Renegades: Ominara

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    Looks like [not Trek] Renegades is carrying on with Renegades: Ominara.

    This is a Mirror Universe story about legally-distinct-from-Uhura Ominara, starring Nichelle Nichols as Ominara and Loren Lott playing her in flashbacks. The Sun seems to think this is an official Trek movie:rolleyes:
    I love Of Gods and Men shamelessly, Renegades and Renegades: The Requiem (where Nichelle's Uhura counterpart was Admiral Jamison, named for the first black woman in space who cameoed in a TNG episode) much less so. But I'll check this out.
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    I just ignore the legal nonsense and consider it Trek myself.
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    Shitty Trek.
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    No update for months on the kickstarter but an article in The Sun?

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