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    I'm sure that if the NuEnt-A appears in a new movie, will be inexplicably different from the last time we saw it, just like how there were differences with the first NuEnterprise when it came back in ST:ID, and the Enterprise E in NEM was different than in the previous movies, and the TOS movie Ent-A kept getting different bridges.

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    Can a more skilled individual than myself make an edit of the Enterprise with Franklin coloured bussards?
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    The differences for the Nem E-E were...overall pretty minor except for the random deck bullshit.

    All that was added were extra torpedo launchers and phaser banks
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    The secondary hull is too weird, mostly.

    The Saucer is fine.

    The nacelles - could lose some weight. The pylons - need to be straightened out and moved a bit forward.

    The size can more or less be ignored; though I'm of the lesser-is-more camp.

    Which is my complaint with most Ent designs, even the D (they should never really had moved the shuttlebay)

    If the NuPrise just had a beefier secondary hull, more classic nacelles, and pylons that went straight - fine.
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    I liked the interior (main bridge, crew quarters, corridors, engineering, medbay, transporter room, shuttlebay, circulation lobby, the brig, the bar, etc) far more than the exterior. And that mainly because the nacelles. Not just because they are bulky. They just don’t natural and as balanced as the nacelles from the TOS films, or any other iteration of the NCC-1701. The saucer section and deflector dish are fine though.
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