Really cool Star Trek RPG paper miniature maker

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    Apr 2, 2016
    Found this really cool Unity website for making paper miniatures of Starfleet officers that I thought would be of interest to the gaming communty. It's highly customizable for male and female characters, that can hold weapons or tricorder/PADDs in any hand you chose. There's a fair selection of variety in species options:

    - Humans (or any aliens that look like humans, e.g. Centaurans, Deltans, Ekosians, etc.
    - Andorians (both the TOS and ENT on configurations
    - Benzite
    - Bolian
    - Denobulan
    - Tellarite
    - Trill

    The uniforms options are the best part IMHO. Practically every version is covered: ENT, DSC, TOS pilot, Kelvin, TOS movies (both the first movie's pastels and the red jackets), TNG, DS9/VOY, and the TNG movies. There are even special options, like both skirts and pants for TOS female uniforms and flag officer options for admirals and the like and the props you pick are period accurate by default. (No Franklin uniforms from Beyond, sad to say.)

    There are obvious limitations (species are limited and you can't make non-Starfleet officer pieces), but, still, it's a really nice program for getting your own custom token that looks like what you imagine them to making movers for TV show characters to guest-star in your sessions.