Questions for Mr. Bennett and Mr.Mack

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    Mr. Mack thank you so much for answering my questions.I appreciate the information and the story ideas you mentioned about what the original Cold Equations series was intended to be storywise .I'm so glad that S&S decided to renew their liscense for the Startrek book line.I like the other Star Trek series of books have been handled this year a lot of terrific stories I really like the Fall miniseries.Your Picard story sounds interesting also the Worf&Alexander story would've been good novel too.:techman:I can't wait to read your novel Disavowed!
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    ^ I'm not privy to the specific details of the contract, no.
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    Thanks again for sharing all of that, though. Like you, I'm especially intrigued by the idea of that final Picard novel - that sounds like the kind of story you'd really have nailed. (Of course, all things being equal, having a thriving ongoing Trek narrative is probably better, but still.)
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    Sometimes I think it would be an interesting experience to start over with a new Trek novel continuity, not bound by the assertions of the existing one. That's something I thought I was getting a chance to do with my Abramsverse novel, but we know what happened to that project. Still, I enjoyed the opportunity to do something different with the characters and continuity.

    Of course, if another publisher did take over the license, there's no guarantee they'd hire the same authors. Which is why I'm glad it stayed with Pocket.
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    When the license for Star Wars switched from Bantam to Del Rey many of the same authors who'd written for Bantam continued to write for Del Rey. Of course, that doesn't mean the same thing would have happened had the Star Trek license gone to a new publisher. Just pointing out that it has happened before.

    Fortunately we don't have to worry about that. I'm glad Pocket decided not to let the license lapse; I really like the stable of writers they've put together.
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    As long as they resurrect George Carlin to reprise his role!