Rare Photos: August 2012

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    Ugh, how is it August already?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of summer. Too hot. Even with the AC. Lets get back to winter, when it's too hot even without the heat on thanks to climate change... :lol:

    For those curious about the lack of Ultimately Human since May... I had to suspend such earlier than anticipated. At least, as a regular feature. I'd intended to wrap up in December with the 50th article of such, but it became an increasingly difficult task to find images of the actors that where not either repeating the same handful of top-names (Shatner, Stewart, Nimoy, Bakula) or on the other side of the coin, the ever-more obscure guest stars that people would have a tough time identifying even with a side-by-side of their alien character. So rather than struggle to churn out a handful more issues with a lot of low quality, I decided to just put the monthly feature aspect out of it's misery. When I come up with enough resources to put together a good issue, I'll put such out at that time as a special issue. ;)

    Anywhom, here be this months Rare Photos: http://www.trekcore.com/specials/thumbnails.php?album=142

    My Favs:
    1st Row, Center: This particular image of Jeff Combs as Brunt: FCA inspired me to get a little... meme creative... :p

    2nd Row, Center: This photo might seem familiar, but look closer - both Picard and Data's shirts are unzipped. Which isn't how it was in the film. Making this an alternate take of said scene. ;)

    3rd Row, Right: Anthony Montgomery, Scott Bakula and John Billingsley goofing off during the final days of Enterprise.

    6th Row, Left: Great episode still portrait of Avery Brooks as Sisko from "For the Uniform"

    Which Ones Do You Like & Why?

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    Love the Sally Kellerman! That's really going back!
  3. kirsten187

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    Nov 6, 2010
    Row 6, left - love that one of Sisko.
  4. SillyTilly

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    Jul 19, 2012
    I love that shot of the transporter on row 4 :)
  5. Use of Time

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    I love seeing the old TOS photos.
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    I love the photo of Brent Spiner as the old man. I love seeing behind-the-scenes stuff like that.
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    Me too. Great pictures again this month.
  8. Reanok

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    Dec 26, 2002
    I like the picture of Jolene Blalock as T'Mir in Carbon Creek and Avery Brooks on the defiants bridge.
  9. bbailey861

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    As usual, a nice group of photos. My favourites, in order:

    6th row, right: Blalock with the vintage truck,

    5th row, right: TOS production shot, and

    3rd row, centre: TWoK production shot.
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    More likely a publicity photo shot during a rehearsal.