Resident Evil 5

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by PKerr, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. judge alba

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    Apr 7, 2008
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    got the game a week ago got the the bit where you meet the first of the chain saw guys and got stuck. wish there was a cheat on the ps3 for unlimited health or something. still wont give up must be away of getting thruogh or no one would complete the game.

    not too keen on the game as such, it hasnt really got that resident evil feel to it. i feel this one and re4 have wandered off track some what though i still enjoy them they are not as scary as the others.
  2. clint g

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    A good way to deal with that guy is to chuck a fiore grenade at him at the very beginning. Back up, pop a few rounds into his eye (its his weak spot) and when he staggers, punch him. Back up a little and he will chase you. shoot the transformer that is above the bottom part of the stairs and it will fall down and do some damage to him.
  3. Cky

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    Nov 20, 2008
    The way I do it is just get a shotgun (which you can get before you reach him, it's in the locked room in 1-1, before you meet the blonde lady. Basically I get right up close and personal to him, aim high and shoot him in the face, he'll drop back and then you can melee him, wait for him to raise the chainsaw back up and he'll run at you again, wait for him to come close again, shoot and melee, repeat until he's dead. If you get stuck, run back to one of the red barrels, wait until he's close and fire, then run up to him and melee.
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    I used red barrels and then after that any nades and if hes still standing just play hit n run with the odd meele attack. I really liked that boss one of the few TBH because the others get rather boring and well similar.
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    I just gotten the 50th achievement out of 50 and may I say, Pro Mode is a total bitch :lol: Me n my friend died more times in that mode than Amateur, Normal & Veteran combined, the Wesker/Jill fight was a bitch though after we found out that you can shoot Jills red thing when holding her plus a combo of flash nade rounds, it got easier.

    Anyone else gotten all 50 ? oh and the Hyrda shotgun rules ;)

    Also has anyone gotten any sales info o Resident Evil 5 ? I know it started well but has that carried on with word of mouth ?