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    Slightly different situation though in that there's a limited number of Klingon noble houses, so it makes more sense that we'd have a higher probability of encountering one again in a show that specifically deals with those noble houses regularly.
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    Right now, it seems that the House of T'Kuvma is extinct. T'Kuvma didn't seem to have any children, and he made his albino torchbearer his heir. Everyone on that ship that followed T'Kuvma seems to have been killed by Kol, and any that survived that slaughter was probably killed when the Ship of the Dead blew up last week.

    If Worf and Mogh and Colonel Worf are descended from T'Kuvma or his brother or something from Kling, then it stands to reason that Worf wouldn't be so in awe of Kor, given what his House did to the T'Kuvma movement.
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    Tilly is Janice Lester (new backstopped ID after DASH goes awry)? Cut the irony with a chainsaw. :brickwall:
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    Tilly - for all her quirks - is a dedicated and responsible crewperson, something Janice Lester never could be.

    And Lester is something that Tilly is not, as well: A complete nutcase.
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    Maybe they're Academy rivals-though I suspect the rivalry is all in Janice's head, with Sylvia blissfully unaware.
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    Tilly probably thinks Janice is a close friend
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    Thank you! I guess if there are 24 or 25 ruling Houses i guess it's a given that the House of Mogh is one of them, as Kor wasn't as condescending to Worf as he was to Martok, when he was younger.

    An explanation for Kor being Worf being Kor's friend might be found in Kor and Kol being rivals and/or that Kor was much more in favor of T'Kuvma's view of Kahless teachings than Kol.

    Remember that Kor was after the Sword of Kahless in DS9...

    I guess many members of T'Kuvma's House were either on Q'onos or some other places, which would make sense for protecting a son of T'Kuvma or another potential successor for the Head of the House in case T'Kuvma died or the Sarcophagus was destroyed.

    My theory is that Voq as the torchbearer was never meant to be a Houseleader. He was only left in command of the Sarcophagus after T'Kuvma died.
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    I was thinking that we do see them flip through alternate timelines you could really pay homage to the first tv episode to do that and it was "The Simpsons." They can go to a world were it rains donuts and another where their Ned Flanders character which I guess would be Saru is in control of the universe and naturally you end with the show returning to the regular universe only humans now have lizard tongue's which we seen when Admiral Cornwall contacts the ship. Lorca just shrugs and says "Close Enough." and that is how season 1 ends!

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    Lizard tongue's what?

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    A lizard tongue's on board!
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    Janeway and Paris turned into big wet lizards on VGR, when they tried to get fancy and be everywhere at once.

    They totally did it, too.

    It's canon.

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    I think T'Kuvma meant for him to be the house leader, except T'Kuvma's "house" isn't really recognized as such by Klingons in general to begin with.
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    I struggled with what forum to post this in, but I figured it would make a better DISC hiatus discussion than a TNG nostalgia one.

    Many (some / few) on this board are complaining about the non-canon nature of the Spore Drive and the mycelial network. Why had we never heard of it? Why hasn't it been used since?

    Perhaps it has been used! Perhaps the Q are a species that have adapted themselves to use the network without spores (or by integrating spores into their makeup). We already know that living beings can access it without technological assistance (i.e. the tardigrade). The general similarities are there: they can instantaneously travel to any point in the universe, to the past, to the future, as well as any other point in alternate realities. While this doesn't explain their power to change physical reality, it does suggest this power can be used to harness the network.

    And, as a final Discovery relation: has Stamets now "evolved" to the point where he is becoming a Q-like being? We see from the season 1.5 teasers that he has acquired super strength. Will he be able to access the network without the need of the spore chamber?

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    I have the following theories about the show and where it has been and is going:

    Lorca: From a mirror universe where the Empire is trying to negotiate a truce with the Vulcans (led by Sarek). Burnham is a warmonger (and likely his boss) in his universe.
    1. Becomes an Admiral, running frontier-based tactics
    2. Returns to his universe, finds his peacenik ways rejected and decides to stay in main universe as SF Captain
    3. Returns with diplomatic strategy that propells the Empire for another decade, allying with the Vulcans against a rising Klingon alliance (no Romulans exist in this timeline)
    4. Shows he is a flexible officer and post-war embraces exploration
    5. Shows he is not and burns out without a war to fight

    Tyler: Totally Voq. He says he's been under Lrel for 7 months but, unless he was on the ship of the dead, that doesn't make sense.

    1. He is turned by his experience with humanity and embraces a more alien embracing Klingonness and returns to Kronos in power
    2. He rejects his human experience and it plays as a tragedy for Burnham.
    3. He keeps his cover and rises through the Federation ranks as a POW War Hero

    Burnham: pretty straightforward: is a human orphan raised on Vulcan who succeeds at the highest levels to overcome prejudice but lacks some human sense of mutual sacrifice/duty from being trained in the Vulcan Science Academy and trying to be logical to the fault of developing emotional intelligence.

    Burnham endgame:
    1) Stays with Voq, named Ambassador to Kronos (and is so at time of ST6). Voq keeps his Tyler look and influences Klingon styles (as they have been doing surgery post Augment vaccine) for 20 years.

    2) Joins Vulcan Expeditionary Force
    3) Rejoins Star Fleet and serves as Lt. Commander<>Commander>Captain with the mutuny deemed either mental insanity or more deserving a grade reduction.
    4) Rejoins Starfleet to retire with honors immediately afterwards as Commander.
    5) Stays in the mirror universe, bridging the gap in the Human/Vulcan divide and finding Sarek much more supportive in this universe.
    6) Takes on a diplomatic role working closer to Sarek in normal universe.
    7) All the volunteering for the most dangerous missions catches up to her and she dies and is posthumously honored

    Spore Drive: It breaks Star Trek for the drive to go widespread by one species as they would gain access to unlimited supplies, have an overwhelming tactical advantage and would be able to do exploration detached from distance limits

    Spore Drive Reconciliation:
    1) The federation agrees through Treaty to abandon spore-based travel. Keeps a secret or no so secret fleet of ships to let enemies know the Federations may come in peace, but it can project world-destroying power anywhere (a la nukes and the US)
    2) The meet some aliens who close Federation access to the network down
    3) They meet some aliens so powerful with the tech that the federation destroys the networks to keep them away.
    4) They rename mycileal network trans-warp network but, post tartigrade, are never able to replicate the technology to the effectiveness in Discovery
    5) The Klingons come up with mines or something that makes the network no longer tactically useful.
    6. They accidentally destroy a friendly planet and the drive is abandoned for safety.
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    I randomly found another black uniform picture!!! Click!

    A black Discovery uniform with gold trim from the SDCC DSC exhibit. And I bet it's what they'll wear on Mirror!Discovery, but with a unique Mirror Universe badge.
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    Whole thing is a dying Burnham dream during shenzhou decompression.

    The Vulcan Katra is linked to the magic mushroom network.


    One of these suppositions is more likely on target.
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    After years of increasing annoyance as each visit to the MU was slightly more homophobic than the time before, I am really hoping to encounter aggressively evil hetero versions of Stamets and Culber when Discovery goes to the other side.
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    1. They'll be stuck in different universes for the rest of the season.
    2. Any interaction between Lorca and Cornwell is going to be TENSE.
    3. Some of the crew will become more sympathetic towards L'Rell.
    4. The Mirror Universe shows characters who previously died.
    5. Burnham still has a connection to Sarek, despite being in different universes.
    6. Stamets and Culver's relationship becomes strained due to Stamets' changes.
    7. Tiley has to step up in some way.
    8. Ash unsuccessfully tries to kill L'Rell.
    9. Ash remembers he's Voq at the most inconvenient time.
    10. Mudd returns. How this squares with my thinking Discovery is in other universes, I don't know. He's either tracking them somehow, he stowed away, or we see an alternate Harry Mudd.
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    Are you certain thats black?

    I've seen this image posted a few times - nd it seems odd that for all the people snapping every uniform for costuming reasons, we only have a close up of a black uniform.

    Aside from that, it does look a bit blue to me. I've got hold of the fabric (well, a different brand - but same type) and how this looks on my monitor is exactly how it looks in my storage room under natural light.
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    I can kinda see it as blue-ish not black too, depending on the lighting.

    OMG no, it's the new gold/white/blue/black dress controversy!!!