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    Oct 6, 2009
    As 2387 begins and the great events of the Hobus event are set to unfold, Bravo Fleets Task Force 93 is seeking players of all levels of experience to tell this and other exciting stories along the Romulan Neutral Zone. At present the Task Force is in a state of rebuilding however our primary focus is on fun, creative
    story lines that allow players to engage with others and create some truly amazing science fiction. With the recent reduction in size of the Neutral Zone there is much to be explored and old rivalries to be renewed along the way.

    Taking the fight to enemies of the Federation are the 23rd Rangers, commonly known as Striker, they are a highly elite special operations team who are at the forefront of intelligence gathering and surgical strike operations. At the moment Striker is looking for a variety of specialists to join their Play by Forum group, if you're tired of the usual starship and starbase sims then why not join Striker and get some boots on the ground.


    If you like mixing things up a little but prefer the safety of shields and a hull but the possibility of a horrible death in the cold vacuum of space, then perhaps you will find the Ambassador Class USS Jericho more to your liking, she may be a venerable ship of the line but she has shown time and again that there is still life in her yet. The Nova based USS Jericho is seeking a new crew to join her Captain in flying the flag along the Neutral Zone where Romulans wait and plot around every nebula, or so they say at the Academy...


    With these and many other sims in TF93 looking for dedicated players now is the time to get your place in the Task Force that will be on the front lines when history is made, so what you waiting for? Go find a sim!

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    Apr 24, 2010

    Striker...The 23rd Rangers...An elite unit of Special Ops Troops...The invisible arm of Starfleet Intelligence...

    Needs Elite Players to fill positions for those that want something totally different from the normal Star Trek simm.

    Striker is a unique simm that caters to those people that have played Marines on Bravo Fleet sims and were left behind in the storyline because

    there's really nothing do do for a rifle toting grunt...Nothing that security can't do.

    Striker...The 23rd Rangers operate in Task Force 93, along the Federation/Romulan border. We are the counter to the Tal Shiar.

    We are looking for players, for the 23rd Ranger unit.

    Here are the open positions:

    Infiltration Specialist

    Computer Specialist




    Check us out!
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    Nov 8, 2006

    Starbase 400 is opening its doors and looking for experienced players to join our SMS based simm. SB400 is based in the Prime Universe in 2388, a time of change. Romulus and Remus are no more, the Enterprise-E is being decommissioned, and new technologies are being introduced.

    We’re looking for experienced and new simmers that can devote enough time to the simm to actively post about once a week. SB400 has been an active simm since 1995, operating as the USS Pegasus until 2006 when the Pegasus was assigned to SB400.

    SB400 is a Spacedock type starbase positioned near the Klingon and Romulan borders. She has what amounts to a small fleet assigned to her. Missions vary from Exploration to Combat, Black Ops/Intel to Scientific, and the best part is, YOU are the star!

    Currently, we’re looking for fill these key positions;
    Chief Conn Officer
    Chief Counselor Asst.
    Chief Security/Tactical Asst.
    Chief Operations Officer
    Marine Fighter Wing CO
    …and a variety of other rolls!

    Stop by our main site, www.starbase400.org and enjoy our custom flash menu while you explore our vast database, starbase specs, support ship info, Starbase tour, mission logs, image gallery, galactic news, and much more. Or, jump right to our SMS site and look over our crew roster and openings as well as current mission posts.

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    Feb 2, 2012
    Interested in star trek, want to be apart of an ever expanding and evolving story that you can directly affect, change and help evolve, Come join the USS Horizon Sim. It is a text based rpg that uses a forum stile posting instead of the standard email.

    The uss Horizon is a Intrepid class vessel attached to Task group alpha in Task Force 38. Bravo Fleet. It is a great ship with a good crew. If you are tired of email posting and are serous about Star Trek this sim is for you.

    Visit the website http://uss-horizon.info/index.php?page=main

    The crew manifest is out of date, contact my self or the captain about the position you are interested in.

    Thanks for reading and i hope to be rpging with you soon,

    Major Daniel Young
    Marine Commanding Officer
    Uss Horizon

    Lt. Colonel K'Tyra Parker
    Commanding Officer
    USS Horizon, NCC 74661
    Taskforce 38, Task Group Alpha
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    Feb 11, 2012
    Boston, MA
    Offering Nova 2 Hosting on my Domain

    Hello All,

    I was thinking that I would let some people setup and run their own NOVA RPG Management system on my server. You can see an example here. http://www.ussomega.com/omega

    Now I can offer this for free to only one group. Any others I would have to charge a small monthly fee because of bandwidth issues etc. For the free user, you must have an established RPG group of one of the following Genres

    Star Trek
    Deep Space Nine
    Babylon 5
    Battlestar Galactica
    Dungeons and Dragons
    seaQuest DSV (New)
    Stargate SG-1
    Stargate Atlantis
    Star Trek Online

    Any Interest?

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    May 29, 2010
    Action… Fascination… Camaraderie…​

    These are the words that describe Starbase Pioneer. Founded in 2009 as the U.S.S. Zeus, Starbase Pioneer has survived and thrived throughout various trials and tribulations. The goal of the sim is to create intriguing plotlines based upon established canon mixed with endless possibilities in infinite possibilities and to sim the way it was meant to be, free from rigid commands structures and free from intra-sim politics which has been the downfall of many sims over the years.

    After a few month hiatus, the starbase is back in operation at a new home in Pegasus Fleet. We are now looking for a new generation of crew to guide and direct a sim that is based upon the will of the players. We generally are a very active sim with an average of at least thirty posts a month, and we are fond of joint posting as well as solo posting. We focus on dynamic character development storylines built to keep you interested until the end of every mission. At each mission’s conclusion we ask every player what they thought of it and for advice on future mission, we strive to make Pioneer truly a player’s simulation.

    If this environment appeals to you, please visit our website at sb519.pegasusfleet.net. We look forward to simming with you. Currently we have a plethora of positions opening including:

    Executive Officer - “I serve the captain; but I stand for the crew,” the liaison between captain and crew, the Executive Officer acts as the disciplinarian, personnel manager, advisor to the captain, and much more. The Executive officer is responsible along with the commanding officer in keeping posting activities up and taking over the sim in the event of the Commanding Officer’s LOA. The XO also participates heavily in the plot line including conducting meetings with the senior staff. The XO and the CO also are the people who develop the main storyline with the assistance of the senior staff.

    Chief Flight Control Officer - Originally known as helm, or Flight Control Officer, CONN incorporates two job, Navigation and flight control. A Flight Control Officer must always be present on the bridge of a starship. S/he plots courses, supervises the computers piloting, corrects any flight deviations and pilots the ship manually when needed. The Chief Flight Control Officer is the senior most CONN Officer aboard, serving as a Senior Officer, and chief of the personnel under him/her.

    Chief Operations/Engineering Officer - The Chief Operations Officer has the primary responsibility of ensuring that the station functions on a day to day basis. S/he must prioritize resource allocations, so that the most critical activities can have every chance of success. The Engineering/Operations department combines the responsibilities of both departments. If so required, the COO can curtail shipboard functions if s/he thinks they will interfere with the ship's current mission or routine operations.

    Chief of Security - The Chief of Security maintains order and enforcement of both Federation and Starfleet regulations on the starbase. The Chief also takes the responsibility of all investigations on the starbase and is responsible for making sure that the station is at battle readiness 24/7.

    Chief Judge Advocate General – The Chief Judge Advocate General personally tries all crimes that take place on the starbase with the assistance of the JAG office. The CJAG is responsible for working with the Chief of Security on any pending investigation. The CJAG is the head of the Office of the Judge Advocate General on Starbase Pioneer.

    Marine Commanding Officer - The Marine CO is responsible for all the Marine personnel assigned to the ship/facility. S/he is in required to take command of any special ground operations and lease such actions with security. The Marine Commanding Officer is in charge of the station’s marine detachment, number 19, “The Rough Riders”.

    And more!

    Captain Carolyne Hall
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    Mar 1, 2012

    The USS Firefly, a Nebula class starship, has just been assigned up the Romulan NZ with an experienced captain in the center chair, however, disaster strikes when the ship is several days away from the nearest starbase when an act of sabotage forces the Firefly to eject its warpcore while it was traveling at low warp, the core exploding a short time later.

    With only limited power now available, most of the power intensive systems go offline, one of them being the shields, shortly after the core exploded the Captain disappears in a green transporter beam, gone, taken from the center chair just like that, leaving the Klingon/Vulcan hybrid XO to take over the ship.

    The Firefly is just left with its impulse reactors and batteries to supply power to the ship while it starts to limp back towards the starbase, leaving most of the systems offline to save the power in the batteries.

    What awaits them? Will they make it? will help get to them first? or will something else find them and take advantage of their current situation?

    Join us today to find out.


    Positions currently open:

    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer (This can be broken down into two positions if needed)
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Plus a few others, but the listing above are the ones I would like to be filled first.

    All assistant chief positions.

    The Firefly is a play by Nova simm utilising the latest version of Nova by Anodyne Productions.


    "Congratulations on your promotion Commander, I am glad to have you with me instead of with someone else." Captain Hues said with a smile as he stood up and offered to shake Klek's hand.

    "Thank you Sir, it is an honour to serve with you." Klek replied in Klingon fashion and gave the offered hand a firm shake.

    "You are a damned good first officer Klek, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and you will be a damned good commanding officer one day."

    "Thank Si......" The red alert klaxons interupt their conversation and Klek instantly tapped his commbadge. "Bridge report."

    "Sir, We have detected some abnormal neutrino emissions behind us, also Engineering is reporting they are having some containment issues." The Ops officer answered.

    Klek and Hues gave eachother a quick glance before they barreled out of the readyroom and onto the bridge. "Core breach imminent." The computer suddenly reported over the speakers. "Microfractures forming in dilithium matrix and housing, core breach imminent."

    "Engineering, report." Hues ordered.

    "Captain, we don't know what is causing this, but we can't control what is going on, the core is going to breach."

    "Eject the core, Helm, keep us coasting at warp and try to turn us towards the nearest starbase." Hues rattled off.

    The ship pitched to the port side and started to turn as the telltale thunk and slide of the core being eject was heard through out the ship, nearly instantly causing wide spread power failures as the ship and Ops struggled to cope with the sudden lack of power. "Shields offline, weapons offline, we have minimal sensors and lifesupport." Ops yelled out as the ship continued to turn.

    The bright, green light of a Romulan transporter beam lit up the bridge and Klek turned around in time to see the Captain disappear, than there was silence until Klek swore loudly in Klingon. "Ops, I want shields restored, even if it is just partial shields, give me something, Security, secure all decks."

    "Yes Sir" Came the unified response.

    End of prelude.

  8. Moonsword

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Something I forgot to include is the Firefly is an 18+ simm

  9. Beavercorp

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Reshape the Federation with the USS Sutherland

    Reshape the Federation, literally. The USS Sutherland is looking for you to help Starfleet reshape the Federation’s border along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Assigned to Task Force 93, codenamed SEARCH or Starfleet’s Exploratory and Advanced Research Command Headquarters, Captain McGavin and his crew are charged with exploring both space and their new found comradery with their green-blooded neighbours.

    The Sutherland is ready to set sail on her new adventures but she’s missing one thing, you on her command crew. There are several positions available, and they are listed below. Please visit our site here. Apply today, adventure tomorrow!

    The most important positions to fill are marked with an asterisk (*)
    First Officer*
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Tactical Officer*
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Marine Commander (Works as Asst. CTO)

    **The First Officer, Tactical Officer and Engineering Officers are crucial for the first mission
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    Mar 24, 2012
    Glory is the Shadow of Virtue

    the year is 2381, a time of great peace for the alpha quadrant. The end of the dominion war brought about a new and lasting peace for the major powers of the alpha quadrant. unfortunatly not everyone saw this as a good thing. The Cardassian union forced to demilitarize, resents the federation now more then ever espesally after the inclusion of bajor. many delta quadrent races encountered by the USS voyager have begun to reach our boarders. The borg who were thought destroied have started to reappear on the outskirts of federation space, and if that were not bad enough a new enemy has joined in.

    Stardate 58939.87 Following a trip to Starbase 142 to pick up the new Chief Tactical/Security Officer, the USS Chimera departs - Just in time to see part of the station destroyed as a mysterious ship leaves the system. heavily damaged from the explosion the USS Chimera pursues the attacker only to discover they are human.

    after returning to Starbase Alexandria, the attackers are reviewed and interrogated by admiral Brown who discovers they are more then just human, they are Terran.

    now Admiral brown is forced to mobilize shadow fleet as quickly as possible to counter a pending invasion force from the mirror universe.

    join shadow fleet in the fight for not only the alpha quadrant but our entire universe. Admiral brown has ordered the early launch of many ships that were still under construction to meet the the threat of invasion.

    many positions are available ranging from the the lowly crewmen tasked with finishing the construction of a ship all the way to commanding officer of some ship that were forced out before crews were assigned

    shadow fleet is still a small fleet but we hope to find new members soon, the fleet consists of 6 starship (USS Cimera, USS Valley Forge A, USS Camelot, USS Avalon A, USS Eclipse, and the USS Phoenix) 1 starbase (USSB Alexandria) and 15 active characters.

    I am Captain Morgan Black commanding officer of the USS Valley Forge A, as well as shadow fleets acting chief of staff, we are currently recruiting all positions at all levels.

    If you are interested please contact me at acedax666@yahoo.com and i will be more then happy to get you enrolled and on duty as quickly as possible.
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    May 25, 2012
    Greetnigs ALL!
    USS Javelin NCC-11003-A. I'm captain Darvin Sato the Javelin. The Javelin is one of the premier sims in one of the fastest growing and largest Startrek PBEM Sims.

    We welcome all applicants of all experience and all walks of life and hope you'll consider clicking the join page. See the open positions and pay no attention to the npc's they're always willing to move. If you have any further questions please feel free to drop me a line Ry.Guy@me.com

    We're searching for a lot of positions right now and are looking like I said for all different levels of skill. So if you've ever even thought about it give it a shot whats the worst that could happen. You've got my email please don'e hesitate to ask me any questions. Thanks again all.

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    May 28, 2012
    OMEGA FLEET ONLINE - The Final Destination is Ours


    A beacon in the night grows ever brighter now that they are here. They have been charged with the duty of bringing peace back to the Federation and her member worlds. They have been charged with the task of ending the war. They stand along our borders and prevent the evil from crossing. They are the ones that guard us and our families.

    They are the proud members of Omega Fleet Online. In this time of war, this Fleet was assembled to stand against the darkness and to end the troubling times that have claimed the lives of so many.

    Every journey starts with a single step. That is how Omega Fleet Online is starting now, with single step. We are a new fleet. But we are led by our strength and our determination. We will strive and we will survive and we will not yeild until we reach our destination.

    For more information, please visit our site http://www.omegafleetonline.com

    Ships Divided by Task Forces

    Task Force Judgement (COMMAND)
    Sabre Base, General Booth
    USS Expanse, Rear Admiral Danny Maddox

    TF Wrath (2386)
    SB 808, Commodore Jasmin Marie-Bonaparte
    Wraith Squadron, Commander Loran Kell
    USS Freedom, Lt commander James Kilran

    Ships in need of Commanding Officers
    USS Norwood, VACANT
    USS Spectre, VACANT

    If you're a CO looking to join or have questions, email me at cnc@omegafleetonline.com
  13. Lan Parker

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    May 30, 2012
    In search of Truth and Liberty::The Langport

    The Langport

    The Ritorians have been stepping up their activities, their activities becoming more and aggressive by the day, itching for expansion from their comparitively small territory. They'd doubled in size since Starfleet last checked and now they were worried. Ritorian technology was catching up quickly and they weren't going to back down easily. Pegasus Fleet already in the region were ordered to oversee patrols and prevent further expansion into Federation territory, to protect their citizens and then the Soujourners broke away. Tensions flared especially when the Ritorians launched a large strike force the likes of which Federation had very little intelligence about.

    Eventually, although particularly uneasy with still frequent bursts of violence a sense of stability had come to all regions involved. Each day became easier, the patrols quietened down and the politics took its part or did it. Pegasus Fleet command seemed to think so but one officer wasn't so sure and he elected to take his vessel to the far side of Ritorian space a six to twelve month round trip at best. With his established, experienced and well trained crew they ventured forth to retrieve Intelligence that frankly the Command had no real interest in receiving other than hobbyism and clearing the books.

    Coming to towards their destination, they detected what appeared to be a mass collision of two battle forces. From their own intelligence it appeared like the Ritorians were fighting someone, but who? Instead of investigating more thoroughly they turned back unwilling to engage and signalled a Federation Starbase, much closer than its home Starbase 332 that it was going to return there.

    Yet it never arrived and it wasn't like they were worried because ships normally signalled from quite a distance away about their intentions.

    Languishing in the dark reaches of space, adrift, empty and powerless in an unknown, unfamiliar, uncharted territory, the once experienced crew had mostly vanished, the warp core shut down and all systems locked.

    The year is 2386 and The Langport is just getting started.

    Sign up <here!>

    CO Murik King

    Positions Available: Chief Medical Officer | Chief Intelligence Officer | Chief of Security & Chief Engineer

    Do you think we have what it takes? Then promote us!
    Send your rating of us to Effie!

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    Nov 11, 2010
    somwhere in Milky Way
    Starfleet Command forum

    Starfleet Command forum is a forum for all Star Trek fans interested in roleplaying.

    Year is 2372, and with Dominion threat is looming on the horizon, uncertainity is larger than ever. Previous two years saw destruction of Galaxy class USS Odyssey and combined Tal'Shiar – Obsidian Order fleet, formation of Maquis. Due to all these events, Starfleet Command has decided to set up a network where all Federation and allied (Bajoran, Klingon, Ferengi, independent, and so on) military personnel and civilians can discuss any important news, share intelligence or simply have a chat.

    Starfleet Command Forum is that network. Alongside public part of forum, it has part of forum that is reserved for Starfleet personnel and is used to share intelligence, have discussion about strategic or tactical situation or share any Starfleet-only news and info.

    Do you have what it takes to survive and do your duty in these trying times?

    Join today at:
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    Mar 1, 2012

    The USS Shackleton is a brand new Nebula class ship of the line, built with the latest of technologies, and only just launching.

    Her mission is to report to the Romulan Neutral Zone and start patrolling.
    But things are happening in Romulan space, Strange readings on the sensors, Mysterious encounters, Sabotage and Fighting.

    It is our job to investigate these and make sure it does not become a a threat to the Federation.

    Join us today and become part of the Shackleton story, told by us, the crew of the Shackleton.



    The Shackleton is a play by Nova game based in the year 2387.

    The events of the Hobus supernova are yet to have happened.

    Positions open include:

    Executive Officer
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Flight Controller
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Medical Officer

    Join us today and become part of a unique story.

  16. David Brennon

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    May 31, 2009
    Task Force Gamma is relaunching on our fourth anniversary with a new take on our original Simulation. We are back in business and new players are welcome!

    The year is 2383, the Galaxy-class USS Hartington-A is returning from beyond the farthest boarders of known space to a dramatically different Federation. As the ship takes on new crewmembers and the crew awaits their new orders, they come to find out just how much has changed since they've been gone -- and the lengths some will go to see to it that things will never be the same again.

    Set after the events of Star Trek: Destiny and during the Cold War with the Typhon Pact, the Hartington's adventures will propel the crew between seeking out the unknown and unraveling the dangerous political web constantly being woven around them.

    You may can apply for the following positions:

    Senior Officers, Department Heads, and Lead Personnel
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Head Nurse
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Marine Detachment Executive Officer
    Marine Detachment First Sergeant
    Chief of the Boat

    Junior Officers and Enlisted Personnel
    Intelligence Officer
    Bridge Watch Officer
    Security Officer
    Security Specialist
    Science Officer
    Science Specialist
    Fighter/Support Craft Pilot
    Transporter Specialist
    Engineering Officer
    Engineering/Operations Specialist
    Medical Officer
    Civilian Specialists

    Visit our gameplay forums at http://www.taskforcegamma.com/tfgforums or E-Mail the Commanding Officer at captaindavidbrennon@gmail.com
  17. R. Star

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Love Star Trek? Of course you do!

    Well now you can immerse yourself in the Star Trek universe by joining Shadow Fleet!

    With a well organised structure and exciting missions, we offer our players the chance to grow and progress with the promise of real-world forum moderation, global moderation and even administrator privileges!

    We're also big believers in allowing a starship captain to do their own thing, so the admiralty will never get in the way! By following this ethos, every SIMM is different with it's own unique slant on the Star Trek story.

    Like what you read? Well, that's not all!

    In addition to great storylines and professionally run SIMMs, we also give each member access to the following great features:

    - Affiliates / Have your own site? Become affiliated with us and watch the traffic come in!
    - Your Messages / More than just another PM feature, your own message center includes advanced features like LoA auto-reply. Going away? Set your message to autorespond letting everyone know when they send you a message!
    - Articles / Indulge your literary talents further by submitting an article on your favorite aspect of Star Trek, an episode review or even a write up on a previous mission! Read, rate and comment on other articles to show your support for your fellow crewmates!
    - Blog / Your very own blog center where you can keep track of your thoughts and read and comment on other people's blogs.
    - Awards / As you progress through your Shadow Fleet career, you'll earn the chance to attain awards and ribbons through service to your SIMM and fleet.
    - Competitions and prizes / Shadow Fleet regularly runs competitions for its members with great prizes including posters, DVDs and other Star Trek memorabilia!

    But that's not all. By joining today, you will also take a place in our close-knit community. Our members are friendly and welcoming and you're sure to fit in in no time!

    Interested? Then why not check us out?

    Just head along to http://www.shadowfleet.org/forum and sign up today!

    To find out more before you join, take a look at our Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel, StarTrek.com page or Blogger account
  18. David Brennon

    David Brennon Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    May 31, 2009
    Task Force Gamma is relaunching on our fourth anniversary with a new take on our original Simulation. We are back in business and new players are welcome!

    The year is 2383, the Galaxy-class USS Hartington-A is returning from beyond the farthest boarders of known space to a dramatically different Federation. As the ship takes on new crewmembers and the crew awaits their new orders, they come to find out just how much has changed since they've been gone -- and the lengths some will go to see to it that things will never be the same again.

    Set after the events of Star Trek: Destiny and during the Cold War with the Typhon Pact, the Hartington's adventures will propel the crew between seeking out the unknown and unraveling the dangerous political web constantly being woven around them.

    You may can apply for the following positions:

    Support Craft Pilot - Runabouts and Shuttles (Officer and Enlisted)
    Fighter Pilot (Officer Only)
    Science Specialists and Officers (Officer and Enlisted)
    Civilian Scientists
    Security Specialists and Officers (Officer and Enlisted)
    Medical Officer (M.D.) (Officer Only)
    Lead Nurse (Officer Only)
    Nurse (Officer or Enlisted)
    Corpsmen (Enlisted Only)
    Civilian Physicians
    IME (Interspecies Medical Exchange) Physician (May be non-Federation, Officer or Civilian)
    Starfleet Corps of Engineers Team Members (Officer or Enlisted)
    Starfleet Academy Cadet
    Civilian Residents

    We are currently looking for interested players to take Assistant Department Chief and Junior Officer positions to to build a in depth and dedicated crew. Senior Officer positions are open depending on player experience and availability.

    Visit our gameplay forums at http://www.taskforcegamma.com/tfgforums or E-Mail the Commanding Officer at cinc@taskforcegamma.com
  19. Timelord Victorious

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    Feb 27, 2006
    Germany, Earth, the Solar System
    STO Roleplay: Task Force Phoenix

    Stardate 64387: The Federation has mainly recovered after the devastating war with the Dominion.
    Many colonies, smaller spacefaring races and unalligned forces which were affected by the war are still in political turmoil and in a difficult rebuilding process in many regions of space of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant.

    The destruction of Romulus results in many political differences throughout the quadrant to heaten up, raids by pirates, scarce resources and overpopulated colonies by refugees.

    The Federation council approves of a special joined task force to counter the criminality, act as a peacekeeping armada and carry on Starfleet's primary mandate for exploration and diplomacy.

    In honor of a similar endevour in the early 21st century on Earth it is designated "Task Force Phoenix".

    It's mandate:

    Establish a peacekeeping presence of Starfleet and allied civilization's space navies in Sector 746649.

    Patrol the neighboring systems.

    (Re-)establish diplomatic relations with colonies and alien worlds.

    Build a new permanent Starbase as a hub for fleet support, humanitarian help and commerce.

    Task Force Phoenix will primarily be Starfleet Ships and crews, but every race of the quadrant receives an invitation to participate and can send in their forces as well.
    This can include Federation member worlds like Vulcans, Caitians, Andorians and non aligned worlds (Ferengi, Cardassian and even Dominion) as well as traders and diplomats.

    Appointed as contact and commander of the Task Force is Andorian Fleet Captain Thyris.
    Applications to join are to be sent to him.

    As a first objective he issues the plan to establish task force council to determine administrative work and distribution of resources as well as plans for military operations.

    That council may consist of rotating members of Starfleet and other allegiances.


    Admiral Quinn, Fleet Admiral Starfleet
    United Federation of Planets
  20. Arthius

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    Jul 14, 2012
    United Confederation Fleet Wants You!
    United Confederation Fleet is newly formed and just a few weeks from the end of it's first quarter. The United Confederation Fleet is the operational exploratory and military authority of the Planetary Alliance political coalition. It was formally formed in 2404 then reformed in 2412 and superseded the role of the Starfleet Command which was a more loosely controlled body tasked with the same purpose.

    The UCF, as it it is more commonly referred to, is a structured military styled organization with starships, facilities and personnel donated by it's member governments.

    Operation of the UCF is overseen by the Planetary Alliance Council which draws its members from each government that has signed into contributing and cooperating with the UCF. This council appoints a Commander in Chief who commands the organization on a day to day basis.

    We currently have 4 sims, 2 starships, a starbase and a Risa (Rated 18+, but, not XXX) sim. All are looking for crew. With UCF your character is not limited to just the Federation, but, you can have them come from the military of any of the member governments!!!!

    Our sims currently include:

    CSS Enterprise:

    Winds of Change
    In the wake of massive cutbacks and resource mismanagement in the Federation and attacks on both aligned and non-aligned world by those posing as Starfleet a new government has been proposed. Built in the image of the former United Confederation Fleet or UCF they will be forces and politicians drawn from participating worlds. In theory to allow better access to those who do not wish to join the Federation. But already new forces have reared their heads to conduct terrorist attacks on non-Cardassiasns using bio-weapons. In these dark times will the UCF and Alliance succeed?

    Risan Hedony State:

    Prelude - Seceding from the Federation
    After several years of discontent with the Federation and StarFleet the Risan government had come to a painful decision of seceding from the Federation and becoming an independent world.

    But with this decision came some major consequence they had to give up StarFleet protection both on land and in space. Which has allowed the Orion Syndicate to run rampant both in space and on the ground and allow some other crime syndicates to run rampant.

    Now with a new fleet coming into power the Risan Hedony State is considering using them for training and protection in space.

    Starbase Nimitz:

    Starbase Nimitz is is located near the edges of Federation and Romulan space roughly 30 light years from SD-6. The starbase was recently turned over to UCF control to give the Fleet a foothold deeper in the quadrant.

    USS Heyerdahl(sims in the new Star Trek movie universe, set in 2242):

    Look Who's Talking
    The crew of the Heyerdahl return to the ship after four months of downtime and reassignment. During that time, the ship underwent a number of systems upgrades, among which the new vocal computer interface, which still has a few kinks. Stationed at Starbase 12, the Heyerdahl awaits the arrival of old and new crew before setting off on another mission.

    Orion Colony [Brand New]:

    Orion, the son of Poseidon and Eulyra. The noble hunter who was born of the gods and immortalized in the night skies of Earth.

    It is ten years after the end of the Dominion War and the Quadrants have entered a fragile peace. The Federation, Klingons and Romulans have worked together to try to rebuild, but things are never as quiet as they seem. Orion Colony has been tasked a part in the protection of this peace. They assist nearby starbases and colonies in defense and aid while continuing to conduct research on the lost civilization that once inhabited the system.

    Join us as we protect the the innocent, discover the unknown, and explore the final frontier...

    CSS Andoria:

    The Call of the Sirens

    The USS Andoria has just been assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 93 along the Romulan Neutral Zone. At lot of attention was paid the USS Andoria since it was the first ship since the late 2260's to be named for one of the founding worlds of the Federation.

    However before the Andoria is even out of the door of Deep Space Six, Commodore Gabriel West has ordered the ship to look into the matter of several mission ships along the newly reduced Romulan Neutral Zone. The Andoria has been order to investigate why over ten ships have been reported mission by several shipping companies.

    In addition to those sims we have a "mothball fleet" which has several sims that have open CO positions.

    Check out http://www.confederation-fleet.org and join today!!!