rare production photos from "Operation -- Annihilate!"

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    Actually, the coats and dressing gowns are probably to protect the costumes more than the actor. Coffee stains, or back then it was probably cigarette marks are probably why you see the costumes covered up.
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    ^Sounds good in theory, but then why is the "yeoman" the only one wearing a coat in the photo? That suggests it was more to do with keeping her legs warm.
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    Just noticed this thread. Thanks for posting the photo - it's one I don't recall seeing prior to this. It must have been a hoot being employed there and getting to stand on the walkway while they were filming.
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    From the board FAQ (link)

    So upload to Photobucket or Flickr or something like that and then use the image button in the message editor and paste the picture's URL into that.
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    I was just kidding although I would love to see how the place looks these days.

    As noted above; posting photos is pretty easy. Let me know if you need any help.
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    The temperature the day of filming was a low of 48F and a high of 65F. The wind was 9 knots, however fast that is.
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    ^^^For some reason I read your post in Dustin Hoffman's Rainman voice. :)

    Sir Rhosis
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    My desktop is on the fritz. Should have it going in a week or so. I replicated all the shots from the show and also annotated a map of the facility showing the camera angles. With luck I can share. I also replicated the behind the scenes shots. Angles weren't perfect as I learned that photography is not permitted.