remade scene? (spoilers)

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    Re: remade scene?

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    Re: TWOK remade scene?

    Absolutely. Or as I said elsewhere, I think this means I am in a cult.
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    Old one was a classic, new one was a nice hommage. Both Chris and Zach nailed it.
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    I first saw Star Trek II: Into the Wrath of Spock 'sDarkness and facepalmed when Spock screamed. I was at least glad that at the point of Kirk's death he didn't utter, "Oh, my!" so at the very least I had that. My facebook post was "Except for one iconic line of dialog, this was a great Trek!" In fact, I really like the way it was similar but not the same as WoK (fixed points in time - though happening in different times as such...) and I liked how each had learned from the other and did what the other would do in their situation which served as a great counterpoint to the earlier scene with McCoy telling Kirk Spock would have let him die.

    After subsequent viewings I have softened my opinion of the Scream because I realized that Spock was carrying around a lot of pent up rage with the death of his mother and his planet and what has amounted to the only friend he's ever known taken from him. I understand the why of the Scream and the only critique I still muster is Quinto's performance. The actor just didn't seem to have it quite right. Granted, Shatner's performance was a ruse to throw off his opponent (a fact I had figured out after the "days seemed like hours" had passed) but noone can scream like the Shat! This scene was great for these two characters in the story

    I'm glad they did what they did as I see these NuTrek films as a way of bridging Trek over generations. Kent may have been a great actor, but the play was the thing and subsequent performances of Shakespeare have kept the Bard in the public eye for many generations. Yes, JJ threw the old folks a bone but it was a lovely bone and it honored what meat we feasted upon once ago.
    This is a vision of a future for 2013 as opposed to a vision of a future for '64-67 and I'm fine with that. Just as I hope to find a vision of the future for 2053 to be as fine.
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    Could not agree more with what you said fans wanted a too see tos again ,this just makes it freash again and to see the crew in action with great stories makes for good trek ?
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    When I saw the scene, my reaction was "Seriously? You're actually doing this?" everytime they copied an aspect of the scene. It actually got to the point that when Spock ran into engineering I asked "where's the elderly Chinese guy? Isn't Spock supposed to bump into an elderly Chinese guy?"

    Even among people I know in real life (people who love the Abrams series) the remake of Spock's death isn't going over well at all. I know a guy who saw Trek XI multiple times in theatres and has seen STID at least twice so far who said copying Spock's death scene and switching Kirk and Spock was "really cheesy."