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There was a fake story the other week about a teenage girl from Kazakhstan whose smartphone exploded while she was asleep, killing her. It had her full name, pictures and everything, but she never existed before the story. Who knows who the photos are actually of. Also, the British tabloids are the top hits for said story. Even other questionable sites that do nothing but aggregate stories reference these tabloids as their source. The funniest one was when one site referenced another site's article, but that second site's article was merely referencing the Daily Mail's article.

You would think this would be a big deal, especially for the manufacturer of the phone, who is of course never mentioned.

Found it funny that on one of these British tabloid sites, one person in the comment section actually points out that the story is suspicious, and everyone attacked and downvoted him or her because of it.
I think with excuse me it’s more about tone than volume.

If there’s the slightest sarcastic note, it’s like you’re saying “You’re a moron for being in my way in the first place”. But if there’s a tone like you’re asking a favor, you’re just saying “Please let me pass”.
No, according to Wikipedia it just started out as food.

It wasn't until someone that lived in Florida tried to store some popcorn for a rainy day that it was conceived as packing material.
"Yep, that's terrible. Let's throw it in with Mother's good china."

Well, for the environment, it's preferable to use that to polyurethane chips.
Gearing up for a convention tomorrow.

I was looking forward to meeting the actor who played The Hound in GoT but he's had to cancel due to work commitments. Looks like a refund is on the cards. I don't fancy having the autograph sent to me next week. (Along with a photo of them signing it.) It kinda defeats the purpose.

Most of my autographs are prebooked. I don't want to see everyone on the list. Although, I really hope to meet Jean Claude Van Damme on the day. It wasn't on the cards, (too expensive) but thankfully there's a now use for the birthday money.
I have a thing about music. If I like it. I like it totally without reservation but if I hate it, I hate it more than anything else in the world. For the sake of not creating a polemic, I'll abstain from saying what music I like and what I hate, though.
Often on this board I've seen people say that things they loved in their childhood haven't stood the test of time into adulthood. I never had that experience myself, though, until yesterday.

When I was a kid, two shows - Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers and Thunderbirds 2086 - used to come on in syndication, but I rarely got a chance to see them because they came on at the crack of dawn, I would catch glimpses and snippets, but I rarely managed to catch a full episode.

So yesterday, while perusing YouTube I found out that full episodes of both had been posted, so I got comfortable and watched a couple.

Me, while watching both: "Oh, my god, this is shit."

I didn't miss anything as a kid. The voice acting in both sucked, the writing in both sucked, and aside from Galaxy Rangers' animation they weren't even nice to look at. At least Thunderbirds 2086 has the standard excuse of being an anime sanitized for American kids TV. Galaxy Rangers has no excuse.
With one exception, I don't think the orange lardbutt has ever done the dishes even once in his life.

as you live in france you get albert uderzo to change the pic (afaik he retired about 7 or 8 years ago) - good luck !!

... but than geriatrix / mathusalix / methusalix* is a lot smaller, too


* english (i know it's french but this is an english speaking site and at least french ain't obsolete in 50 bc
), french and german name respectively
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