Remembering Judith Barsi

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    She would have gone far had a paranoid and abusive drunkard not killed her and her mother when he found out they were going to leave him.

    I think that had she survived, she could've been an all time great in the voiceover industry. She'd been voicing in Don Bluth films for the last couple years of her life, and Bluth showered praise on her ability to take direction and convey emotion. She had started getting into televised cartoon voices as well. I think her floor in terms of voice over success would've been a career like that of Lacey Chabert, specializing in voicing light-voiced girl characters. However, if her voice had deepened later on and she'd developed more range, the sky might have been the limit for her and she could've had a Tara Strong/Grey Delisle-esque voice over career.
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    She voiced Ducky in the first Land Before Time. I read somewhere years ago that her epitaph reads “Yep yep yep!” Which is something Ducky always said. A sweet tribute.
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    Michael Brody's daughter in Jaws: The Revenge. So sad.
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    Gone at only 10 years old, very sad. I thought she did a particularly good job in All Dogs Go to Heaven, which was her last film and actually released after her death. It's hard to watch that film now, knowing what happened to her, especially since the themes of the film revolve around death.
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    Yeah, her last line in the film is heartbreaking...