Print-on-demand retrospective TOS book forthcoming

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Therin of Andor, Jul 4, 2013.

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    This explains alot. Roddenberry never had any issue with withholding credit and payment for the work of others. Seems Cushman is simply following his lead.

    It's not about whether it's illegal or not. Just because an action may be purely legal, doesn't make it right. If this guy is using images that were refurbished by TrekHistory and others, then he should give them credit for their work.

    It's as simple as that in my book.
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    Would love to read a treatment of what Black's envelope story and how different it was to what actually aired.
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    I see a lot of claims about these pictures belonging to but I have not seen one bit of hard evidence that that is the case. Have any of you even seen any comparisons that prove images were gleaned from their site without credit? I have looked and cannot find it. It seems all unsubstantiated so far. I think probably wishes they had published the book instead.

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    Which is why I put "if". :techman:
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    Sadly, there's no details about it in the book. There's mention of Black's WGA action against Roddenberry over "The Menagerie" wrap (which Black lost) but no details at all about what was in Black's version. A curious oversight. And if Black (who was interviewed for the book) asked him not to reveal any details, then Cushman should've said so. Instead, it appears he just "forgot" to include it. There are details of every other purchased treatment and/or teleplay that could be found, as well as details of some that were never even purchased (like unsolicited treatments from Philip Jose Farmer) but nothing of Black's final work as Star Trek story editor. Perhaps it's lost forever.
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    Don't you think it is probably just being held back for Black's own book? Supposedly it has been finished for awhile and I think there were excerpts published in ST the mag a long while back.
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    That what I kind of assumed; Cushman might've included a sentence to that effect.

    I hope Black's book finds a publisher one day, or he publishes it himself.
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    It is possible Black wants to include it in his own book, although those excerpts where published so long ago I assume his plans for it fizzled. I suspect Cushman doesn't write about it much because the only draft at UCLA is missing a lot of pages, to the point that it is hard to glean much about what his envelope would be.

    Are the WGA arbitration files sealed or unavailable to the public?