Refit Enterprise Power/Data Management Systems

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    I've been trying out a few different solutions as to how the power and data systems are arranged on the Refit Enterprise. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on my final-ish design :)

    So I'm trying to approach this as logically as possible, balancing function with sensible cable routing etc. With that in mind, I think a hub and spoke layout works well for the saucer section based on its shape and the location of its power source (impulse engineering). Major EPS (Power) and ODN (Data) trunks connect the impulse engineering section to the physically reinforced central core of the saucer, which houses the vertical computer core and the EPS management systems which govern the power distribution on each deck. The central location of the hub ensures it is deep within the saucer and far away from any unpleasant outer hull impacts.

    Pictured here is the central computer core from immediately beneath the bridge, and you can see the EPS (blue) and ODN (yellow) cables connected up to both the computer core itself and the EPS management terminals on each deck;
    Pretty much all of the cabling is routed through the 40cm cavity between each deck, and from this central hub all of the various EPS and ODN cables will spread outward towards their various relevant systems.

    I'd also like to think that because of the modular nature of this design, you could lose say G Deck with an unlucky torpedo hit, and it wouldn't effect any other decks because they all have their own EPS system and dedicated chunk of the computer core. It would also allow for complete isolation of any given deck in the case of an emergency or enemy incursion.

    What do you think? I'm not 100% on the canon with this so it would be great to hear your views. Thanks :)
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    Looks like you've been carefully thinking it through here...