Proportional cast representation for season 3

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by gazomg, Apr 22, 2019.

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  1. Amaris

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    White men have had their chance, and they screwed it up. Let's see what everyone else can do.
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  2. CommanderRaytas

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    Quite true. How does that quote go again? "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression."
  3. Kor

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    Interestingly enough, he was played by Iron Eyes Cody, an Italian-American who had no Native American ancestry but often played Native American characters in movies and TV.

    Edit: Ninja'd... twice.

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  4. cultcross

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    Nobody said that, and it's a shame that you weren't able to engage properly with the polite and explanatory points people were making in response to your question.

    We've now crossed out of the territory of the show forums into TNZ material, and the original point has been addressed. Thank you to those who engaged in good faith.

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