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    I agree. Nothing in this movie (I am loathe to call it a film) is on the intellectual level of the space hippies, or the space Nazis, for that matter. Not one parallel Earth, no evil twins, no Abraham Lincoln, space Indians, no OK Corral, no giant white rabbit, no aliens that practice witchcraft or love Plato, no Kirk and Spock BDSM, hell, Kirk doesn't even rip his shirt once. And he never talks a computer to death. "Zero smarts" for sure!
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    Does that mean you plan to re-rate them after watching them again, and these are just your current grades?


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    The Motion Picture C-
    The Wrath Of Khan A+
    The Search For Spock B
    The Voyage Home A
    The Final Frontier C-
    The Undiscovered Country A-
    Generations B-
    First Contact A+
    Insurrection C+
    Nemesis C
    Star Trek A
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    TMP - E
    TWOK - A+
    TSFS - C
    TVH - B
    TFF - D-
    TUC - B+
    GEN - D
    FC - B
    INS - C+
    NEM - E
    ST11 - C - entertaining but the script... *sighs
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    For the first time in probably a year, I am actually posting in a thread here at the BBS...

    Maybe it was seeing the new film and revisiting the others on DVD that prompted me to return to the board and see what was being discussed, especially relating to the film series and everyone's favorites. It's always nice to see such a diversity in opinion and thought.

    Now to comment on a larger topic, I must disagree with those who argue about which movie feels more like STAR TREK. I actually find that they all feel like STAR TREK in the same way that such diverse episodes as "The Trouble With Tribbles" and "The Corbormite Maneuver", "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Data's Day" all feel like TREK. They each have their own unique cast, style and perspective, which is expected from a series designed to be episodic, almost as an anthology, rather than serialized.

    Is TREK best as a comedy, as in "Tribbles" or TREK IV? Is it best as action, as in "The Doomsday Machine", TREK II or NEMESIS? Is it best as speculative sci-fi, such as "The Cage" or TMP?

    The truth is, they are ALL valid in the TREK universe, the films showcase the same diversity in tone and story that the television series did week in and week out. Why must the TREK movies all be exactly like each other, either always a comedy, always action or always speculative science fiction? They shouldn't be. Pros and cons, highs and lows, hits and misses, through all of this I am glad that each of the TREK movies are exactly the way they are.

    Although I do think NEMESIS is the weakest of the entire bunch... And GEN has way too many disparate plot elements to tie together, becoming a Frankenstein's monster of a movie...
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    Star Trek: The Motion Picture - A-

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - A

    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - B+

    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - C

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - B-

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - B

    Star Trek: Generations - D

    Star Trek: First Contact - C+

    Star Trek: Insurrection - C+

    Star Trek: Nemesis - C

    Star Trek (2009) - B-
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    The Motion Picture B
    The Wrath Of Khan A+
    The Search For Spock C
    The Voyage Home A
    The Final Frontier D
    The Undiscovered Country A
    Generations F
    First Contact C
    Insurrection Z
    Nemesis F
    Star Trek B
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    The Motion Picture C
    The Wrath Of Khan A+
    The Search For Spock B
    The Voyage Home A
    The Final Frontier F
    The Undiscovered Country B
    Generations C
    First Contact A
    Insurrection (too awful to rate)
    Nemesis F-
    Star Trek (2009) A+
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    Sep 16, 2006
    The Motion Picture = B+(still the best but has pacing problem)
    The Wrath Of Khan = B (Good movie but its departs from Roddenberry Utopian vision)
    The Search For Spock = C (Spock aka Jesus ;))
    The Voyage Home = D+ ( fun 80s film but the whale plot was stupid)
    The Final Frontier = D (Just a bad movie. I feel for Shatner)
    The Undiscovered Country = C (Meyer borrowed to much from Shakespeare and Cold War allegory makes this movie look old like the TOS crew )
    Generations = F ( THE PLOT HOLES MAN)
    First Contact = C (I don't like time travel but ENT-E saves this film)
    Insurrection = F (TV movie)
    Nemesis = D (they lost me with B4)
    Star Trek= C (What can i say then missed opportunity:(. It is a fun movie but the plot makes no sense. Why is Nero punishing Spock Prime when he was trying to save Romulus:wtf:.
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    The Motion Picture (Director's Cut) = B-
    The first installment of the ubiquitous movie series is methodical, cerebral, sweeping, operatic and elevates itself to lofty goals, while following a similar formula that worked for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not here, however. Our characters are here and look a lot like they did before, but they're not really behaving like they did in the Original Series, with far too somber and serious a tone for the entire length of the movie. Little to no relief from our characters, their interactions felt dampened and artificial. The only character who looked flawless, in my opinion, was the Enterprise herself. Gorgeous design in and out, and a beauty to behold. That being said, there are some snags along the way, and it becomes obvious that the execution isn't quite up to snuff as the movie's ideals, and the film suffers for it. The Director's Cut is far superior to the original, fixing audio and video issues, sfx work and technical problems of the original.

    The Wrath Of Khan = B
    The second installment in the Star Trek movie series is far more lively and engaging. The high, lofty ideals are traded in for red uniforms and increasing Kirk swagger. The movie isn't dumb by any means, but it has decided that people want slam/bang and are willing to deliver. Ricardo Montalban's Khan is over the top and deliciously acted. It is my opinion that Khan set the bar for Trek villains that has yet to be equalled. Aside from the ham and cheese sandwich of Kirk and Khan as foes, the visuals are terrific, offering great new opportunities for top of the line special effects of the day. The battle scenes are numerous, the acting over the top but fun to watch, the storyline summed up in an entire sentence, and the ending poignant and heartfelt. Overall a fantastic second entry to the Star Trek franchise, and a hope of better things to come.

    The Search For Spock = C
    The Search For Spock was a lock. It was going to happen, and so this movie served more as a vehicle for TWOK's resolution. The plot is serviceable, the cast as fun as ever, the action toned down somewhat, but still keyed up and exciting. Christopher Lloyd's Captain Kruge leaves an aftertaste, but can still ham it up very well. He's no equal of Khan by any means, but he is still a decent adversary. The slight surprise of losing David, although I had an inkling when I realized that Saavik dying was unlikely, and Spock was certainly not going to die, so I figured it had to be the guy we saw only one movie before who came out of nowhere as Kirk's relative. That never bodes well, it seems. Fair plot, fair action, decent fun.

    The Voyage Home = B+
    The fourth movie in our Star Trek lineup, Voyage gives us a chance to breathe easy as the last three movies were so serious, people were probably starting to wonder where the hell the humor from TOS had gone. It is found in abundance here. The plot is simple and the message made inordinately obvious, but it works here. It is merely the backdrop for our dear friends to do their thing, and boy do they do it well. Lighthearted with a sprinkle of serious moments, this movie is accessible and fun for everyone, Trek and non-Trek fan alike. Definitely a classic, probably the most fun movie of the original cast.

    The Final Frontier = B+
    The fifth movie along the line of Trek movies, this one is maligned by so many, yet I found some of the best moments in TOS movie history here. The big Three have never been better, and the connection to their roots is strong and consistent. There are some technical issues, and I believe the movie doesn't get a fair shake because of the inept and turgid work of Bran Ferren, along with a Writer's Guild strike and numerous behind the scenes issues with Paramount Brass (make it more funny!) and crew (hey, let's steal these uniforms and sets!), the budget fell out from under Shatner, and the end result was what you see on screen. However, the heart was there, and the characters were there, and while the story was flimsy, the ideals were there, and combined, it overpowers for me, the poor SFX and inconsistent writing. For all his faults, William Shatner understands the characters and what makes them tick, particular the scene in which they share their secret pain. Luckinbill's Sybok was understated and low key save for a few slightly off center laughs, and I enjoyed him as the vehicle for teaching a lesson, not as some villain. Wonderful movie.

    The Undiscovered Country = B-
    The sixth and last full cast movie, there's more allegory (and outright referral!) to the Cold War and the relationship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The sets are dark, the casting and acting is dark, with Christopher Plummer's Chang bringing in the most rogueish performance. The movie is essentially a taut political thriller with elements of Star Trek added to sweeten the pot. I enjoyed it very much, as I like taut political thrillers and this was a good fusion for me. It was nice to see the actors moving on, and as I will say for all of these movies, I just love the atmosphere and feel of the original cast movies. They come alive and manage to flesh out this universe we see before us in six 2 hour installments. Solid movie with some plot holes and slightly contrived sequences, but good nonetheless.

    Generations = C-
    I know what they were trying to do, I know where they were trying to go, I just think they missed the mark. That's not to say GEN is a poor movie, it just tried too hard and failed on that level. Shoddy characters, poor lighting on set, glaring plot holes, and an emotion chip. That being said, it was nice to see Kirk and Picard meet, to see a few favorites on screen once more before they faded away. This movie was a mixed bag for me.

    First Contact = B
    What is considered the second most popular Star Trek movie of the first ten, maybe even a tie with TWOK, this movie has it all. Time Travel, explosions, a new starship, a new look and feel, the TNG crew and the Borg, baby. The Borg are back and they're big here. A fun, exciting action packed movie with great characterization, fun sequences with one Zefram Cochrane, and a drunk Counselor Troi, I had a lot of fun with this movie and it's still one of my favorites, although it has slowly dropped a few pegs on the ladder. Still fun, still exciting, a few minor plot holes and one major one, and a fun ride meeting Vulcans for the first time.

    Insurrection = D
    Okay. The idea of the movie was well founded and solid. The execution was nothing short of laughable. This movie felt more like a two part episode, and I know for certain I'm not the only one who felt that way. We're not even talking spectacular 5th and 6th season TNG, but moderately okay late 2nd season TNG. I just did not feel for these characters in this movie, and I could not have cared any less about the Ba'ku or the Son'a. Normally a pure delight, F. Murray Abraham's Ru'afo was a terrible villain. Aside from face stretches and looking impatient, there wasn't much from him to indicate he was any sort of adversary worth screen time. Poor pacing, wafer thin plot, bad writing, Klingon zits, Data as a floatation device. Blech. There were a few good moments in the movie, but aside from that, it fell very flat.

    Nemesis = F
    Terrible plot, terrible execution, terrible acting, terrible action sequences. The only thing this movie had going for it were special effects. The characters from TNG I had loved since my childhood were strangely absent here, replaced with action heroes and unwitty dialogue that fell so flat with each sentence, I thought at one point, we'd see someone standing off to the side reading the script to the various actors as they quoted their lines. It was phoned in, hammed up and had some of the most glaring, contrived and shallow plot points ever witnessed in a Trek movie. This movie should have been a stellar end to a stellar cast. Instead, they were just spaced.

    Star Trek = A
    A fresh start to an aging franchise, one nearly killed by the inanely conceived Nemesis, Star Trek catches the spark of the original series and builds it into a roaring fire. Great characterization, great action sequences, great fun. Star Trek introduces us to our old heroes but with a new breath of life in each one, inhabited by some new actors whom we are generally unfamiliar with in this setting. This new universe is bold, exciting and takes huge risks, something I believe Star Trek hadn't accomplished in more than 40 years. Eric Bana's Nero may not be the most adversarial villain, but he gets the job done. Billions of lives extinguished under his insane vendetta, a universe irrevocably altered, a timeline knocked off kilter to follow a new, unknown path into the future. Great visuals, fantastic characters, witty dialogue, comedic action sequences, hallmarks to the original series, and for me, a huge thrill ride worth seeing over and over again. The plot may seem thin, but introductory movies tend to have little in the way of plot, as there is so much to do, which is why they are so busy. In two hours, these movies have to introduce you to new characters, get you to connect with them, tell a story and make it engaging, something that I believe Star Trek has accomplished most superbly. Is it flawless? No, but it is enjoyable, exciting, bold, thrilling, engrossing, heartfelt, and strives to attain some lofty goals, all while bringing our beloved heroes down to earth, as it were, and get you involved. In my opinion, a complete success.

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    NOTE: I rate from 0 to 10, where 0 is the crappiest thing ever, 5 is not good, not bad, and 10 is pure awesomeness (Also called Robau level).

    The Motion Picture: 3

    I really don't like this movie. It's WAY too slow. It contains huge parts that are just fillers, to extend it from episode length to movie length. Also, it's story is much like these crappy TOS season 3 episodes.

    The Wrath of Khan: 8

    Awesome movie. Obviously, Khan is the main reason for this awesomeness. A very good story, which has unfortunatly been tried to copy in some of the others to less success.

    The Search for Spock: 7-

    Pretty cool. Doesn't have TWOK's epicness, but still OK. Also, it introduces one of my favourite ship classes: the Excelsior. The actress playing Saavik was also much better then the one in TWOK.

    The Voyage Home: 8+

    Very, very funny movie, which is also a nice way of showing how weird our culture really is. My favourite TOS movie.

    The Final Frontier: 2+

    Very crappy story and stuff, though some good character moments save it from complete crappiness. I believe, btw, that all of the story was just a dream of Kirk he had while camping with Spock and Bones.

    The Undiscovered Country: 8+

    A great sendoff for the TOS crew. A compelling detective story for most part. Chang is the best movie villain (apart from Khan).

    Generations: 9

    Despite it's rather large plotholes, this is my favourite movie. Until they leave the nexus and have that stupid fistfight on the dessert planet, I absolutly love it.

    First Contact: 9

    The second-best trek movie, IMO. The Borg were very cool and scary, the music was wonderful, first contact very moving. I love the Borg Queen in this movie and Dark Frontier, but she was annoying in Unimatrix Zero (Apart from the moment when she yelled "JANEWAY!!!") and Endgame.

    Insurrection: 6

    A decent movie, imo. A good lovestory with Picard, and a good moral lesson. The boobjoke makes it lose a full point, though.

    Nemesis: 1


    XI: 7+

    Good movie. Though I hate the alternate timeline idea, I understand that it's nessecary to keep the tension. New Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty and Pike were done very well, but Uhura and Kirk were not so great. (But then again I never really liked Kirk)
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    Star Trek: The Motion Picture ***
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan *****
    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock ***1/2
    The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV ****
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier *1/2
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country ****1/2

    Star Trek Generations **
    Star Trek First Contact ****
    Star Trek Insurrection **1/2
    Star Trek Nemesis ***

    Star Trek (2009) **
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    The Motion Picture C+
    it was nice to see the old crew back

    The Wrath Of Khan A
    i belive the best movie over all. has the deepest meaning and how great the bond between kirk and spock really was. no other trek movie that will be made i think will ever come within a billion lightyears as this star trek movie was and still is.

    The Search For Spock A-
    very very good movie in my top three star trek movies of all time

    The Voyage Home B-
    i thought a good story and a good use of time travel

    The Final Frontier C-
    good story line just thought that it had alot of slow parts in the movie and was hard to keep watching during the parts

    The Undiscovered Country C-
    wish it wasent the final movie with the old crew, but just didnt like the movie it didnt feel right i thought

    Generations C-
    it was ok till kirk died infron of picard insted of scotty or any of his other crew members

    First Contact C+
    good story line just i thought a little to out there for star trek but good acting and great effects

    Insurrection B-
    was a good story line, thought it was the best from the new generation crew

    Nemesis F-
    they could of came up with a beter story line

    Star Trek B-
    very good movie i just dont like how there going to change the whole series and or story lines with the new outcome, but maybe thats how it was from the begining huh maybe lol
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    The Motion Picture
    C+ ~ it's a good film, great to see all the familiar faces back on the familiar ship, but I think towards the end it gets a little, well, "boring" is the wrong word here.....it gets a little "long", you know.

    The Wrath Of Khan
    A+++++++ ~ !! My absolute favourite film!! It's gorgeous, I love the story, I love the action, I love the dialogues and Khan saying all those threating stuff. I love Khan, he's the most personable villain ever, very chaming in a way. I find him very handsome, too. hehe.... And the end of th film is so emotional! When I was a little kid I used to always burst out into tears, it's so sad. :(

    The Search For Spock
    B- ~ it's nicely directed and there's some Klingon action, too, but there's still something that disturbs me about this film. Don't exactly know yet what it is, though, and probably will never find out. I hate to see the original Enterprise exploding!!!!

    The Voyage Home
    A-- ~ This one's my third favourite. I find it quite funny and amusing to watch and, well, saving the whales/saving the planet, what else to say. *lol* I just hate this ugly Klingon ship, though, so it's "only" an A--.

    The Final Frontier
    C to D ~ Well,.......alright. Let's say it's "different." The Kirk, Spock, McCoy parts are lovely.

    The Undiscovered Country
    A ~ My second favourite. Finally some proper Klingon battling between Kirk and Chang etc. I like that there are lots of different characters involved this time, I love the Klingons coming over for dinner on the Enterprise. So blue and disgusting. *lol* I like the action and this strong bonding showing between Spock, Kirk and McCoy and the end is good! Great effects, too!

    C+ ~ Kirk's final, and I hate that!

    First Contact
    C- ~ No more original enterprise crew members. I don't like that.

    C++ ~ Probably the best out of all films with the new crew.

    Nemesis ยด
    D ~ I don't no. Not my cup of tea.

    Star Trek
    A ~ Love it!!!! Great new actors, cool special effects, great action! I want to see more soon! ;)
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    Oh no I have to convert!!

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture-B-:

    The rating is for the DE only. STNG TV show did a better version of this movie: "Tin Man"

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan-A:

    The best movie for 27 years until 2009! Themes about aging, family, new life-hope, with a good dose of action. Still contains SF's best battle scene.

    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock-B-:

    Underrated. Somewhat cheap looking but with many of the series best character moments...genuine ones, unlike the disaster of STV.

    The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV-B+:

    Pure joy, still possibly my best time with an audience at a theater. Some of the wittiest dialogue of the series. Slightly bigger scale than most of the previous efforts.

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier-F-:

    I've talked at length about this movie so I won't bother. Luckily, STNG saved the franchise in 1989..."Q,Who" came out around this time.

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country-C+:

    Good intentions, somewhat hammer-fisted. Some good moments but overly ambitious. It fails to be an epic finale for the TOS movie adventures. Lacks scope. Filmed in Super35...ugh!

    Star Trek Generations-C-:

    More plot holes than any other ST movie. Not a great start to the STNG movie series.

    Star Trek First Contact-A-:

    Imperfect and convoluted but enjoyable movie. Fine acting, and STNG's best film. ST Voyager actually produced a better Borg story in Scorpion I and II. I would have rather seen that on the big screen.

    Star Trek Insurrection-C-:

    Not a bad film, just not very energetic or interesting.

    Star Trek Nemesis-B-:

    Now that was more like it. The most cinematic ST movie since STTMP! Oh sure, its not a great movie, but there's a lot going on and it finally felt like the STNG cast acclimated to action-adventure 100%.

    Star Trek (2009) A+:

    YES! A home run, a bullseye, direct hit!! A smashing blockbuster success! The most cinematic, the most dense, most energetic, fully realized, rich, fun, rousing, professionally made MOVIE of all of ST. Rewatchable with almost every sequence creating a lasting impression. The best "teaser", best beginning credit sequences, the best Special FX, the best sound, best ending credits!


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    ST:TMP - B- Visually the film looks fantastic. I even don't mind the slow pacing, because it's beautiful in a way that 2001:A Space Oddessey is beautiful.

    STII:TWOK - B+ Best of the original timeline movies. Not quite A material because much of the beginning of the film was cheaply made with rehashed special effects from TPM

    STIII:TSFS - B- Character wise this is almost as deep as TWOK. Great interaction between the cast. The only downfall is Christopher Lloyd's over the top performance as Kruge.

    STIV:TVH - C Poor resolution to a great setup from II and III.

    STV:TFF - D+ There's a good story in there somewhere, but it's nowhere to be found with what they put on screen.

    STVI:TUC - C+ Christopher Plummer is the most interesting Klingon I've seen in any of the series. To bad they gave him such a bit part. The rest of the movie is not focused on character, but on the events of Star Trek lore that only the most ardent trekkies find fascinating, like who Worf's grandfather is.

    ST:Gen - D- Pure marketing to rush out a movie on the heels of ending TNG series. Even Marini Sirtis said that it was a poor decision.

    ST:FC - B- The best of the TNG movies, or I should say the only one worth watching. Still filled with rediculous self indulgent moments like cameo's of hollographic doctors, and everyone's least favorite hypocondriac anti social engineer Barklay.

    ST:Insurrection - F A movie about a battle between the fountain of youth people vs. people addicted to plastic surgury. WTF?

    ST:Nemesis - D- One of the worst remakes of TWOK, that wasn't even supposed to be a remake, but ended up being one anyway.

    Star Trek: A- Finally everything you ever wanted out of a Trek film. Good story, good special effects, and edge of your seat excitement.
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    The Motion Picture: B- I actually like the pace. SFX are better than modern CG. Sets are lifeless, though, and Kirk is a whiny prick.

    The Wrath of Khan: C Extremely quotable and fun, but full of plot holes. Don't like Kirk's instant family. Too campy. Again, Kirk is unable to save the day. Other's have to do his job for him.

    The Search for Spock: B Good drama, good FX, great characters. Robin Curtis keeps it from an A.

    The Voyage Home: B Again, fun. But sometimes more silly than funny. Probe has no purpose other than to create drama that wasn't needed.

    The Final Frontier: D Bad acting and dialog. Good premise regarding the cult leader and Spock's background. Lousy FX. Klingon's thrown in for no apparent reason.

    The Undiscovered Country: A Great story, great space battles. Great bad guys. Funny only when it needs to be. Alien prison = awesome. Wonderful send off.

    Generations: C- The best FX of any Trek movie. Stupid plot. Nexus stinks. Kirk dies, the E-D is defeated because they can only shoot at an enemy who has a single shot weakness.

    First Contact: F There's no curve on this one. They ruined the Borg. Tons of plot holes. Picard deals with demons he put to rest TWICE. Just a terrible movie.

    Insurrection: D I only saw this once and in the theater. Didn't like it. That's all I remember.

    Nemesis: F Also saw it only once, but can still remember the enormous suckitude. A Picard Clone that's bald from birth? Mind sex with Troi again? B4? Everyone looks bored.

    Star Trek 2009: B- Action packed. Best Spock moments of any film. All the other characters were spot on. Kirk was a bit of a frat boy and the plot was pointless. But a good start.
  18. ParLawGod

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    Dec 25, 2008
    Wisconsin, United States
    The Motion Picture

    The Wrath Of Khan

    The Search For Spock

    The Voyage Home

    The Final Frontier

    The Undiscovered Country


    First Contact



    Star Trek
  19. Tom Servo

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    New York, New York
    Star Trek: The Motion Picture- B-: While it's enjoyable to watch, and seeing the great effects work done on it is worth the watch, damn it's a slow film. It has good portions to it though.

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: A: A classic, thats all that needs to be said.

    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: B: A solid film, with some fine effects work, and if has one of my favorite Star Trek scenes ever, the stealing of the Enterprise. However, I still cannot get over the horrible sets that represent the Genesis planet.

    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: B+: A fun romp of a film. It's light hearted, but has some great humor.

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: C: While I don't hate it as much as most, it has A LOT of problems. However, I think it captures the trio of Spock, McCoy, and Kirk the best out of the TOS films.

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: A-: I really like Nick Meyer style Trek. A nice send off to the crew, and it had some very interesting set pieces and action sequences. Not to mention my favorite Trek score.

    Star Trek: Generations: B-: Has some very good moments in it, but it has the issue of feeling like a blown up TV episode. It also has some logic gaps and other issues, namely a D-12 Class BOP taking down a Galaxy Class starship.

    Star Trek: First Contact: A: My favorite Trek film pre STXI. While it is an action adventure based film, I think that Trek films need to lean in that direction more, and leave the slower paced, but thought provoking episodes to the TV shows. It's well directed by Jonathan Franks, and has a very nice score, and some incredible VFX work. I also really liked James Cromwell as Cochrane, and seeing a little of 21st Century Earth.

    Star Trek Insurrection: C: It also suffers the problem of being a glorified TV episode, and has some stupid humor. But it's watchable.

    Star Trek: Nemesis: Some good VFX work (one of my teachers did some compositing work on the film, so I will give her props), however the story is eh, and Tom Hardy is kinda lame in it.

    Star Trek: A: Not a perfect film, and has a few logic issues, though not as many as some try to make out, but damn was this a fine film. Very well acted, with humor, excellent VFX, and a strong story. This is the film that restarted Trek, and I am thankful that Paramount and JJ Abrams but such hard work into it.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    I will only do Star Ratings.

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture- 1 Star. It's 2 hours plus of sitting. And occasionally some bright flashy lights.

    Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan- 4 Stars. It's the best. It's the best scripted, acted, directed...

    Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock- 2 and a half Stars. Is it bad? No. The problem is, it's not good either. Watchable, with some great moments. And a few bad ideas thrown into the mix.

    Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home- 4 Stars. The original series had more than it's fair share of humor-based episodes. So why not a humor based movie? It's preposterous, but it's well crafted, likeable, and not a bad scene in the film.

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier- 1 and half, but 4 when Drunk. This is one of those great "So Bad it's good" films. Except just a tad worse. It's worthwhile once or twice in the same way "Deathbed: The Bed That Eats" is... I take that back. Deathbed is better.

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country- 3 Stars. It's a few scenes away (or too many) from being a masterpiece. It's still a solid scifi adventure flick.

    Star Trek Generations- 3 and a Half. I like this movie alot. The timing, the effects, the cast.... And we've got our greatest Villain since "Khan". Could it be better? Yes. But I wouldn't risk any changes.

    Star Trek: First Contact- 3 Stars. A neat little action flick. Like most movies, has a few things to groan over, but by the end I was pretty satisfied. Besides, James Cromwell. Love the guy in anything. Follow a movie with Malcom McDowell with Cromwell? I'm a happy fucking guy!

    Star Trek: Insurrection- 2 Stars. Not even can F Murray Abraham can save this. Some funny moments, it's watchable, but when you've had so many great films in the series, forget it.

    Star Trek: Nemesis- 2 and a half Better Action sequences the last two films, but a muddled story that was pieced together from many bad ideas. I still recommend this movie. Why? I really don't know. I guess I just have a soft spot for this film....

    Star Trek XI- 3 and a half. A great punctuation for the series. Unfortunately, it's not the grand finale that it feels like it should be, with a new movie already in talks. Has the sense of awe and wonder that I've waited for all my life in a Trek Film (of course, I'm 23 and therefore didn't catch many of the films in theaters).