Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-line

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    Please post your threads in here if u want to hook up for on-line fun for games such as Legacy, Bridge Commander, Elite Force etc!

    This will help focus the forum and make it look slightly better structured.

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    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    who wants to play the new star trek game thats out its called

    Star Trek: Dilbert

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    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    After the Dominion war, much of the Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire had been overwhelmed by the obliteration caused by fighting. Many systems had endured grueling battles, and destruction from orbital bombardments and ground-based fighting. Most of each government’s fleets had been devastated as well, leaving each with a much smaller force with which to protect themselves from aggressors.

    It was then that the rebuilding project began. Many new starships were constructed in haste to build up the over-taxed fleet. Shipyards were producing mass quantities of shuttles, fighters and starships by the month; the idea that the quicker the drones built the new starships, or repaired damaged ones, the quicker StarFleet could restart its primary mission: Exploration of new star systems and territories.

    Within six months, there were over a thousand new starships added to StarFleet’s array of vessels. StarFleet Command began to worry that management of so many new starships would become unbearable for any one command to handle. At its current pace, the fleet would become completely unmanageable within another six months.

    Thus, the idea was born to create multiple command fleets. The purpose of these Command Fleets would be to manage and oversee other fleet operations within StarFleet. Command Fleet was born. The problem of fleets that were too large, or made-up of alien races would be solved by placing them under these command fleets. Each Command Fleet would then report to Fleet Command, the overall authority over the management and supervision of starship operations for StarFleet.

    The only problem that arose initially with the brilliance of this new fleet structure was who to place in command. It would take someone of considerable bearing, character and charisma to run such an organization containing a diverse array of ships and personnel. It became easily recognized that if the wrong people were put in-charge, the end result would be more disastrous for StarFleet Command than it would have been before.

    It took nearly two months before they came up with a list of capable and competent leaders to run this new command. They began with Captain Jim Salas, a much respected and honored hero of the Dominion war. He was a man without a ship, because during his crew's last battle, the ship was so badly hit, that SFC decided it was not only cheaper, but smarter to just build a new ship as apposed to re-building his last one. He would be an Admiral in this fleet.

    The next piece was Lt. Tyler Baccus. Although he was only a lieutenant, he had been through many wars, and the only reason he'd not been promoted was because none of his Commanders stayed alive long enough to promote him. He would he placed as an Admiral, and head of the Fleet's security division.

    The next few pieces weren't so easy: Lt. Commander Malc was serving on the USS New York, and he was about to be promoted to Captain. Getting Malc was important, as he was a strategy-man, a person who could move the proverbial chess-pieces with the best of them. Eventually, StarFleet Command managed to persuade him to come aboard and he was promoted to Fleet Captain.

    Commanders Anarra Danrea and Zandile Rey were added to the staff due to their vast knowledge in their respective fields of expertise.

    These officers served with distinction during the first year of the establishment of Fleet Command, providing StarFleet with the structured organization that was required to manage a fleet that had expanded so quickly. Each saw great success, gaining rank as they progressed through the baby-steps comprising Fleet Command’s first, vital few months.

    Captain Jim Salas was promoted to Fleet Admiral, a wartime rank, but used to maintain positive control over such a vast force. Lt. Commander Malc was elevated to the rank of Admiral, maintaining his position as second-in-command. Lt. Tyler Baccus also saw promotion to admiralty, but disappeared during a mission. His body has never been recovered and he is presumed dead. Commanders Anarra Danrea and Zandile Rey were likewise promoted through the ranks to Commodore and Vice Admiral, respectively.

    In June 2386, a new addition to Fleet Command arrived, bringing with him an extensive background of command and control familiarity, and the knowledge to run a successful Research & Development program. Rear Admiral Gilad Pelleaon took over the R&D program already in place, correcting many oversights and disposing of fraudulent projects.

    Today, Fleet Command is as strong as ever, with each of its flagships undergoing their own specific missions. For now, peace endures throughout most of the galaxy, but as usual, there is always trouble to be found. Threats and dangers still loom on the horizon for the recovering Federation to face. Fleet Command standing by…

    We currently have openings in every department. Although most of our ships(sims) are completely full, We are always looking for fans of Trek to join us.

    Want to command your owns vessel?

    We currently have 37 Captains, and 6 Admirals who command, but we are looking for new talent.

    If you love Star Trek, then you're gonna love us!

    Our forums are filled with logs from every officer. We also have a huge library of resources, and offer a serial...for those of you who like to write. This is the link to the forums This is the link to the main site.

    But make sure to look at the forums, all the action takes place in there.

    We also offer board sims, for those of you who cannot attend live-sims.


    Admiral Heath Malc
    CO Star Base-141
    Head of Fleet Operations.
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    Mar 25, 2007
    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    Federation Space: Where new legends are born

    In the wake of a government's failure, the people of the Federation turn towards the future. A new President works to rebuild and reshape the UFP, restoring it to its former glory. What enemies wait in the shadows, ready to pounce upon the re-made Federation? What alliances will crumble and which former enemies will become trusted friends?

    Welcome to Federation Space, a Star Trek Role-Playing game set 37 years after the events portrayed in ST:TNG, ST:DS9, and ST:Voyager. Players assume the roles of Star Fleet Officers and enlisted members stationed on ships and bases throughout Federation Space.

    Federation Space has over one hundred members, and is always looking to recruit more. We currently have 9 ships, each with ten or more crew, and three Starbases. We are expanding, and testing out our first Player Run Starbase.

    Join the fleet at
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    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    Got Armada one installed and working on XP so any Europeans play it online still or I could maybe manage East coast americans since I have fast internet connection.
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    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    Hi there, im form a Star Trek Gaming Clan called The United Federation Of Planets or [UFP] we are currently looking for new members to become part of our growing trek family, we have various fleets and departments in UFP all with lots of skilled officers all willing to help you,

    UFP plays the following games,

    Bridge Commander
    Starfleet Command 3
    Elite Force 1 & 2
    Armada 1 & 2
    Star trek Legacy(PC)and(Xbox360)
    Star Trek Online (once released)

    Take a look at our site and Forum:

    if you like what you see and wish to join, all you have to do is post in our Oaths forum, once accepted you'll be placed in our Academt program, after a little training you'll Graduate and become a ensign, with the chance to move up the ranks with your gaming and department work,

    well ive gone on long enough, if you do like what you see and do decide to join, please say the Hartley sent you when posting your Oath.

    thanks for your time, i hope to see you soon,

    Fleet Captain Hartley
    The United Federation Of Planets [UFP]
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    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    The Antares Sector, a lawless region on the border of Federation space, pirates and cutthroats dominate occupied almost the entire sector. For one hundred years the Antares Sector has been a highly disputed area of space to which every major power in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrant claims to be there own. Only one power has a true claim in that space. Which power remains a mystery. After a hundred years of conflict in the year 2385 Starfleet has decided to try to solve the mystery by ordering the formation of a new fleet based out of the Beta Antares Shipyards under the command of Commodore Kathryn Quach.

    The fleet’s sole purpose will be to travel into the southern Antares sector to restore order and seek to find information about the region of space, which has remained mostly unexplored. That fleet was made up of some of Starfleet’s top Captains and best minds in varying fields and has been codenamed: Valiant Operations.
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    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    I'm open to an Elite Force fragfest. However, my schedule may prove to be inhibitive as I work a second shift.
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    Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

    I'm looking for anyone who wants to play Star Trek: A Shag to far. I need someone to play the part of Lt.Com. Busty Asseté.
  10. FSF_Trinity

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    Oct 21, 2007
    USS Exeter...Truly Going Where No One Has Gone Before

    USS Exeter
    USS Exeter "Live Chat" simulation is a part of SFOL (Space Fleet OnLine), a proud member of the Federation Simulation Fleet (FSF).
    The USS Exeter takes place 26 years after the movie "Nemesis". We meet on Thursday nights at 10:30 pm EST in chat room "sfolussexeter"

    The Romulan's are now our Allies and things have been going fairly well until...

    Captain Eirual Esrom has been sentenced to one year in the Brig. Her replacement, Captain Claude Gomez, is a hard liner who demands strict adherence to the rules. The USS Exeter is now on a dangerous Mission to engage a foe they thought had been eliminated as they prepare once again to face the BORG.

    Open Positions: AENG, AMED, ASCI, CADETS


    Rated: PG-13

    Sim Summary: (September 2007):
    "Aftermath - Part two"

    The trial continues as Barak questions Eurial's command decisions. As the trial comes to and end, Barak is certain he will prove his case and have her removed. Oneco Koi, acting as Captain Esrom's legal counsel, believes he has made his case for her innocence. Eurial Esrom, however has her doubts.

    Unbeknownst to Barak or Eirual, Cairo has implanted himself with some of '17 0f 85''s nanites and has begun a transformation to Borg. Only 17 realizes what Cairo has done. Time will tell if he has taken his scientific investigation's too far.

    The crew is stunned when Captain Esrom is convicted of 4 out of 5 charges. Eirual is sentenced to one year in the Brig on Earth, much to the dismay of everyone involved, except Barak.

    The Exeter is given her next mission and Eurial is left behind on Earth to serve her sentence. Captain Claude Gomez, her replacement, is beamed on board en route.
    Cpt Gomez makes a point to let the crew know his opinions of their former captain And he's doing a fine job at getting the entire crew to dislike him.
  11. FSF_Trinity

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    Oct 21, 2007
    USS Pegasus....Quality IRC Simming

    USS Pegasus
    The year is 2385. The USS Pegasus is under the command of Carlos Ruiz, while its former CO, Poe Dalin, now runs the Bajoran Fleet, of which the Pegasus is a member. In the first year after Poe departs Pegasus, he and his staff come across various facts suggesting that Section 31 is unhatching a sinister plot that spans two quadrants ... and is designed to subvert the Federation and take it over from within!

    What scant evidence the Pegasus crew has gathered of this plot has come at a terrible price: the destruction of the USS Decatur and the loss of its crew at the hands of the Dominion; the boarding of Deep Space Nine by Jem'Hadar soldiers and the death of two of the starbase's command staff; and the loss of Pegasus' own chief engineer and Admiral Gregory Quinn on a Section 31 installation on Kurrill Prime. The Dominion's involvement in this plot is still unknown, and tensions between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants are at levels unseen since the War ... and now, as with attacks by Jem'Hadar soldiers on Earth and on Bolarus, the Federation President has ordered the Bajoran Wormhole mined once again, and all contact cut off with the Gamma Quadrant!

    Those behind this plot seem to always be two steps ahead of the Pegasus and her crew, and now have turned one of the Pegasus' own into an unwitting tool for their devices. As allies and crew of Pegasus past and present reunite to fight this threat, interstellar war and control of the Federation may hang in the balance ...


    The USS Pegasus began in August 1999 as a sim with heavy focus on character development. Pegasus is an IRC sim with optional logs, and sims Tuesdays at 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT on the Magicstar network:, in room #uss-pegasus. The sim is hosted by FSF Poe and FSF Finster.

    Currently in 'Season' Seven, the Pegasus sim offers several episodes that shine the spotlight on player characters aboard the ship. Simmers will find ample opportunity to play complex, well-developed characters, and once in a while you'll have to step outside of the box and flex those acting muscles.

    Come join us and become a part of the Pegasus tradition!

    Open Positions: AENG, AMED


    Rated: PG-13

    Sim Summary: (September 2007):

    The quest to uncover and derail Section 31's plot to seize control of Starfleet and the Federation continues, as Fleet Captain Poe and his crew target Section operations and bases, and the illicit organization targets Poe's crew and their families!
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    May 10, 2009
    Is anyone interested in playing Bridge Commander or Fleet Ops online?
  13. David Brennon

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    May 31, 2009
    The USS Hartington is now recruiting Crewmen and Officers for it's voyage into the Gamma Quadrant. Our mission: Continue the exploration started by USS Defiant under Commander Elias Vaughn. We are an independent Play By E-Mail Sim looking for players of all experience levels. New to Star Trek Simming and Play By E-Mail Games? We have a training program that will help you get by until you are ready to stand on your own two (or more) feet. Experienced in playing in the Star Trek Universe? We have Department Lead positions open.

    We are currently looking for:

    Commissioned Officers

    Flght Control Officer
    Tactical Officer
    Engineering Officer
    Science Officer
    Head Nurse
    Diplomatic Officer
    Marine Medical Officer

    Enlisted Personnel

    Senior Officer's Yeomen
    Tactical Specialist
    Operations Specialist
    Engineering Specialist
    Transporter Specialist
    Science Specialist
    Medical Corpsmen
    Diplomatic Speialist
    Marine Detachment Member

    Warrant Officers

    Transporter Chief

    Senior Officer Positions are available to those with

    experience for the following positions:

    Senior Flight Control Officer
    Chief Tactical Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Diplomatic Officer

    No one will be turned away! We help tailor the game to your gaming desires.

    Come take a look at


    Take your next step into the Final Frontier!
  14. SupremeLegate

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    Star Trek Online - 10th Fleet

    I would think that by now that most every Star Trek fan has heard about the Star Trek Online MMO, and if not her is a quick intro;

    Star Trek Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that is set in 2409, a time period in which things have become a lot less friendly. At launch, a date which has not yet been set, the Federation and Klingons will be the playable factions, and the treaty between them has broken.

    As with any MMO there are going to be guilds, fleets in STO. And one such fleet is the 10th fleet, and

    Tenth fleet is promising to be a great group of people with the goal of working together to gain the most they possibly can from Star Trek Online. We are just the fleet to offer that. Our plan is to focus on all aspects of the game as equally as possible with each type of game play having its own "department."

    By doing this we will be able to offer everyone an equal opportunity for game progression no matter what their favorite things to do in game are. For example....

    If you have played MMO's before you know that farming is a key objective. If your play style revolves around farming then the Department of Fleet Resources and Logistics is the department for you. This department has been tailored to fit the needs of the players who love to farm.

    Remember that we are here in the hopes to progress as a group of like minded people. If the fleet is not progressing then you are not progressing. Having said that it is our goal here at the Tenth Fleet to inspire our members to put the fleet first and fore most. By doing this we can ensure that no matter what everyone is getting what they want to enjoy Star Trek Online.

    I encourage you to either fill out an application or drop a line via Private message to either myself, Fleet Admiral Jonathen Zander, or any of our department heads.

    Remember the old saying that says,.... the sky is the limit... but I say this

    We are the Tenth Fleet of Starfleet, the sky looks up to us!!!

    Please Join
  15. booster42

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    Sep 30, 2009
    Planning on playing Star Trek Online? Want to play with a casual, mature group of raving Star Trek fans? We'd love to invite you to check out Section 13!! We're a "By ST fans, for ST fans!" Fleet/Guild.
    Please see our site here (pardon, it's just been launched, so content is still building up):

    If you'd like to see our recruitment threads on the STO forums, it'll give you a good idea of who we are:

    Welcome aboard!! :bolian:
  16. OperationO.

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    Dec 1, 2009
    Hi. I'm creating a new game with RPGVX called Star Trek: Olympus. I am currently in DESPERATE need of people to help me with sprite editing and general mapping of the game. If you wish to help, check out for more details, or just private message me here on
  17. Olizon

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    Apr 20, 2010
  18. Capt. L. Tocher

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    Jan 25, 2011
    Does anyone here play Starfleet Command III? Or any of the satrfleet command games? I have all 3, and have been trying to play with others for ages.

    Tocher out.
  19. tenaka_khan_198

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    Jul 17, 2011

    I am Admiral Tenaka Khan, Fleet Executive Officer of [SF] StarFleet. We have been in continuous operation for over a decade, and have one of the most professional and dedicated Fleets online. We appreciate individuals of talent, of loyalty and drive, and we provide a role-play environment in which your skills and abilities can send you to the very top of our comprehensive ranking structure.

    We invite you to begin your career in Starfleet with us. We will train you, guide you, and provide you with the knowledge and experience that would be worthy of any Officer in Star Trek. We support all Star Trek games, most noteably in Star Trek Online, and we also support numerous non-Trek games.

    For further information, please see our recruitment poster here :-

    Or visit our webpage at and our forums at . Feel free to PM me with any questions you have, or add me on XFIRE as 'admiraltk'.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully serving with you, and boldly going.........well, you get what I mean. ;)


    Admiral Tenaka
    Fleet X.O.
  20. Smash

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Greetings to all!

    Starfleet is a dedicated, online role-playing gaming community, commited to providing a fair, competetive and fun environment for people to play the games we love. We operate a militaristic structure, where people can gain rank, genuine authority and respect through skill, merit and good conduct. [SF] has been in consistent operation for over a decade, and we have a long and proven history of being respectful, mature and skilled gamers.

    We welcome gamers of all skill levels, from all backgrounds, in all countries; we will provide training where needed, and give you the chance to train where merited. You are not even limited to ST: O, as we encourage interaction in multiple supported games (please see our recruitment poster) - there are numerous ways to shine in Starfleet.

    Interested? Come visit us at, or our main forums at Like what you see there? A simple application, found HERE, and an easy oath on our main forums will get you started immediately. Our dedicated Basic Training Staff will give you the initiation, and from there the only limits are what you set yourself. Join today and help defend the Federation!!

    Very Best Regards,

    Lieutenant Commander Smash
    Admissions Department CO

    Feel free to direct any questions to me at the below areas

    Xfire: xsargentsmashx