below.

    I’ve coded a pretty robust character and ship database for storing everything, giving you easy access ship rosters, character profiles, game transcripts, calendars, etc.. It takes you right through from character creation, to picking the ship you want to play on, and afterwards lets you see services records, choose different assignments and is generally there to make playing and keeping track of your character as simple as possible. We also have a fantastic design person who gives all of the games a personal touch with things like construction patches.


    We’re always looking for more players for any number of our ships, so take a look at what we have - there’s a Handbook for new players you can flick through and a quick test on chat protocols to take before you can make a character. It’s pretty simple, it's mainly there to help familiarise new players with how the game is played.


    Star Trek: Engage Website
    Forums (Register on the first link)
    Player Handbook
    Facebook Page
  14. Bonaventure

    Bonaventure Ensign Newbie

    Jan 21, 2010


    Dive into Politics, Cloaks, and Shadows with TF6!

    The year is 2379 and a new Task Force has been commissioned following the
    Romulan-Watraii affair with the objective of increasing intelligence gathering in
    the Beta quadrant while also assessing threats to the Federation.

    In reality, President Min Zife is using the new Task Force as a PR stunt to
    bolster his domestic polling numbers.

    Built on Draken IV, the existing Federation outpost underwent a one year
    renovation to create the HQ of TF6: Starbase Borgata. The facility has largely
    been touted as a training base with the USS Alabama attached as a training
    vessel, when in reality it reports to the Starfleet Intelligence Directorate.

    We are taking on crew for a new concept in simming in terms of realism and career
    advancement. For more information, head over to http://taskforce6.net

    Commanding Officer, Task Force 6 & Starbase Borgata
    Starfleet Intelligence
  15. Sorcery

    Sorcery Lieutenant Junior Grade Red Shirt

    Jul 10, 2011
    Come join the intrepid crew of the USS Freedom, whose ongoing mission is carry out the tasks that no other ship is willing or capable of taking on. To defend the Federation from its darkest enemies. Whether it is going deep within hostile territory to affect a rescue, or exploring spatial anomalies and unusual phenomenon those are the missions that Freedom is tasked with.

    Freedom is not your father’s Enterprise it deals with dark and mature themes. But if you love to write and want a sim where action, conflict and character development are all equally important we may be for you.

    Freedom's Webpage

    We've just started our first mission with a crew of about 12 and many more open positions.

    Erin Green
    Commanding Officer

  16. RyanMurphy

    RyanMurphy Cadet Newbie

    Nov 27, 2013

    Hello all!

    My name is Commander Ryan Murphy, I am the Commanding Officer of Starbase 249, part of Obsidian Fleet. Starbase 249 just finished fighting off an Unclean invasion and has found herself with some down time before the next formal mission begins. With that said, Starbase 249 is in need of a few good men/women to add to our crew! We are looking for an Executive Officer, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Chief Communications Officer and Chief Science Officer. Also, we have a strong civilian contingent that is looking for more folks interesting in playing civilians on-board Starbase 249.

    If you are interested in joining us, come apply at: http://sb249.rpg-hosting.com/index.php/main/index

    Thank you,

    Commander Ryan Murphy
    Starbase 249 Commanding Officer
    Task Force 21-B
  17. Lucas Picard

    Lucas Picard Ensign Newbie

    May 10, 2013
    The Last Outpost is now Recruiting Starfleet Officers


    [LEFT]Formed in 2010, The Last Outpost was formed to bring you a gaming community focused on having fun! As a member of our community, you'll get the chance to bring your own story to life, lead others, and create your own universe through Minecraft, Star Trek Online, and RPG-X.[/LEFT]


    [LEFT]RPG-X is your story, your ship, your characters, your plot, and your world of Star Trek, packaged into an easy to download program called RPG-X CE, an always free, legal, and easy to learn program that will allow you to bring your story to life. With RPG-X CE, you can connect to our servers, participate in our RPs, and, perhaps, lead one yourself.

    In RPG-X, your crew is played by living, breathing people who you interact with in real time. No static conversations with NPCs, but dynamic characters played by your fellow TLO members that you'll never run out of things to talk about with.

    And at The Last Outpost, there are always events going on in RPG-X. At any given time, we host several "Serial Role Plays" or "SRPs", roleplays that run the same time every week following a continuing storyline - think a Star Trek TV show on the computer that you can be a part of each week. We also host mini-SRPs, and a number of one-time events from special holiday RPs to specially themed events. All of our events are submitted by the membership, and anyone can submit an event!

    [LEFT]Minecraft is a sandbox building game where you place box, fight even monsters, journey across strange and new lands, and build almost anything you can imagine!

    On our server, you get the chance to explore a world created entirely by our members. You can build houses, castles, or even the Enterprise! The server we host also sports several mods that allow for even more opportunities for expanding your world beyond vanilla Minecraft, from more efficient item storage, to having machines build for you while you sit back and relax. There's always something to do on The Last Outpost's Minecraft server![/LEFT]


    [LEFT]Star Trek Online, often abbreviated as STO, is Star Trek's own massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Cryptic Studios. Set in the 25th century, 2409, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, Star Trek Online gives you the chance to play in an online universe via a free-to-play platform available from Perfect World Entertainment or Steam.

    The Last Outpost plays STO in several ways. In addition to PvE and PvP events, we also hold Fleet Contribution Events, Happy Hours, STF Runs, and a variety of member suggested events. We are strictly no pressure, simply playing as a fleet that supports each other in ship builds, in-game progression, a Fleet Bank and Requisitions, tutorials, and much more. We also reward members for participating in our events, and for excelling in the fleet, with gift cards, memorabilia, in-game items, TLO forum recognition, and more![/LEFT]


    [LEFT]Q: I've been in gaming clans before. What makes The Last Outpost different?

    A: For one, The Last Outpost is not a gaming clan. Our ranks aren't an arbitrary system based on time spent in the group, so once you're in, your voice is as valuable to us as anyone else's. Secondly, we're not a competitive gaming clan, and have no problem with you being a member of any other clan, fleet, guild, etc. We are a community designed solely around fun, without the drama of other clans.

    Q: What exactly is RPG-X CE? (and how do I get it?)

    A: It is a free, legal, and extremely easy-to-learn program that will allow you to bring your story to life. Once a mod to the classic game Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force, it is now a standalone downloadable tool that allows you to connect to our servers, participate in RPs, and, perhaps, lead one yourself.

    Q: What opportunities are there for new members to meet more experienced players and become a part of events?

    A: There are plenty of events in RPG-X, Minecraft, and Star Trek: Online designed for all members of TLO to participate in.

    RPG-X offers weekly Happy Hours, great opportunities for veterans to take the backseat while newer players try their hand at running the plot, and receive feedback from more experienced players.

    Star Trek Online offers a number of events from Fleet Contribution Events to PvP and PvE events scheduled throughout the year, giving you the chance to progress in-game, and bond with your fellow TLO players.

    Minecraft offers a number of events, some on a monthly basis, some throughout the year, ranging from competitive and deathmatch type events to cooperative builds and roleplays.

    Q: What makes The Last Outpost's STO fleet different from other fleets?

    A: Put simply: PWE (Perfect World Entertainment Cards) for event winners, TLO recognition and advancement, no pressure, and plenty of Romulan Ale!

    Q: How does The Last Outpost handle STO fleet progression?

    A: Individuals can advance through many means. Contributions, event participation, and activity on our forums all contribute to your advancement.

    Q: Who picks the The Last Outpost leadership?

    A: The Last Outpost is led by an elected President and cabinet, consisting of COs and XOs for a variety of divisions. Nobody in the leadership is appointed, and should you feel somebody is not doing an adequate job, cabinet officers can be recalled at any time. Moreover, anyone can run for virtually any position. [/LEFT]


    [LEFT]Joining is easy! Go to http://www.last-outpost.net and click on Forums. Register to the forums, fill out and submit an application form, and then you will be welcomed as a full member of our community and granted access to our members-only areas on the forum. That's it!

    It's that simple. Join today, for loads of Star Trek fun and friends!

    Or you can simply contact me on Skype @ lucas.picard6 or by my e-mail lucaspicard@last-outpost.net![/LEFT]
  18. FAdmKTyra

    FAdmKTyra Cadet Newbie

    Aug 20, 2008
    I can't tell you that. Sorry.
    Let me be the first to welcome you aboard the USS Horizon. I am Captain K'Tyra Parker, the Commanding Officer of this vessel, And I hope that you decide to embark on a career with us as we look forever toward the next horizon.

    It is my intention to guide the Horizon on her journey through the stars. Forever keeping in mind the principles on which the Federation were founded. I hope to explore the unknown with an open mind, deal with the challenges thrown our way with equal parts compassion, Equality, and firmness to see us through tough times and make our missions a success. I sincerely hope that you will join me and the rest of the crew in this endeavor, and add your voice to chorus as we boldly go, always seeking the future just over that next rise...

    The USS Horizon is seeking players to fill the senior and/or junior staff positions.

    Positions already taken are:

    Commanding Officer (Taken by Colonel K'Tyra Parker (me, of course)
    Executive Officer/Chief Intelligence Officer (Taken by Commander Katherine Sheridan)
    Chief Engineering Officer (Taken by Ensign Steve Frest)
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Taken by Lt. Commander Kyla Gran)
    Chief Operations Officer (Taken by Lieutenant JG. Y'Cari Doral)
    Chief Helm Officer (Taken By Lieutenant JG. Carmen Rodriguez)
    Chief Medical Officer (Taken By Lieutenant JG. Marcus Tresson)
    Chief Science Officer (Taken By Lieuteannt Horatius Scipio)
    Marine Commanding Officer (Taken by 1st Lieutenant Randall Rawlings)
    Senior Staff Positions Available:

    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Marine Executive Officer
    Wing Command Commanding Officer
    Wing Command Executive Officer

    Junior Staff Positions Available:

    Operations Officer
    Engineering Officer
    Helm Officer
    Medical Officer
    Science Officer
    Intelligence Officer
    Security/Tactical Officer
    Diplomatic Officer

    All other positions available too. Including Chef/Morale Officer.

    All new applicants must apply here: http://uss-horizon.starfleetuk.org

    Also, Do not forget to click the 'Horizon Forum' link on the top of th page of the main site and register yourself there after applying.

    Thank you, And We hope you will join us!

    Captain K'Tyra Parker
    Commanding Officer
    USS Horizon, NCC 74661
    Taskforce 38, Task Group Operations
    Bravo Fleet
  19. andromedaabyss

    andromedaabyss Cadet Newbie

    Sep 3, 2012
    Hi guys,

    Starfleet: The First Era began as the first “Enterprise”-era game on the Internet. We play by e-mail, so that is all you need to join us. For over 10 years we've shown dedication to quality SIMming in an era of development and imagination.


    Currently we are featuring four different SIMs-two spaceships, a K-1 Space Station, and a human colony on New Darwin. We are actively looking for new members and would love to meet you!

  20. RakuraiStryker

    RakuraiStryker Ensign Newbie

    Apr 28, 2014
    URL: http://s6.zetaboards.com/usspretoria/index/
    Site name/RPG name: Star Trek Pretoria

    Star Trek Pretoria is seeking more writers to join us. We started back on the 4th of October, 2000.

    All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to submit an application.

    Star Trek Pretoria, is RECRUITING the following
    -- 6 Short Story Writers (asked to write one Story, atleast four pages long, every 3 to 4 months)
    -- Villains (one time appearance and recurring)
    -- Field Medic/Junior Medical officer
    -- Chief of Operations
    -- CONN officer
    -- Assistant Chief of Operations/Junior Engineer
    -- Science Officers

    This RPG's plot does not rely on a new war or ongoing war. "Heart, Humour and Action" was what Star Trek Pretoria was about.

    We explore the unknown reaches of space, and the guts and inner soul of our characters. Our storytelling contains characters that grow, develop, live, and die. And not everything was the same at the end of the day's events. Time period was several years after STAR TREK NEMESIS.

    USS Pretoria
    Eclipse class

    Current Mission: Exploration of Beta Quadrant
    CURRENT LOCATION: Dyson Sphere 3, Seraris Regions. Tak'cha Eridani system, Grid Epsilon, Beta Quadrant

    Angel: Romulan Android, went rogue. Angel was a major threat to anyone who tries to oppose her.

    Warlord Falkar: Tarosian Warlord. A dedicated and brilliant tactician, defeated the Pretoria, betrayed the Federation-Romulan fleet in the aftermath of battle, destroying the Romulan Flagship.

    Glimera: Nausicaan, Female. She was very calm and even nice on outward appearance, but has a very unstable personality. Bipolar, and can be very very cruel and wicked, purest psychopath.

    Pegrange: Nausicaan, Male. Calm, business-like, logical, cunning intellect. He was a true genius, which means he get bored very easily. He was the younger sibling to Glimera. His victims was strung up and left to die on display, a warning to others.

    Chester Sinclair-Alexander: Chester, along with other Unknown officer/officers belonging to Section 31 are discreetly trying to arrange the Pretoria's crew to die in "accidents"

    Alexandra Grace "Spanner" Maxwell
    She is the former acting Chief Engineer, now a member of the Klingon High Council, the House of Spanner.

    Alice Brangwin
    She is the Federation President, wife of Rakurai Stryker. Together they have twin girls, nearly four years old. Alice was the XO of Petawawa when it was very nearly destroyed by a Cardassian mine, 256 officers died.

    Alister Maxwell
    He is the First Officer.

    Consy Leliana Janeway-Coffee
    She is the Intelligence Officer.

    Desirée "Kellin" Jensen
    Acting Chief Medical Officer. Recently fell in love with Wren

    Junior Engineer. Species: Mizajinian Ant

    Head of Security. Species: Mizajinian Ant

    Lyhse Renee Cochrane
    She is the Chief Engineer

    Rakurai Stryker
    He is the Commanding Officer. Green skinned Amphibian from the Gamma Quadrant.

    Samantha Maxwell
    She is the Shuttle Pilot, sometimes HELM/CONN.

    He is the Science officer, on Vulcan dealing with shock and extreme trauma.

    She is the Counselor and Junior Science Officer.

    Junior Medic. Half Romulan and Human officer

    The Mudd Triplets
    Gabrielle, Danica and Candice Mudd. The Triplets run a popular vacation planet, a private military, a massive fleet of freighters and luxury cruise ships. Multi-billionaires.


    Signing off, your Friendly Neighbourhood Captain and also the winner of the greenest and scaliest captain award 14 years in a row !
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