Rare system of five stars!

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    this seems neat --- a five star system- so yeah it has it's merits I will scour the net for updates this article was written when it was discovered in 2015 so maybe there is = something new from this system?

    yeah there are a bunch of different articles across the net from 2015 saying the same thing this one said, or so, from 2017 but same thing.. -- so yeah very dead endish --- maybe not needing it's whole thread.. IDK---

    I will post I guess it is science and all

    Data from the new system revealed the existence of two binary stars, one of which was a so-called contact binary.
    --this seems interesting a contact binary is a weird kinda thing


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    Wow! I've never heard of two stars touching each other, and I wasn't sure there were star systems with more than three stars. This news is a wonderful surprise to me.
    I'd like to know what percentage of star systems have two stars, and what percentage have 3 or more. But it looks like that information doesn't exist.
    Does anyone know anything about the other 5-star system that's been discovered? Does that one have a second weird thing like stars connected to each other too?
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    From this article:
    "Among very massive stars, known as O- and B-type stars, 80 percent of the systems are thought to be multiple, but these very bright stars are exceedingly rare. Slightly more than half of all the fainter, sun-like stars are multiples. However, only about 25 percent of red dwarf stars have companions. Combined with the fact that about 85 percent of all stars that exist in the Milky Way are red dwarfs, the inescapable conclusion is that upwards of two-thirds of all star systems in the Galaxy consist of single, red dwarf stars."​
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    Off the top of my head Castor is a sextuplet system...
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    All it takes is for one thing to go wrong, and it'll be down to four stars, mark my words. You know how easy it is to lose a five-star rating?

    Wait, what?